Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moving right along

1) Following up on my conversation with Ben the day before I found this incredible scene from the movie Pickpocket.

2) Finally got all the stuff that was a month or more overdue sent off to the clients. Now I'm only pretty far behind, as opposed to ridiculously behind on work. Woohoo!

3) Was able to send Joe and Theo off to handle a b-roll shoot I had no interest in participating in. That's the nice things about having employees around the office. I can make them do things for me. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

4) Mango slices! Trader Joe's Mango slices, which may be the best I've had (and I've had my fair share of mango slices.

5) So the awesome video game Stephanie and I have been playing through had a little mixup with their boxart and decided to make up for it by offering free new (more beautiful) boxart. It's obviously a pretty superflous thing, but hey, I'm not going to argue with free.

6) Theo was working on editing this documentary project that features an old man talking and at one point the old man told a joke which wasn't all that funny, but the way he told it made it hilarious. He played it for me (and then everyone else who came in the office) and we laughed up a storm.

7) Then Tiffany and Krista came over for dinner. Since I had cooked at Krista's apartment last week she cooked at mine this week. It was nice to have people over, I don't make use of my apartment in that way often enough.

8) While Krista was preparing dinner and Tiffany was frantically writing her BA (I think? or was that the following week?) we all participated in one of Krista's thought experiments. Except unlike last time where she asked us to imagine ourselves in a post-apocalyptic future that she have very specificaly envisioned but not revealed to us ahead of time, she asked us to describe our wildest fantasies for our life. Krista's involved being a lawyer, a screenwriter, starring in the movie adaptation of her favorite comic book series (directed by Sam Raimi) etc. Mine involved getting the Lego job, working at NetDevil for a couple years before going on to direct/write/produce NNN (and it's spin-off) for Cartoon Network, working with Lego and Broken Bride to produce a line of Lego sets based on the album as well as a Lego music video for the entire album, being rich enough to fund neuroscience research leading to the development of what is essentially a Pensieve that can connect to an internet of other Pensieves (neuro-net?), etc. Tiffany would be part of a film-making "collective", move to Europe for a while, work with Michel Gondry, get married to Seth etc.

9) Then we had chili dogs. It was the first time I ever had one (sorry Sonic!) and even though Krista said I wasn't getting the real chili dog experience because she had the wrong kind of rolls and something else, I still enjoyed them. We also had a salad that had avocado (and some other stuff) in it. If I hadn't made it clear before, I love avocado.

10) Then we watched the end of A New Hope (attack on the Death Star on) which reignited the question of "Who the hell is in that Y-Wing?" You see after the Death Star blows up we see the Millenium Falcon and two X-Wings (Luke and Wedge) flying away from the Death Star. But there is also a Y-Wing flying with them. No reference is ever made to the pilot. However I did a bit of research, and apparently there is an official answer: Keyan Farlander. However, keep in mind that this is only C-level Canon, so it could always be overridden by G-level or the recently created T-level.

11) Tiffany left to work on her BA (I think) but Krista and I ended up watching all of Empire Strikes Back. Well, I'll admit I fell asleep for a little bit on Dagobah, but I caught all the important and unaltered parts. No excessive shots of the wampa, no CGI windows in Cloud City, no new voice for Boba Fett, no scream when Luke jumps down the shaft in Cloud City, just the way it was back in the 80s. Wonderful.

12) We finished off the crab cake for dessert.

13) I cooked rice so I could make fried rice and peanut chicken.

14) Put together the big skull from this awesome Space Skull set.

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Tiffany said...

AHHH!!!! Of course I thought I had fully appreciated the unchanged, no CGI versions of Star Wars, but the week after that A New Hope was on cable at Seth's place, and I just couldn't sit through all the changes, and I loved the unchanged version all the more.

And yes, I was working on my BA.