Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1) Sleeping in

2) Called NetDevil - found out that my application still hadn't been viewed because the people who would do so had been in Denmark visiting Lego for the past 3 weeks. This was relatively good news. But the fact that I still haven't heard anything back (and it's been 3 weeks since this call) makes me think I 'm not going to hear anything. But I've concocted a new scheme. I just have to find the time to pull it off.

3) Went to ECNAD practice. This time there were actually multiple people there and we learned the first minute of the song.

4) Drank the guava juice and found it sufficiently delicious. Also ate some chips.

5) Made pasta thing

6) Watched the final episode of Freakazoid "Normadeus." All the villains got together to see the death of Freakazoid, but of course he escaped at the last second, big surprise. It's so unfair, villains put so much time into devising elaborate plans and the hero always escapes despite the odds being completely against them. I just want to see the villains win more, is that so wrong?

7) Had a Twix.

8) Watched Dave Franklin's 2 hour documentary "Scavengers" which was about last year's Scav hunt. It was very rough in some areas and much longer than it should of been, but I enjoyed myself. It was also the most people I have ever seen at a FE screening, but it makes sense because it has a built-in audience of Scavies.

9) The best part of the movie was sitting with Tiffany (+ Seth) who filmed ~1/3 of the footage and thus had little anecdotes. It was sort of like having a behind-the-scenes commentary.

10) Then she drove me home and we discussed the movie along the way.

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