Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 3: The Revenge

Notice: This post is chronologically out of place. It is for 3/28/08. There are other updates below you might have missed.

1) Waking up to Stephanie's voice. Much better than an alarm.

2) We had cinnamon rolls. Narm narm narm,

2) We spent a good portion of the morning working on the Star Destroyer. Their table is bigger than mine so it made it easier.

We put together the engines and one half of the bottom panel.

3) Then we went out to brunch a at restaurant nearby. Paul spilled his water all across the table, but I managed to stay dry. Alex's pants were not so lucky. I had banana pecan pancakes and scrambled eggs. Mmmm....

4) Then we played some 4-player Smash matches. Stephanie was of course always Bowser, Paul was always random and I tried to characters that I'm not that good with, but even the automatic handicapping only kept me from victory once or twice. Not that victory mattered. I think my favorite match was when we played on Fort Ladderdale (a stage I made). Stephanie spent the whole match on (or trying t get back to) one platform and Alex leapt to his death in an attempt to get the Smash ball. I spent most of the match dropping banana peels around the stage and hoping people would slip on them.

5) Then Alex and I played through more of the Subspace Emissary (with Stephanie's guidance of course.)

6) Stephanie took a shower and Alex Paul and I played a game of Carcassone using a new (tiny) expansion that Alex had gotten that is only available in Germany. I did not do very well.

7) We went downtown for dinner, but we got there a half hour before our reservation so I suggested we walk over to the Lego store because I never pass up an opportunity to visit the Lego store. Paul and Alex went in search of the board game store while Stephanie and I picked out my birthday present. We are going to put it together when she spends the weekend of the 19th so we can play a new video game and do other wonderful things.

8) Then we went to dinner and oh what a dinner it was. It technically consisted of 4 courses, but the salad wasn't awesome enough to justify it's own wonderful so just know there was also salad. We went to The Melting Pot which is a Fondue restaurant. I had had Fondue once or twice before, but not like this. Even just the first fondue round blew away my previous Fondue experience. Since there were four of us we got to have two different mixtures to dip things in. The first round was the cheese round, one pot was a standard cheddar blend and the other one I liked more, but I forget what it was now. We had chunks of apple and various breads and vegetables to dip and all the possibilities were delicious. Wait a minute, I have the internet at my disposal. The other cheese we had was the Spinach Artichoke one and it was so delicious. Mmmm....

9) Then there was the meat round, we probably spent an hour and half in this round. We had 5 or 6 different meats as well as some vegetables to cook and a few different ways to cook them. The Coq Au Vin pot was straight forward, just skewer your food and stick it in for a few minutes. The Bourguignonne came with two different batters tempura and sesame. Then there were a variety of sauces to use after cooking as well as this "Green Goddess" stuff which our waiter used with the tempura batter to make a great little stuffed mushroom. And once we saw how much we liked those, he brought out a special batch of mushrooms that also had bacon and a couple other things in them which were absolutely wonderful. Though there were many many delicious events in this course, some that stand out were the sesame battered shrimp, the coq au vin cooked butternut squash ravioli and tempura broccoli (just because it was so gigantic). It took us quite a while to get through it, but eventually we finished every single piece of meat (and 2 bowls of vegetables.) By this point we were all pretty much full to the point of bursting.

10) Then there was the dessert round. It took us a while to decide, but we eventually settled on a white chocolate and amaretto blend and a milk chocolate and peanut butter blend. The dessert dipper plate included strawberries, marshmallows, (small) rice krispy treats, brownies bites, bananas, pound cake pieces and a slice of cheese cake. Oh my god, it was so delicious, I can't even begin to describe. We then stumbled home, happy and slightly delirious from eating so much. It was one of the best meals of my life.

11) Then when we got home Stephanie and I tricked Alex and Paul into doing something else so we could watch an episode of Torchwood. We watched "Out of Time." Highlights: Ianto taking them shopping, Jack's existential angst, Gwen being over-protective and getting in a big fight with Rhys, Diane Holmes being totally awesome, too awesome for poor Owen.

12) Stephanie also showed me a little bit of Dr. Who. But pretty much only things that are relevant to Jack/Torchwood.

13) Worked a little more on the Star Destroyer

SleepyAlex is sleepy.

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