Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet. It's Friday.

1) Renee was leaving for a conference today, but I remembered that she had a piece of equipment that was needing for a recording later in the afternoon at her house so I needed to get that from her before she left. I was proud of myself for remembering that before it was too late on a day where I already had a bunch of other things to deal with.

2) Ben handling a shoot that was happening today that I didn't even want to think about.

3) There were a lot of shoots today, at one point we had 5 cameras out recording things. And our office only owns 3 cameras! (Well 4 if you count the little one we sent off to Bangladesh) But they all went fine. Hooray!

4) Catching up on my work finally being within sight. Since I have a few weeks perspective on this I can say I was not misguided in thinking this, I am getting more and more caught up all the time (even with projects that pop up and steal my attention away for a few days).

5) Picked up the paychecks and they were all in one place and where they were supposed to be. That may not seem like an accomplishment to you, but we've had so many paycheck issues, paychecks not appearing, paychecks going to three different locations, etc. Seriously it's little things like this that make it so hard for us to run an effective office. When we have to spend our time dealing with bizzare little problems that should never have happened in the first place and are more or less entirely outside of our control. But I take victories where I can get them. Hooray for resolving the paycheck issue!

6) Went to first screenwriter's meeting. Rather than someone's apartment this one was at the hookah lounge on 55th. I've never been before (because I'm not that in to hookah, only done it a handful of times) but we had a cool little room filled with cushions all to ourselves. There were also a ridiculous number of people there(a dozen) compared to normal meetings (4-6).

7) Leftovers for dinner (and leftover cake and fruit tart for dessert.) Oh I just realized I never really described the fruit tart. It had a nice thick pastry shell filled with a custard and then strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries on top of that. It was quite tasty.

8) New bit of Jack and Ellis

9) Reading Adam's blog entry.

10) Started editing this Fire Escape film that I was signed up to do Post-Production on. It's called "Mr. President" and while I don't think the script is all that fantastic, that it irrelevant. I was just so excited to be able to work on a creative editing project. The things I do for work are rarely exciting in that way. The movie is short, it only has 4 scenes. I cut together the shortest two, scene 1 and scene 3, tonight.

11) Stephanie called and asked if I wanted to see The Kids in the Hall live in Chicago in May. I was initially hesitant, but I later realized that was because of Adam and I watched the behind the scenes DVD of The Kids in the Hall live show and it was really disappointing, but the reason it was disappointing was because it wasn't the live show, it was all this random other crap that wasn't funny or even supposed to be funny. Once I figured that out though I was able to be really excited about the show. It's sometime in late May.

12) Took the shuttle home, because it was late.

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