Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not a work day!

1) Waffles! Just call me Waffleupagus.

2) Played some Smash

3) Did the dishes and thus had a usable sink again.

4) Had a soft pretzel and some cake for "lunch"

5) Took a nice shower

6) Had some NNN ideas, these focused on the villain Deepsea.

7) Kept working on Scene 2 of Mr. President.

8) Decided to hold off on going to the store until tomorrow.

9) Talked with mom and dad. I vented about crazy work stuff and heard about Isaiah.

10) Had a dinner of left overs

11) Watched 30 rock - "Hard Ball" and "Source Awards"
Liz: Why did you tell the reporter that you hate the troops?
Jenna: What? I didn't say I hate the troops.
[flashback; loud music drowns out dialogue]
Reporter: [subtitled] You know, we have a huge readership in the armed forces--!
Jenna: [subtitled] What?
Reporter: [subtitled] Do you have anything you want to say to our beleaguered troops?!
Jenna: [subtitled] Theatre troupes?!
Reporter: [subtitled] Yeah, the, uh, troops!
Jenna: [subtitled] Ugh, I hate theatre troupes! They think what they do is so important!
[return to present]
Liz: [reading] "...but it's just a bunch of gay guys that like to get in silly costumes and prance around."

Tracy: Who else is gonna be at this thing?
Jack: Well, you're going to be sharing the stage with Nas...
Tracy: No! He hates me! We used to date the same girl.
Jack: What about Young Jeezy?
Tracy: Forget about it. I called his pitbull a gaywad on 106th and Park.
Liz: That would do it.
Jack: The Game?
Tracy: Nope.
Jack: T.I.?
Tracy: Ain't nothin' happenin'.
Jack: Superhead?
Tracy: No can do.
Jack: Fabolous?
Tracy: Won't do.
Jack: Ridonkey Kong?
Tracy: No!
Jack: MC Skat Kat?
Tracy: What?!
Jack: Harmonculous?
Tracy: Mnh-mnh!
Jack: Raw Dog?
Tracy: Hell no! Me and his beef go way back. We were both cast members on a Nickelodeon show called "Ray-Ray's Mystery Garage."
[flashback to Ray-Ray's Mystery Garage]
Young Raw Dog: Hey, chump, you scuffed my sneakers! Dr. J wears these!
Young Tracy: I'm sorry, man. I'm pretty drunk.
Young Raw Dog: Know what? Imma eat your family!
12) Sam reminded me how much I love Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson

13) Tonight is when I updated the updating Marquee on the Lego movie theater to say "County" instead of "Cinema" and "Now Showing The Franky Job" instead of "Now Showing The Fifty Year Brick"

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