Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mmm.... Saturday

1) When I picked up the mango slices at Trader Joe's earlier this week I knew I would go through them quickly so I got two packs. One was the normal type of mango slices (mango + sugar) and the second was just mango. These were also much thinner, they were pressed and were very similar to fruit leather. I still enjoyed them greatly, although they were a different type of sensation.

2) Even though he wasn't originally planned to Ben handled a shoot in the afternoon which was great because I didn't want to do more work than I had to on a Saturday afternoon and the guy we had originally planned for it was trying to get out of it.

3) I finally finished a first draft of Mr. President and sent it off to the director for feedback.

4) Watched The Office from Thursday on the internet. Highlights: Jungle warfare (?), Toby! Oh poor Toby, Dwight with the basketball team, that Creed was right about security guard's name.

5) Ate some more Potato Flag

6) Got the Maxx Volume 4 from Amazon. I still haven't finished it.

7) Took a nice shower.

8) Went over to Seth's apartment where he and Tiffany had made tacos. Delicious tacos. I also met a bunch of their friends, many who I heard of many times before but never seen. One of them (Andrew?) brought fresh pecan pie. That puts him in my good book.

9) Then we played Cranium. I was on a team with Kelly who was at the cranium game we played at Tiffany's house. We did not win (Humdingers were our downfall) but we had some great moments. The best part was probably watching Aaron used Seth as a puppet to try and get him to guess :puppet show", which is meat and unfair but hilarious. Our team's high points were when I used Kelly as a puppet to guess "modeling", when she used me as a puppet to guess "bowling", when I charaded "tourist trap" and when she pictionaried "mad scientist".

10) Then we watched "The Warriors" which I had never seen, but have heard about from my brother and Tiffany before. There were lots of crazy gangs in crazy outfits. The Baseball Furies definitely take the cake. I only wish that we could have seen more of the gangs we see in the beginning later in the movie. The Warriors really only have to deal with 5 gangs on their way home. Still it was pretty cool.

11) Alex sent this picture of a completed Lego Slinky ring. Stephanie got him the pieces for his birthday or Christmas. Also the Indiana Jones set.

12) The Brothers Brick pointed me to this awesome piece of Lego art: the contortion TO get a good sense of it see these three pictures.

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