Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zip Diskitty doo dah

1) Sleeping in yet again. It's like a theme this week.

2) Slow day at work

3) I left a little early to go to HPP and be outside on such a nice day.

4) When I returned home I had a mysterious package from Australia!

5) The package contained my birthday/chistmas present from Alex this cool Legolike 2 GB Zipdisk

It it fully compatible with Lego so I added some decorated tiles to the top to give it a more computery look.

6) Dinner was pizza. Did Fire Escape provide it? I don't remember.

7) Finally finished editing scene 2 of Mr. President.

8) Edited together Behold! The Mighty Elephant.

9) Walked home with no jacket on. Glorious!

10) Made a pasta salad and started the mesquite chicken marinading in preparation for dinner with Krista and Tiffany.

11) Did the dishes with a brand new sponge! It's always exciting when the old sponge become the clean up sponge and the old clean up sponge gets thrown away.

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bracket8bracket about sponges