Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 2: The Reckoning

Notice: This post is chronologically out of place. It is for 3/28/08. There are other updates below you might have missed.

1) Woke up at 11. No alarm. Alex was in the bathroom. It was just like the old days.

2) Since it was so late we skipped breakfast entirely and went straight to lunch at Potbellies. This is also just like we would go to Potbellies every Sunday before we went grocery shopping when it was also my first meal of the day.

3) So remember how I bought a Lego Star Destroyer on sale a couple weeks ago? Well I had been holding off on putting it together just in case Alex was interested in helping.
First we took all the pieces out of the box and put them on my kitchen table.

It didn't leave us a lot of room to work. So we spent some time organizing the bags of pieces and redistributing them to a couple boxes so we could actually use the table to build the Star Destroyer. We worked for about four hours and each built one of these triangles:

It may not seem like a lot, but there's a lot of detail work around the edge. Then we combined the triangles into one super triangle.

At that point we stopped because this had taken up most of our afternoon and we still had to get to Stephanie and Paul's for dinner and I hadn't packed yet.

4) While we were working Alex explained the physics lab he's chosen to work in for his degree. They make lasers. But not just any laser, super cool atomic lasers. Much better than string theory or particle physics in my opinion.

5) Tiffany picked us and the Star Destroyer parts up and we drove over to Paul and Stehpanie's place. We got a little lost along the way. Well not lost, just confused. It was fine though because I was with Tiffany and Alex.

6) Seeing Stephanie. It had been a little while since I last saw her and it was good to see her smiling face again.

7) Stephanie presented me with a whole bag of black jelly beans (the best kind of jelly beans.) However I had to stand in a different room while eating them because no one else understands how wonderful they are.

8) Dana Kroop was already there at Stephanie's house and as always she was wonderful and hilarious.

9) We all sat down in the kitchen and had some grapes and began chatting while Stephanie starting working on dinner. Paul arrived not too long after and then there was garlic bread. Mmm....

10) I knocked a (precariously placed) glass full of candycanes off of a ledge and amazingly the only thing that shattered was candycanes. That's good because I've already broken one of Stephanie's glasses and I still feel bad about that one.

11) Then came dinner. A big heap of delicious in the form of lasagna. There was also wine. And laughter and conversation. The higlight for me was trying to describe Quizzlenarf, this game I invented with two other kids from my street back in elementary school. It's a slightly complicated game and explaining it involves using the word Quizzlenarf quite a few times and then everyone kept insisting I use it as different parts of speech and multiple times per sentence and I was a little tipsy and it was all very hilarious but I don't think anyone understands the game any better than when I started.

12) Then we introduced Dana and Tiffany to the brilliance that is WarioWare. I always forget how strange that game must seem to anyone seeing it for the first time. Having playied it so much it all seems perfectly logical to me.Put dentures in that old woman's mouth? Sure! Shave that man's moustache? Why not! Hold the wiimote on the end of my nose like an elephant's trunk? Of course!

13) Then we had pie!!! Delicious strawberry pie that Stephanie made to be precise.

14) After Dana and Tiffany left Alex and I played a number of smash brothers matches according to Stephanie's instructions. One of us was always Bowser and Bowser always won. Some may claim that there were a few matches where Bowser did not win, but I would say to them, "that is heresy and I will not tolerate it."


concretesphinx said...

i'm so glad there is a record of this magical wonderful weekend.

Adam said...

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I want to help put that together sooooo bad!