Thursday, April 3, 2008


1) Slept in again. I think it was to 10 today. Gotta love the flexible work hours.

2) We got this cool little podium light at work today. This was one of the few things we saw at DV expo that made it worth the trip out there. It's pretty amazing. It's very bright but still small and lightweight and runs on AAs and is fully dimmable and comes with it's own little set of gels/diffusions. Adorable. I want to get one to use for lighting my lego animations, but I don't have $300 to drop. (Or I do, but I'm holding off for other things, like a car or a computer.)

3) Went to a meeting with all the IT related people on campus where Julie Peterson gave the keynote talk. The first half of it I've heard a few times now, she gave more or less the same speech for the Communications group as well as the "Campus Communicators" but it's always nice to hear and remember that I'm part of a larger plan. The second half was more or less new and elaborated a bunch of upcoming projects that somehow involve both IT and Communcations.
4) One of our best student employees returned from his quarter abroad. Woohoo!

5) Went to Krista's for dinner where we had some delicious stir fry and strawberries for dessert.

6) At one point during dinner/talking afterwards Krista made us pause for a moment just so she could say "How much she loved us all." <3

7) Talking with Krista, Tiffany and Daniela. Some topics we touched on were: beautiful professors, this messed up family Krista and Daniela babysat for, easy causes, my old couch (which now lives in Krista's living room).

8) I got an Amazon Package!

9) I read a couple chapters, it was mostly review of course, but it got me thinking how I would use it as a textbook in a course on making lego art. I mean I don't have a syllabus written or anything, but I do have a considerable portion of it figured out. Yeah, I know I'm crazy.

10) Got some super strong ant bait/poison at CVS and deployed them. Hopefully this will finally knock out this damn infestation. Every time I think they're gone for good I see another ant.

11) Played some Smash

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