Saturday, May 31, 2008

All Caught Up

1) Waking up - realizing that I didn't have to do anything for several hours yet and then going back to bed (although I didn't go back to sleep, I just lazed around for a half an hour or so).

2) Not being at the conference during the early afternoon.

3) This hilarious clip Stephanie sent me. Context it's from a British Game show called QI. But it's hilarious even if you've never heard of the show.

4) Finally, finally catching up to the present on this blog. It's been so long since I wrote this in the present tense on a daily basis, it feels weird to be writing this, since this all happened today. Don't worry, I'm sure I get backlogged soon enough. Next weekend is going to be very busy.

5) It was very nice out. I appreciated this on my walk to the shoot, from the shoot back home and then to the movie theater (Spolier Alert?).

6) For dinner I got Jimmy Johns and had a guava juice. Delicious

7) Started reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency today. Read some at the shoot and on the bus downtown and back. I'm now approximately 1/3 of the way through the book and I have yet to meet Dirk Gently. He has been mentioned a couple times and described in a recollection, but he has not shown up in the present action of the story yet. I mean I'm enjoying it, it's very Douglas Adams, funny and strange, but the fact that the titular character has yet to appear 1/3 of the way through is bothering me just a bit.

I think this is exacerbated by his description which makes him sound like quite the character:
"By means of an ingenious series of strategically deployed denials of the most exciting and exotic things, he was able to create the myth that he was a psychic, mystic, telepathic, fey, clairvoyant, psychosassic vampire bat. What did 'pyschosassic' mean? It was his own word and he vigorously denied that it meant anything at all."

Here are some other bits I've enjoyed "Gordan Way's astonishment at being suddenly shot dead was nothing to his astonishment at what happened next." "He was dead. Dead...dead... He tried to make the word toll dramatically in his mind, but it wouldn't. He was not a film sound track, he was just dead." "He felt that as a ghost--he should be able to drift. He knew little enough about ghosts, but he felt that if you were going to be one then there ought to be certain compensations for not having a physical body to lug around, and that among them ought to be the ability simply to drift. But no, it seemed he was going to have to walk every step of the way."

8) I met Paul and Stephanie at the movie theater to see Indiana Jones. It was good and I enjoyed watching it, but parts of it felt off. The climax didn't feel very climax-y and some parts were just silly. It certainly doesn't approach The Last Crusade but it's probably better than Temple of Doom. I don't think I've ever seen Raiders all the way through in one sitting, which strikes me as odd. I don't know how many times I've seen the Last Crusade. Countless. I am somewhat more interested in getting some more of the Lego sets now... They have some cool hairdos

9) Since I accomplished one of the 3 goals that were attached to it. I was fianlly able to put together one floor of the Green Grocer. The fire escape is really cool, and I like the curtains in the windows and the little balconies. Otherwise the 2nd floor doesn't have a lot going on and it looks very strange since it doesn't have a bottom or top. Of course that's why I picked it to be put together first, because I knew that it's incompleteness would only further fuel my desire to accomplish those last two goals.

10) Realizing tomorrow is still the weekend and I don't have to go to work.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Whoa! This stuff happened yesterday!

1) I got up a littel earlier than I needed to today, not exactly on purpose. But I used that extra time to try out some Lego techniques. I had seen this picture thanks to the Brothers Brick and wanted to figure out how he made those rectangles on the floor. After I had recreated that I messed around with some SNOT arrangements and accidentally stumbled upon this cool edge of a filmstrip look. Now I have to figure out something to use it in...

2) The morning I spent filming a conference and reaped the benefits of their breakfast spread. Juice and muffins were had.

3) Got my paycheck. I spent a lot of money this month, so my bank account was actually dipping down pretty low for once so I really appreciated it.

4) I bought an umbrella. I had been planning to buy this umbrella for a while, and it was raining enough today that I decided it was time. Here's what the outside looks like.

And here's what the totally awesome inside looks like:

This is the pattern of a stained glass window in Rockefeller chapel. It's gorgeous. I didn't realize it was only on the inside when I bought it, but that's kind of perfect. I mean it's not like I bought this so random people could admire it. Only people who would be under my umbrella anyway get the privilege. It just like when Stephanie insisted that we have our shower curtain face inward. It makes perfect sense.

5) Came home and took an hour and a half nap. What can I say? I'm not used to waking up at 6.

6) After I woke up I was groggy and had about an hour to kill before the FE Spring Festival so I downloaded and played through the Peggle demo. It's sort of like a combination between breakout and plinko. It was fun while it lasted, but I don't think I'll ever play it again.

7) As I was walking to the screening (I took the scenic route through the park by MSI) my umbrella came in handy as it suddenly started raining.

8) The Fire Escape Spring Festival was enjoyable. It was in the Film Studies center instead of Doc, but at least it actually happened this year. My favorite piece was "Horsey" by Theo. It was a surreal music video with a loving couple and a horse skull. Mr. President got some good laughs and a good reception so that's good.

9) Then we went to Salonica for Screenwriter's except we were at 3 different tables so we didn't actually have a meeting, but it was still a lot of fun and also there was food. Yum.

1o) Came home and had the last of the French Vanilla ice cream (it was only a pint).

11) Dave and Gerry offering to cover parts of the conference tomorrow (today)! This meant that, while I still had to work on Saturday, it would only be for ~3 hours instead of ~7. As you may have noticed, I used this extra time to catch up on this blog as I am now officially caught up to the present! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Legos to put together.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kids In The Hall

1) There was a two part shoot in the morning. First part was interviews and the second part was b-roll capturing. Caitlin and I were covering it and I realized that there was no point for us both being there to capture b-roll, so I let her do it and was able to get back to the office earlier than I expected.

2) Ben quit the full time job he had taken on about a month ago. And while it's too bad for him that it didn't work out, it means he has more time for CMIG and it's great to have him around again.

3) On the way downtown and while I was waiting for Stephanie at Chipotle I read all but the last 20 pages of Stardust.

4) While I was waiting I got Chips and Guacamole.

5) For dinner proper I got my usual chicken fajita burrito. Don't mess with success, that's my motto.

6) Seeing Stephanie during the week is a rare and wonderful treat.

7) Then we headed over to the Chicago Theater and admired the crazy ceiling.

8) Then we saw Kids in the Hall live! Here's a quick run-through of all the skits in roughly the order they happened: opening video - "rape Kevin," hateful baby, buddy's monologue -Jesus was gay, fat spigot, time machine - happy hour, guy walking down an alley, carfuckers (henry ford), kevin sings an unfinished song, kathys on meth, imaginary girlfriend, time machine - b-day, chicken lady, two gay couples, this is how we danced in __ grade, time machine - hitler, superdrunk, crushing your head guy. The show lasted about an hour and a half and while there were a couple less funny sketches, it was mostly ridiculously hilarious. It was good to laugh. They are very good at what they do and it makes me want to go and watch the TV show again. Maybe I'll get the DVDs... (or maybe I'll just read some transcripts!)

9) Finishing Stardust. It was a fun, fast ride and now I can cross it off the list of books Lila has recommended to me.

10) Talking with Stephanie over phone about the show while we were on our separate ways home.

11) Getting home just before the rain.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


1) Today was definitely one of the days I was feeling sick (but I think it was just allergies). I started out with a sore throat, added in a cough and a wicked sinus headache by the end of the (work) day. I could not concentrate so I used my sick time and went home early.

2) This conversation with Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro about the Hobbit and a film that will bridge the gap between the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I mean I'm not like a crazy fanboy, but I was slightly worried when I found out that the Hobbit was being made, but PJ was not directing, but it sounds like there's nothing to worry about. I mean, Pan's Labyrinth was incredible and it sounds like he knows what he's doing.

3) Had a Sierra Mist, which is essentially Sprite, which always has a profound placebo effect on me when I'm sick. The Benadryl probably helped too.

4) Had dinner with Tiffany and Krista. What did we talk about? I remember we lamented about how crazy our allergies had been this week. We also talked about Tiffany's awesome apartment. I also realized how glad I was that both of them will be around in Chicago for the foreseeable future. We're approaching their graduation and that could have meant good-byes, but thankfully it won't.

5) Green Beans Amandine. Sautee some garlic and toss in a bit of salt and pepper and then add in some steamed green beans and top it off with roasted almonds. The result is heavenly. Thanks go to the Occasional Vegetarian as usual.

6) Made this Curried Chicken. Very tasty.

7) Guava juice for all!

8) I finished making dinner earlier than I expected and so while I waited for Tiffany and Krista to show up I built this Lego candle to put on the table. To be fair the one I had on the table for dinner did not have the little finger loop. I built that later on Tiffany's suggestion.

9) Stephanie sent me this Back to the Future 1 & 2 side by side video. You know that part where Marty goes to his parent's high school dance and then he does it again in the second movie. Well this video lines those two parts up to play at the same time so you can appreciate how well they match up. It really made me appreciate the second one more.

10) Went to TI for juice and ice cream and fruit

11) French vanilla ice cream

12) Caught up on the past few Break a Leg conversations and bloopers.

13) Watched the season finale of House. Intense. Let's see how long House's guilt/remorse lasts. If it's anything like his miraculous leg healing, he and Wilson will be back to normal 3 episodes into next season. Anyone want to place bets?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where in Hyde Park is Carmen SanDiego?

1) So at work we keep all of our media and files on a local server. Recently we've been close to running out of space. We were down to a single terrabyte, which can go pretty quickly. But today I had a revelation about a type of big file that there was no reason for us to keep and was able to free up another terrabyte, so now we have 2! Should last us until we get another unit for the server at least.

2) I replaced the water jug on the water cooler. I had always wondered how that was accomplished without spilling water everywhere and now I know.

3) Gettting the mustmayostardayonnaise song stuck in Tiffany's head

4) Putting pajamas on when I came home.

5) Had soup for dinner. I think today was one of the days where I was feeling sick again.

6) Dr Who - "Father's Day" - So sad, but very good.

7) Then I took the nap of oblivion. It's one of those naps where I wake up and have no idea where I am or what time it is or what's going on.

8) Congo bars - NARM NARM NARM!

9) Walking to campus all bundled up. (e.g. I put jeans over my pajama pants)

10) Sitting in DOC with Theo and Tiffany and Seth and Sam

11) Mead showed two short films: "Paseo" & "Zombie Dog"(that's not what it's called, but it's what I always think of it as) Paseo was gorgeous (Tiffany did the camera work) and well done all around. The two main actors worked really well together and there were some very good soundtrack choices. Zombie Dog had a bunch of technical issues, but was still pretty enjoyable.

12) Then Felipe showed his movie about Carmen San Diego stealing Rockefeller chapel. I had read the script in screenwriter's so I already knew what was going to happen, but that didn't really affect my experience. It was pretty funny and not too defaming to Carmen, which was my initial worry from reading the script. The action sequences were solid as well. Very well done.

13) I downloaded and played through the PA OtRPoD Demo. It is very clearly a Penny Arcade production. Everything looks like Gabe drew it and the humor is their usual blend of profanity and absurdity. I very much enjoyed seeing what was in all the trashcans, I don't know how much of this stuff Tycho wrote, but it's got his classic wit. I haven't decided if I'll buy the full game. My computer was able to run it, but not very well, there were a lot of dropped frames and such.

14) Today's xkcd is great and reminds me of one of my other favorites, it overflows with perfection.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

1) Dr. Who - "The Long Game" - the part at the beginning with Rose pretending to be all knowledgeable about the future.

2) AD - "Best man for the GOB" - Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution - George Michael trying to join the band -
Gob's Wife: Gob. I want out. I'm in love with your brother ..
Gob: What?! [turns to Michael] You did it again, you son of a bitch! [punches and knocks out Michael]
Gob's Wife: .. In-law. Tobias. Sorry. I should have finished that thought.
3) Talking with mom and dad. Mom talked about how the approach of Relay is affecting her. She went into work one day wearing 2 watches and she accidentally used conditioner instead of body wash. I told her how I had accidentally filmed the wrong thing at a conference, because I didn't read the sign closely. They also talked about a complicated wedding they attended this weekend.

4) I made congo bars and they turned out perfect. I've made them a few times over the past couple years but I've always had a problem that kept them from their true and perfect form. I mean the result was usually delicious anyway, but it wasn't quite congo bars. This time they were absolutely perfect.

5) Catching up so much on the blog (I went from being over 3 weeks behind to only just over a week behind in the space of a few days)

6) Then I took the congo bars to a barbeque at Ali, Emily, Chelsea, Ari, Robyn & Paul's place. There were a lot of people there. Even Ken Bigger. There was a ton of good food.

7) I also brought woodchuck pear cider and had 3 of them. So good.

8) Tifanny and I high fived twice for our minds being awesome and in sync. Once was on "baklava" and the other I don't remember. Tiffany?

9) I got many compliments on the (democratic republic of?) congo bars: "heaven in bar form"

10) Then Ali played her award winning podcast/BA. I recognized several parts, since I had helped edit them, but most of it was new to me and quite moving. I understand why Ali was reticent to tell the story of her mother losing the election since it's so personal and tragic etc. but you can't deny that it's compelling.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


1) Sleeping in

2) Groceries

3) So nice out!

4) I branched out from mango slices to other dried fruit. This time I got diced papaya. They are sweet and tasty, but they'll never replace the mango.

5) Went for a short run

6) Ate pita and hummus

7) Updated this blog a whole bunch.

8) Then I met up with Ali and we made our way via CTA to the North side. We talked about her BAs and life after college.

9) Where were we headed? Why to the Green Mill for the weekly Uptown Poetry Slam. I've about this poetry slam for 3 years and I've been meaning to go ever since. I would've gone when I first heard about it, but I couldn't because I wasn't 21 yet. The other things that kept me from going before is that it's way far on the north side on Sunday nights. So I never wanted to go if I had something the next day, Well anyway I finally got there.

The night actually is comprised of 3 parts. There's an open mic from 7-8, a featured guest from 8-9 and the slam itself from 9-10. We got there at 8 and the place was pretty crowded. There were no seats to be had so we stood in the corner by the jukebox and a mop during the Weird Sisters' performance. I had assumed that the featured guests would always be poets, but apparently they occasionally have musical guests as well. So while the Weird Sisters were fine and somewhat enjoyable, it was not what I was expecting.

Then came the Slam. Thank's to Ali's quick reaction we were able to score a couple seats right up by the stage for this. It's very clear that this Slam has been going on for years. Marc Smith sang a short song to introduce the concept of the slam and then gave a little speech explaining the rules and many people from the audience were saying it along with him. There were only 5 poets performing, 2 of which were good, one who was okay and I give props to for getting up there because she was clearly nervous, 1 who got booed off the stage and 1 who didn't really perform. The audience is definitely a very important element of this slam, they snap if they think you're taking too long, then they'll start hissing at you before the full on booing begins. I'll probably go at least one more time so that I can actually slam.

10) After the competition Marc Smith performed a piece. And while it was sort of cheating because he was accompanied by the piano his piece was definitely the most powerful that was down that right. He just has an unbelievable intensity. Twas awesome

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Superb Saturday

1) Sleeping in with no alarm

2) Thinking about NNN in the shower. I came up with a few scenes for the first movie.

3) Did the dishes - switched to a new sponge.

4) Lunch of leftovers

5) DW - "Dalek" - Wow. The Doctor just totally flipped out in this one. Also, a single Dlek can do a surprising amount of damage.

6) On the bus and train I finally got back to reading Stardust. Stephanie gave it to me months and months ago and I read the first chapter and then got distracted and it's been sitting on my desk since. But once I started again it went rather fast. It isn't a long book and it's pretty fast paced.

7) Met up with Stephanie at the Music Box to see the Animation Show 4. I think "Key Lime Pie" took the cake(?) with "Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen, Mr. Horlocker" a close second. "Paintballing" and "Western Spaghetti " were technically wowing and "John and Karen" was hilarious. All in all it was a good show. I don't know how I'd rate it compared to previous animation shows. They all have their highs and lows.

8) Walking outside -it was nicer than the rest of the week

9) Stephanie and I were spontaneous and just walked until we found a place we thought we might like to eat. That place ended up being Flat Top Grill, which is a make you own stir-fry place. It was quite good.

10) We got a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. It was heavenly.

11) I put the magnetic poetry back on my fridge. I decided I might as well alphabetize it...

12) I decided since I had all these ideas about the first NNN movie, I might as well start a a script so I have a place to put them. Thus I created "NNN Presents Phil and Sherry in: Greenbeard's Gambit." It will be the story of how Phil and Sherry meet and start NNN. Right now, it's just the very beginning. Phil's in the Coast Guard and Sherry's attending SVELT to learn sculpting.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Many Minis

1) It's Friday!!! (I thought it was Thursday for a while this morning)

2) The 171 had good timing both ways

3) I used my garlic press for the first time. I was about to start mincing the garlic with a knife and thinking about how obnoxious it was and if only there was an easier way! And there was, right in my drawer.

4) I almost caught up to the one-week turnaround goal for the basic recordings we do for work. I've been slowly whittling the turn around time from the month-2 month rangeit was at at teh beginning of this quarter.

5) I made curried beef (except I used turkey) pitas for dinner. Yum.

6) DW - "Aliens of London"
Mickey: I bet you don't even remember my name!
The Doctor: Ricky.
Mickey: It's Mickey.
The Doctor: No, it's Ricky.
Mickey: I think I know my own name.
The Doctor: You think you know your own name? How stupid are you?
7) And because it was a 2 parter I also had to watch "World War 3."

8) Talking with Veronica. I may go visit her in Cedar Point this summer. I mean I have all this vacation time and she said she has a couch/futon/bed thing that I can stay on and oh yeah roller coasters!

9) Arrested Development - "Justice is Blind" - Justice falling into the trashcan -All the fake commandments
Maggie: It's like the ten commandments saying, you know. "Be true to thine own self, and to thine own self.."
Michael: "... be true." Yeah, number seven.

Gob: And now you love the ten commandments. And yet you're the one who so conveniently forgot "Thou shalt protect thy father and honor no one above him unless it be-ith me, thy sweet Lord."
Michael: I'm not sure that one made it down the mountain, Gob.

10) Really cathartic talk with Stephanie - she'll always be my Navi.

11) Read the Miniland scale section in the Unofficial Lego Builder's guide. Then I build two miniland people - this first guy I built solely based on the available colors of certain pieces. I guess he's kind of like a green mime.

Then I built my favorite armless, one-legged guy. I think his name might be Pete. The only problem with miniland scale is it's pretty much impossible to make a smile.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


1) Sleeping in

2) Taking sick time, because I needed that sleeping in to feel better. I don't know if it's a sickness or allergies but recently I'll be feeling great one day and the next day I'll have a sore throat and a headache and itchiness and chills and then the next day I'll be fine again. Anyway, I decided that I could legitimately call those 2 hours sleeping in sick time.

3) Ben's digital pickpocket movie

4) Tiffany at work

5) Theo at work

6) Leftover peppercorn chicken

7) Dr. Who - "The Unquiet Dead" - The Gwen/Gwenyth thing still bothers me and the Doctor went down just a bit in my estimation for liking Charles Dickens books (it's a sin!) but I liked the floaty gas aliens and the Doctor's guilt.

8) I added 3 posts. Of course it pales in comparison to the deluge of updates I had this weekend, but it was still a good chunk.

9) Tiffany came over and we watched Pickpocket (she had NetFlixed it). The scenes involving pickpocketing were really cool. We watched a couple of them back in slow motion to follow the hands. Otherwise the story was nothing special. We entertained ourselves during those parts by slashing the two guys and commenting on the main character's weirdness.

10) Afterward we talked about the problems of never ending series and the weirdness of some spin-offs. I mean, we all know that Frasier is a spin-off of Cheers. But have you ever really thought about how strange that is?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1) Sleeping in - I basically ended up getting 12 hours of sleep.

2) Someone covering one of the two shoots so I didn't have to try to be in two places at once.

3)Watching the House episode from last week. Crazy hallucinations - whee!

4) I got a number of compliments/comments on my new blue shirt. "It's just so blue!" It is in fact very blue. That's why I picked it out. It's a very bold/bright blue. It's pretty much the perfect shade of blue.

5) Went to the Fire Escape meeting very briefly to grab some pizza (!) before heading back to the shoot no one would cover.

6) After the shoot they had a reception with food and I had some delicious watermelon.

7) Had a nice walk home

8) My new camera battery arrived. There was nothing wrong with my old one, I just wanted a second for when I'm animating since they take a while to charge.

9) Had pita and hummus and a cup of peaches as a snack.

10) AD - "Altar Egos" - "I'm blind!" "I'm wasted!"

11) Got an email from JJ. Good to hear from him, it's been a while.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Post 200!

1) Always wonderful when Tiffany is at work

2) Not a bad Tuesday (considering Tuesday is the worst day of the week)

3) Got a big chocolate chip cookie at Uncle Joe's

4) Went over to the Fire Escape office with Renee to inspect a server rack we are going to be taking from them. Renee had never seen the office before, so everything was new to her. Jim (one of the FE Co-Chairs) was also there and we moved from the Server rack to a discussion of Fire Escape and its problems more generally. It reminded me how one of the reasons I was excited about my job was that I would be able to be an advocate for Fire Escape inside the administration. Of course my job has kept me plenty busy with other things, so I haven't had the chance to do anything about it, but someday...

5) ECNAD practice was quick and simple because I was the only one who showed up. Kelly quickly ran me through the new stuff and then I headed off.

6) I was feeling sickish so I had some soup - Progresso Minestrone to be exact. It was quite tasty.

7) Read new bits in Stephanie's murder mystery. 

8) Finally watched this video Charolette had sent me weeks ago: Pretty Big Dig it's construction vehicles dancing, what's not to like?

9) Played a little mario kart

10) I knew that the best remedy for the sick feeling was sleep so I essentially went to bed at 9 o clock which is very early for me. Technically I took a nap was up for maybe half an hour and then went back to sleep. Either way I got a lot of wonderful sleep.

11) During that brief awake period I listened to a voice mail from Veronica. I hadn't talked to her in far too long. 

Monday, May 19, 2008


1) Sam's Torchwood Second City fic - Basically he rewrote the first season of Trochwood as if it had been an American show rather than a British show and thus based in Chicago rather than Cardiff. Also in this story Dr. Who is a spin-off of it and not the other way around. It was lovely.

2) Easing back into work, I always take it slow on the first day of the week.

3) Umart California wrap

4) Walking home even though it was a little chilly

5) Pita and hummus and carrots as a snack

6) Went shopping - to really fill up this wonderful fridge

7) Watched the 1st episode of Doctor Who (the 2005 one). Stephanie has been wanting me to watch them for a while because she's almost done with the second season and has no one to talk to about any of it. And since I was thinking about the Whoniverse because of Sam's fic it seemed like an appropriate time. highlights: "Nice to meet you, Rose. [holds up the bomb] Run for your life!" "Lots of planets have a North!" "Did I mention it also travels in time?"

8) Then I made Peppercorn Chicken and maple carrots. Yum!

9) Then I watched the 2nd episode of Dr. Who - "The End of the World" - Highlights: Jabe the tree-woman.
The Doctor: [opening Rose's phone] Tell you what. With a bit of jiggery pokery-
Rose: Is that a technical term, "jiggery pokery"?
The Doctor: Yeah, I came first in jiggery pokery, what about you?
Rose: Nah, I failed Hullabaloo.

10) While I was updating this blog I went on several Wikipedia whirls (which is shorter and more contained than a Wikipedia spiral.)
11) I created a brickset profile. I did this so I could write reviews (no one had written one for Space Skulls yet!) but then I also got sucked in to trying to go back and remember all the sets I own. These are just the ones I could remember off the top of my head.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A perfect plan

1) For breakfast Stephanie introduced me to the wonders of Fruit in Jell-O. I'd always been suspicious of Jell-o with fruit in it, because it looks weird and it was portrayed negatively on television, but actually it was quite tasty. It was peaches in strawberry Jell-O I think.

2) Then we played more Okami. We scaled Cat Tower, learned a new attack that involves peeing on enemies (we're a wolf remember), we improved our warping skills, learned to conjure whirlwinds, and went on an under sea excursion into a dragon's stomach.

2.5) There are a few things we did yesterday in Okami I forgot to mention. We acquired what may be the strayest stray bead ever. This had made Stephanie to finding all 99. I think we had a third or so. We also improved our digging abilities. This allowed us to re-fight some bosses for sun fragments and it also allowed us to discover... monkey paradise. What's monkey paradise? Why it's an underground cavern with waterfalls and (thanks to us) beautiful blooming trees and clovers and a doxen or so monkeys live there (happily, now that we've feed them). We have since discovered similar paradises for bunnies and boars. We also learned a new brush technique that involves drawing an infinity symbol to unleash an inferno. It's very powerful and has replaced bombs as our favorite way to harm enemies.

3) For lunch we feasted on Dino Chickens.

4) Then we watched a great movie which Stephanie recently discovered: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." It is, as you might expect from the title, a murder mystery movie.

5) On my way back from Stephanie's house I more or less have to pass by the Lego store, and it just seems criminal not to go inside, when it's right there. I used to dream about a store dedicated to legos and while the store doesn't have everything I could ever want, I still can't help myself. I ended up buying this set, which I've been eying for a while. However, despite having it for over a week I have not even begun to put it together.

That's because I devised a genius system. So I can't keep myself from buying Lego, but I've figured out a way to put my addiction to good use. As you can see from the picture, this set is a 3 floor townhouse/grocery building. I have created 3 goals (things I've been meaning to do anyway, but keep putting off for one reason or another), every time I complete a goal, I can build a floor. I will also build the floors from the lamest (2nd) to the best (1st) so hopefully the partial completion will only spur me to complete the goals even faster.

We'll see. One of the goals is to get caught up to the present with the blog. No wonder I spent all weekend updating. :)

6) Carrots and pita and hummus

7) Talking to mom and dad

8) Yogurt and soft pretzel

9) E-mail from Jenny with two videos of Isaiah. Sometimes he's almost too adorable. Almost.

10) Finally folded the last of the laundry and washed the dishes.

11) You have to see this video. It's animation done by painting walls. muto. Thanks to Clare (Krista's roommate) for giving me the link.

Avocado Avocation

1) Waking up at 9

2) Shopping at Express. Stephanie had recommended I try it because the clothes I had been buying were a bit big. So I got two nice and well-fitting shirts there.

3) Met up Stephanie near Division and then we walked along Division until we found somewhere to eat. We sat outside because it was such an incredibly nice day. I had a chicken sandwich with avocado and pico de gallo and a tiny bit of pesto mayo (I didn't want any at first, [because mayonnaise is one of the grossest things in existence {but only because none of these exist}] but the waitress insisted that it was good so I got it on the side an applied a small amount so that it could influence the flavor without being noticeable.) It was delicious.

4) Then we got to Stephanie's house and wasted no time in setting up the Wii so we could play Okami - we learned to double jump and braved a ghost ship.

5) Then we went out for dinner with Dana. I got a turkey & avocado sandwich. What can I say? I loves me some avocado.

6) Then we headed over to the Aloft Loft. It's a converted garage with a stage and trapezes and such hanging about. As we were waiting there Dana (who was wearing spectacularly red tights and a red shirt as well) had what Stephanie referred to as a "consumptive cough." Dana replied that that's why she was wearing red, to hide the blood when she coughed into her sleeve. "Or your knee" suggested Stephanie. Then Dana coughed into her knee. Hahahaha. Priceless.

7) Then the show started. I don't know what I would call "Dinner of our Discontent," it was part play (though there were no word), part trapezery and part dance. A meticulously choreographed, story-driven, tumbling act with body juggling of everyday objects and aerial antics? So basically there are 5 sisters whose parents have died (they sit in large trapeze picture frames during the show) and a severely under appreciated maid.

The first scene was the maid being a little crazy and body juggling a dinner plate. Then the oldest daughter came in and danced with her father's shoes. The middle child came and covered the parent's portaits up. Then the twin entered. The twins were awesome because they did everything in sync and hated each other for it. They were wearing matching ridiculous outfits of orange and purple and did this amazing dance/fight with bead necklaces. They were flipping over each other and putting their feet through the necklaces and swinging the necklaces around with their necks and probably in danger of choking several times. It was awesome.

Then the youngest child emerged from under the table and there was a dinner scene where all the daughters had bells of different sizes and were being demanding and driving the maid crazy, then she did a defiant dance on the table, swung from the chandelier a bit and they fought over her body. I might have these out of order but before or after the daughters all looked through a photo album that showed their parents falling in love. This is when the parents fianlly took advantage of the trapeze picture frames and doing crazy flips and holding themselves in absurd positions and also somehow flirting/courting each other at the same time. Some of the positions they held themselves in were just incredible. Then there was a funny slapstick-y fight over the will, that involved sliding along a table and such. (These may be out of order)

Then there were the three most impressive acts. The twins did a synchronized rope dance/act with a lot of swinging and twisting that was really cool looking. The oldest and the middle daughter got up in the chandelier trapeze and fought/did amazing things. I think these pictures are from another show but they show the object they were dangling from and give a sense of the crazy positions they were in. There was one point were the only thing keeping one of them from falling was legs holding on to a neck, which is kind of absurd. Also one of them dropped straight down only to be caught by the other's feet. Ridiculous. The last act was the youngest daughter's hanging from a chain and doing crazy stuff on it. I've seen that done with silks before, but a chain makes it all the more intense. All in all it was a pretty awesome experience and I'd recommend going to see it if it weren't already over.

8) Then we went out for gelato. I got creme brule and vanilla with chocolate chips. Dana and Stephanie had a conversation about how they wish their mom's would adopt the other's policy on care packages. Dana wants more surprises and Stephanie wants less. I, meanwhile, had nothing to add because my parents send me awesome care packages.

9) We played more Okami - we became tiny and got mist power and bloomed all the dead trees in the city.

10) Then we helped Bamboo girl find her space ship. Wait what? Why is there a space ship in ancient Japan? Then we learned of cat island and traveled their to find that it really is an island of cats. Stephanie's excitement about reaching cat island, coupled with my delirium (it was well past midnight by this point) led me to just lose it and start laughing uncontrollably.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday- at the shoot!

1) The week is over!

2) So for the shoot today I needed to take a cab downtown. I called Yellow Cab to order one and because I've called a few times before for the same exact ride they had all my information on file and already knew my address and the address of where I wanted to go. The call was very short and efficient. I was impressed.

3) I was less impressed, when 10 minutes after the cab was supposed to show up they called to say a cab wouldn't be there for another 20 minutes. However I decided to walk a block south of my building to the GSB where I figured we could probably catch a cab. Lo and behold there was a cab ready for us.

3) For lunch I had the fresh mozzarella sandwich from U Mart. It has tomato and basil and is delicious.

4) Once I have the camera going, I usually don't have mush to do during a shoot. So I got a text Stephanie telling me about something I should look at online. So I used my ipod to do so - at the shoot!

5) After that was done the shoot was still not requiring my attention so I did some reading for Screenwriter's - at the shoot!

6) Sam's concept of American Torchwood - set in Chiacgo. Hehehe.

7) I got to Screenwriter's a little late, but enough for the read through of one script. I also got to watch the Trailer Festival that had screened earlier that day at DOC.

8) Dinner = mini toasty pitas + hummus + carrots + strawberry tomatoes

9) Played some mario kart

10) Went back to the office to make some small changes to Mr. President before sending it off to everyone involved for feedback.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not wearing a tie*

1) Someone else covering South Asia Studies recording. I have had to cover more than half of them and I almost always fall asleep.

2) Found someone to help me out with a shoot tomorrow

3) Edited the Stack-man footage into a short clip for the Scav highlights reel.

4) Mario Kart -Shell Cup on mirror mode

5) Played this demo for the Lego Indiana Jones game. It's exactly like Lego Star Wars except slightly different.

6) Had dinner with Tiffany and Krista

7) Krista made this delicious bruschetta type thing, mashed potatoes, asparagus & stuffed chicken breast. Yum!

8) For dessert there was a strawberry shortcake-y thing, cannoli, and lemon cheesecake.

9) The Office season finale - best line goes to Oscar for "the real crime was the beard."

10) Hey, what do you know? Same-sex marriage is legal in California. Dragons of the world rejoice! Let's just hope it sticks.

11) AD - "Shock and Aww" - the part where Lindsay inadvertently flirts with George Michael is another one of those wonderfully awkward and hilarious moments this show is great for.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


1) Today is Wednesday! (not Tuesday like I was half thought it was all day)

2) Had a pretty cool shoot over at Rockefeller chapel. The organ is undergoing restoration and the restoration company is one of a very few in the country. So there were a lot of beauty shots of the organ console (they thing the organist sits at) and facade (the pipes that you see). And then we went inside the organ! There are hundred of pipes hidden behind that outer wall of pipes. Gigantic pipes, tiny pipes, wooden pipes, metal pipes. So many pipes. It was like world 7 of Super Mario Brothers 3! We also went into the basement to see the giant turbine that provides the air to go through all the pipes and went all the way to the top of the balcony in the back of Rockefeller to see the other organ console and get a gorgeous shot of the whole chapel.

3) New (Purva-centric) bit in Jack and Ellis.

4) 171 ( not that I had to, but after an longish day who wants to walk?)

5) I walked into my kitchen and realized something was off. All my magnets were on my peninsula. Why was my fridge blank? And smaller? There's a new fridge in my kitchen??

6) I've got a new fridge!! I had put in a work order on my old one because it wasn't keeping things properly cold, but I guess they thought it easier to replace than fix. Hey, I'm not complaining. I love my new fridge. It's smaller, so it looks less empty with the same amount of food. It has better shelves in the door and the top of the crisper drawers is clear so I can see what's in there and not forgot I have anything in there until it's gone bad like I used to do.

And here's a shot of the Lego display area above the fridge I mentioned a couple days ago:

7) Because I thought I still had a crappy fridge I had gotten Rajun Cajun for dinner. The fact that I had a new improved fridge did not dampen my enjoyment of the deliciousness at all. For once I didn't get the butter chicken dinner. After reading Adam's post about meat I got the vegetarian meal instead. I got potatoes & eggplant and peas & cheese. Everything was still wonderfully delicious.

8) Beat LostWinds

9) (re?)decorated my fridge.

10) Went to store - to fill up my new fridge. Honestly, this fridge made my day.

11) <8> conversation with Stephanie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I don't like Tuesdays

1) Adam updated his blog

2) Being home for a little while (I had to go back to work for a few hours this evening)

3) Chicken Nuggets, carrots and grape tomatoes.

4) So the pens in the CMIG office kept disappearing, I have seen maybe a dozen pens just disappear since i started full-time and I was sick of getting new pens only to see them disappear a week later so I put a little note on the two new office pens asking that they not be stolen. Less than a week later one of them was missing. I felt utterly defeated. But then Ben told me today that he had it and he was sorry and please don't fire him because it was an accident. So you see the note worked and now the pen has returned. Huzzah!

5) Watched last week's House

6) Got the "Fire Bread" DVD. It was a collaboration between Fire Escape and some other student group, but it's a DVD of some of the best FE films (according to the current committee) and while it has some I don't care for it also has some excellent ones like Things Moving in Circles and Ducky in the Reg and I'm Sorry (imaginary friend made of scratches on film stock)

7) Took the shuttle home

8) New bit of Jack and ellis

9) Chatting with stephanie a little

10) Played more Lost Winds.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Judgement Day

1) Not waking up too late to get to ScavHunt Judgement as I originally thought I had.

2) Judgment was the usual bizarre carnival of oddities. By that point all the scavvies are severely sleep deprived and look a little like zombies, except of course when a judge is present, then they light up all kinds of colors. Giant dog balloons, penny busts of lincoln, clown boats, doll house dorms and more were all present amid the chaos. Hopefully will have video this week.

3) After a couple hours of this, with no end ye in sight I decided it was high time for me to head out. There was nothing tying me there, especially since I was more or less filming for fun.

4) Played mario kart - unlocked Mirror mode.

5) There was a new bit of Jack and Ellis posted.

6) AD - "Marta Complex" and "Beef Consomme" - Maeby winking at George Michael - "weird brother of prime rib" - Buster's love for Marta and his desire to get punched in the face
Lucille: You tricked me.
Michael: I deceived you, Mom. Trick makes it sound like we have a playful relationship.
Lucille: Touché.
7) Took a shower and a nap. I had been feeling sort of out of it and fuzzy all day and these helped a little bit, but I was still sort of out of it the rest of the night.

8) Talking with mom and dad

9) Left overs

10) Did laundry

11) Blogging about Dana's seder. Somewhat relieved the fuzzy feeling in my head.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


1) Waking up without an alarm

2) AD -"Public Relations" -
George Michael Bluth: You know, I have a job.
Tobias Fünke: [coughing] Kiss ass... well we were all thinking it.
Buster: Uh, I'm unclear about what it is exactly you do...
Publicist: Excellent question, what a publicist does is...
Buster: No, no, no I was talking to George Michael. When did you get a job?
George Michael Bluth: At the banana stand.
Buster: Oh! Duh! I thought you meant like a plumber or something and I was like 'when did that happen?'

Jessie: And Tobias, you're a medical doctor and you're living an absurd fantasy as an actor. It's time to get real.
Tobias: Wow. It's a tough talk, but I like it. You're saying "land a major film".

Lucille: I'll have the Ike and Tina tuna.
Waitress: Plate or platter?
Lucille: I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.
3) Then I was contemplating my kitchen table, which was covered with all the Lego sets I've gotten in the last few months and was trying to figure out where I could put them all. Then I discovered a previously unused lego display space. I never used the cabinets above my fridge, because they are inconvenient and I had plenty of cabinet space anyway. But they are perfect for displaying lego.

4) Then I went to ScavOlympics to capture the insanity. The first event I filmed was Human Battleship. The way it was played is two teams got on opposite sides of this tall concrete wall. Each team had 4 people lay down along the convenient grid of concrete squares on the ground. Then one "admiral" from each team would throw water balloons over the wall and try and hit the other team. A judge would tell then if they hit, missed, or threw out of bounds. It was pretty great. The look of terror on the human battleships' faces was priceless.

5) Then I filmed the most unsafe, unsanitary, uncanny, thing I've ever seen. Imagine raw chickens made to move around like marionettes. Also the raw chickens have razor blades or a knife protruding with them and a bag of giblet taped to them. Now imagine two of these chickens fighting each other attempting to puncture the other's bag of giblets with the razor blades. And yes this quickly devolved into people wildly swinging raw razorblade-y chickens at each other. Meanwhile there is a circle of people around them who suddenly decide to take a few steps back. Just wait until you see the video.

6) Then there was a very short lived pie throwing fight. It was more of a pie free for all.

7) Played more mario kart - unlocked Daisy (but is she Daisy? She doesn't say "Hi I'm Daisy!" so how can we be sure?)

8) Then I unlocked me! Or Mii rather. That's right you can play as a Mii, so you can play as yourself. Once I had made myself a little shorter and thinner so I fell into the medium weight class instead of the heavy weight I was ready to play as myself. I have not used another character since.

9) Had some left overs

10) Did dishes

11) Went to the store

12) Playerpictionary with Paul, Stephanie and Alex. I was very proud of my drawing of Honeymoon

13) Played a little more Mario kart - unlocked baby luigi.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Make your own title day

1) Filmed item 238, which was not as spectacular as I hoped, but did involve people throw choclate coins down at unsuspecting lunch patrons in Barlett. Also it is apparently a reference to this youtube video. When reading the scavlist, it's best to assume that every item is a reference to something, be it obvious or obscure.

2) So at this point I hadn't yet told Renee that I had taken the initiative to go around filming scav events. But she was happy to hear it. Also Julie Peterson and a bunch of other people in the communications group were happy to hear it. I'm glad I got such positive feedback on what was more or less a whim.

3) After work I walk with Jim, who was hosting screenwriter's and we talked about Arrested Development etc.

4) Screenwriters was good, short and sweet. Two of us had scripts for trailers and noone had much to say about my "Robot's vs. Skeletons" one. Mead said "I have nothing to say about this, it's perfect." Of course, now I just have to make it.

5) Jim showed us this amazing video of 5 voice over artists in a limo

6) Went to Tiffany's for dinner where we had make your own pizza. My pizza was half pepperoni, half with artichoke hearts (and maybe something else). It was delicious.

7) For dessert we had vanilla ice cream and fresh mango. They went very well together. It reminded me of Gelatis from Annie's Water Ice.

8) Then we talked about a dream Krista had that involved teleportation (or "lexing") and doppelgangers. Of course her dream was just the beginning, by the time she got to dinner she had already elaborated on the backstory a good deal and flesh out many of the important characters.

You see there's a problem with lexing. Sometimes when a person is lexed, they are not lexed to the intended location, but end up at some entirely different location. But it's not just any location, it's in the proxitiy of their doppelganger. So there's a recovery team that works for the lexing institute that lexes out when a lex go wrong . Their mission is to find the person before they meet their doppelganger and get them back to their appropriate location. But what happens when one of the team gets lexed to their doppelganger? You'll just have to wait until Krista publishes the graphic novel.

9) Another cool thing about hearing about her dream was learning about Krista's dream world. Apparently all of her dreams take place at the same set of locations and these locations have fixed relations to one another such that she can (and has) drawn a map of her dream world. The locations are things like the mall and the high school and the wasteland. I found it interesting because even if I have multiple dreams that happen at mall, it's never the same mall.

10) Played a little mario kart

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Hunt is on

1) Sleeping in until I felt better.


3) A shower with no standing water

4) Apparently ScavHunt had started. So of course I enjoyed reading the 2008 scav list. Highlights:

Scav olympics 3. PIE FIGHT!! Bring ten cream pies and prepare to prove your superiority old-timey comedy style. 8. Life-size Battleship. We'll need six human boat pieces from you, to be divvied up and placed as you wish. You'll need a goodly supply of water balloons.

Regular List

24. Can you paint–by–numbers with all the colors of the wind? [4 points]

33. Have a potato break the sound barrier. [8 points]

53. Modern, post-modern, post-post-modern, and post-post-post-modern works of art representing the

same historical figure of your choice. [14 points]

62. A receipt from either of the now-defunct Hyde Park Co-ops along with a receipt for the same foodstuffs

from one of their successors. [3 points per dollar saved]

76. Spend a night in a major Chicago museum, a la From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. [24 points]

79. The prank call of Cthulhu. [1 point]

87. Actually, if you're keeping a Jaguar, CD-I, or 3DO, we'd like to see them too. [9 points per console, 6 bonus points for that nightmare fuel they dared call a Zelda game]

102. A giant foam capsule. Like, man-sized. Also, a basin of hot water so that a Judge can `hatch' it. [22 points]

110. A recreation of Michelangelo's Birth of Man or Picasso's Guernica. In tooth marks. On your back. [32 points]

124. A computer virus that does little to my computer's ability to function but scares the living hell out of me. [Windows 9.5 points]

130. A stained sugar-glass window. [2 points per square foot] Also, a badass action sequence, like a totally gnarly BMX move where you crash through the window, or something. . . like that. . . yeah. [10 points]

136. The Blues Brothers set future Chicagoans up for a major disappointment: since moving here, I have never once seen enormous groups of strangers moved, as if part of a flash mob, to spontaneously burst into elaborately choreographed song-and-dance numbers in iconic locations. Fix that. [28 points]

160. Sheet music to the \Ballad of the Wind Fish" for eight instruments. They'd better be the right instruments, and in the order they are meant to be found. [3 points for the sheet music, 6 points per instrument, 9 points for the performance]

163. Passed your OWLS? Breezed through your NEWTS? It's time you showed o your skills now that you're in college! Perform one or more of the following: Wingardium Leviosa, Relashio, Engorgio. If you really think you have what it takes to do them all, topping it o with a corporeal Patronus should be a piece of cake. [5 points per spell]

165. Prove to us you are not 21 yet. As a hint, we regard state-issued identi cation with great skepticism, but we all know that the tness test in Wii Sports doesn't lie. [Not quite 21 points]

174. London has Angle-Grinder Man, New York has Terri ca, and Mexico City even has Super-Barrio, but what about our fair Chicago? Assume an original alter ego and perform an unambiguously heroic service under cover of cape and cowl. Go now! The city needs you! For reals this time! [18 points, 30 bonus points if your proof comes from the front page of a major newspaper]

184. Wearing a black and white striped shirt, a black toque, and a burlap sack full of money with a big dollar sign on the front, go into that bank. And buy a savings bond. [15 to Life points]

221. Manhunt Mark II: Pac-Man? More like Stack-Man! Send Pac-Man, the Ms., and a Ghost to eX Libris Thursday night at 11pm.

229. So the clapper turns on a light when you clap you say? Well what about a blender that blends when you growl at it? Sounds like the Dobson Blendie. [18 points]

238. Bring 25 chocolate coins to Bartlett at 1:15pm Friday. Then, all of you together. . . make it chocolate rain! [Some stay dry and others get 2 points]

243. Largest paper snowflake. EVAR. [5 points]

254. A seven piece suit. [7 piece points]

266. You know that professor who hates you, or maybe just gave you a bad grade? Well, why wound his body with bullets when you can set his soul a re with a slanderous mambo? Let us listen, if we will, to your revenge. Uno, dos, tres! [Catorce points]

62 is one of those where the joke is all in the points. 87 is referencing these 3 games. 160 is referencing this game. 266 is referencing part two of the only 2 part simpsons episode.

5) Theo was going to Uncle Joes anyway and so I had him get me more or less the same snack I had on Tuesday. And I didn't even have to leave my desk.

6) Talking with Theo - he's a funny guy.

7) Made chicken chili for dinner. Minus the chilies.

8) The Office - "Job Fair" - Pam: Do you remember you specifically told me to bring one sheet of paper? You said it only takes one sheet to make a difference. I said, "Are you sure, Michael?" And you said, "Pam! Pam! Pam!" And then you sneezed in my tea and then you said, "Don't worry, it's just allergies." Do you remember that?

9) Season finale of 30 rock - Gay bomb?! - "Do these look like a wizard's nipples to you?" "Are the lightning bolts going in or out?"

10) So ScavHunt was happening and we had no plans to film any of it, but many people in Communications wanted something to put up with the web story, and "Scavengers" is not in any shape to do so, so I took some initiative. As I read through the list I picked out the things that would be visually interesting and made plans to go film them. That meant that on Thursday night shortly before 11 I was headed to the library to witness 221.

11) I was pleasantly suprised to find Claire Gilbert in exLibris. Claire graduated with me last year and was on the FE Committee with me and is really cool and I hadn't seen her in nearly a year. It was great to catch up.She was in town to help judge ScavHunt, she had been a judge the past two years.

12) I don't yet have a video link to demonstrate the craziness of Pac-Man in the Stacks but it was great. The Pac costumes ranged from people just wearing a yellow shirt to full on spheres. Here's how the game worked. So throughout three floors of the Regenstein's book stacks there were hidden 9 judges. The Pac-Men and Women were trying to find all 9 judges and get a bag of dots (m&ms) from them. To get a bag of dots they had to correctly answer a trivia question. Meanwhile there are ghost stalking the maze trying to tag the Pac people. The ghost would then take the Pac person back to the starting point to get credit for capturing them. Meanwhile I'm running around with a camera trying frantically to document this. It was very hard to get good action shots since everyone was constantly darting in and out of book stacks. This went on for about an hour before winners were announced. Oh yeah there were also tennis balls hidden throughout the library which would grant the pac person immunity from a ghost. I was not as clear on that part.

13) Getting something off for Screen Writers.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moving on

1) One of my less than favorite clients has moved to another position, so I will no longer have to deal with him or her!

2) Sadly, Julia Klein, who was one of my favorite clients and who I've known since I was a student because she was the contact for the creative writing department is also leaving the University. I went to her going away party today. There were cupcakes.

3) Took some Benydryl because it was pollen o clock today. Or so my throat was telling me.

4) Went to CVS and finally picked up the right light bulbs for the light fixture in my kitchen.

5) Also picked up some chicken noodle soup which I ate because my throat was bothering me so.

6) Also picked up a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream which I also ate to soothe mt throat.

7) Arrested Development - "My Mother the Car" - "Surprise!" x 2 - the part where Lucille picks up a statue and is getting ready to hit Michael on the head with it.

8) Took a (benydryl-induced?) nap. Twas wonderful.

9) Armed with several bottles of draino I finally unclogged the drain in my shower. I also unclogged the kitchen sink which had just started acting up.

10) An empty sink!

11) Began writing Robots vs Skeletons

12) Ali sent me a link to these cool ipod speakers

Monday, May 5, 2008

Short and simple

1) Slow day at work

2) Being there for Stephanie (even if I'm not a girl)

3) Leaving early

4) Went to HPP with no big lines.

5) Had a snack of Terra Chips and Strawberries

6) This lego stegosaurus is simply enormous here's another picture of it

7) Made meat sauce, with 3 colors of pepper instead of just 2. Delicious,

8) Talking to mom and dad

9) Walking outside when it's so nice

10) Went back to work for a while and got some work done while listening to Pandora.

11) Played some more Mario Kart - Unlocked Toadette and Funky Kong.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Sunday

1) Slept till almost 11 - I needed it.

2) Took a shower, had my weekly non-electric shave. I admit that a regular razor gives a closer shave, but I don't have time for that during the week. This is my compromise.

3) Wore my new clothes.

4) Went and got groceries

5) Stephanie came over and we played Okami for a while. We got fire power and killed the main bad guy. But of course that was just the beginning and the real threat is somethign that was released from the main bad guy, or as Stephanie said "This is two games." Whatever, we're just glad that there's much more to do. More land to restore, more animals to feed, more trees to bloom etc.

6) It was rather nice and we walked down 56th street, which is a much nicer street than 55th. I should walk down it more often. I just normally walk along the route of the 171 so I can catch it, but now that it's starting to be so nice that I wouldn't even want to ride it I should no longer bind myself to that route.

7) We went to Krista's Confirmation at the Catholic house on campus. It was Stephanie's first time getting the full on Catholic experience and it freaked her out a little bit. To be fair, the bishop gave a crazy sermon about stigmata, which is definitely the craziest sermon I've ever heard. I didn't think anyone actually believed in stigmata.

8) We went to the Florian for dinner. I went knowing exactly what I wanted - the pesto chicken wrap. However, it was not on hte menu and I was saddened, but I asked the waitress if it still existed and she said it did. WONDERFUL! My love for the Chicken Pesto Wrap know no bounds.
9) Over dinner Stephanie had a conversation about art, primarily about 2d vs. 3d. I don't know if it's the legos or what, but sculpture just calls to me in a way that paintings don't. I didn't say this during the conversation, but I think it might also have to do with the possibility of finding new perspectives within a sculpture. With a painting there's really one way you can look at it. Changing your angle isn't going to show you anything new. Okay, yes there is the impressionist thing where if you look at is close up you only see the brush strokes and not the image, but that's pretty much it. There's almost an endless number of ways to look at a sculpture. And yes that's more true for some sculptures than others, but I think the point remains.

10) Then we went to Krista's apartment for a post-confirmation soirée. There was dessert wine and chocolate covered strawberries. Delicious.

11) Then I took Stephanie to the 6 stop outside my apartment and talked with her until the bus came.

12) Played some Mario Kart - unlocked Birdo. It's about time! Since I unlocked her I've only played as her (until I unlocked another character, but you'll have to wait and see who that is.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hey, it's Saturday!

1) Arrested Development - "Key Decisions" highlights
Lucille: [about Buster's new girlfriend] He doesn't even know what she looks like.
Buster: I know she's a brownish area... with points. And I know I love her!
Lucille: I'm calling Dr. Miller.

Lucille: When's the last time you went on a date?
Michael: I just haven't met anybody who's not completely self-absorbed and impossible to have a conversation with.
Lucille: If that's a veiled criticism about me, I won't hear it and I won't respond to it.
Michael: Hmm... Maybe not.
2) Then I went downtown and did some shopping. First I went to Foot Locker and got these new sneakers.

3) Then I went to Old Navy and got a couple new shirts and a new pair of pants.

4) Got lunch at Potbellies

5) And then since I was already in the building I stopped by the Lego store and got this Indiana Jones set from the new movie.

6) Met Paul and Stephanie to see Iron Man. Since it was a comic book movie there were some awesome trailers - batman, hulk , indiana jones

7) Iron Man was very good. I mean, the story was 100% predictable, but Robert Downey Jr. was just so much fun to watch. Also, the special effects were very cool, especially Tony Stark's crazy holographic computer.

8) Then I finished off my day of shopping by making a trip to Crate and Barrel. Stephanie came along and helped me find all the things I needed - a whisk, a measuring cup, a set of mixing bowls, and a garlic press. The garlic press is very cool. It has a rubber foot for pushing the bits of garlic out of the grate. I took a series of pictures trying to illustrate this, but I think you really have to see it yourself to truly appreciate how cool it is.

9) Watched Arrested Devlopment - "Charity Drive" in which Michael inadvertently kidnaps a woman and Lindsay hates the wetlands.

10) Put together that new Indiana Jones set. The blades spin as you roll it forward. Also there a button you can press to have pieces of the top fly off. Pretty cool.

11) Stephanie mentioned Pandora and I had to go try it out. It's a customizable internet radio. You can have up to 100 different channels and you control what music gets played on each station by typing in artists or songs you like and then it plays other songs that are similar to that. I've been wanting something like this for ages. It's the perfect way to find new music to listen to. So I played around with it for a couple hours today while I worked on updating this blog. I have one station that pretty much always plays something I like, I seeded it with Radiohead, Interpol and Coldplay and call it Radio Interplay. I had Weezer added in for a while, but that brought in a whole bunch of artists and songs that didn't really fit, so I took them off. It's too bad, Razer Interplay is an awesome name.

12) Arrested Development - "Visiting Ours" and "In God We Trust" - "Have we tried Up/Off yet?" - GOB and Maeby not knowing where Portugal is - Wayne Jarvis hiding being a pro at ducking down and hiding behind stuff.

Friday, May 2, 2008


0) Well I fianlly caught up to the point where the awesome Crab Cake will no longer be at the top of the blog. Behold! As it slowly sinks down into obscurity. Farewell Crab Cake! I knew ye well.

1) Slept in like whoah (until 10!).

2) So Fred who works down the hall is retired (and now technically works as a consultant I think) and you may remember when I blogged about filming his retirement party. Well we made a DVD of that and would have given it to him sooner, but he was out of the country for a month. Anyway I finally gave it to him earlier this week when he returned and he watched through it and was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about it. He especially liked the DVD label (which I designed) and just could say thank you enough. It's nice to get such positive feedback on a project.

3) In fact I was getting praise all around for my hard work (someone referred to me as a rockstar). It may not be a raise, but it's still nice to know that it's appreciated.

4) Students diligently working away throughout the day (I take it for granted now).

5) Texting with Stephanie

6) Walking outside (in shorts!)

7) Screenwriter's meeting

8) There were fresh baked cookies at screenwriter's!

9) Finally figured out how to finish Anat's birthday present (her birthday was in October). And while I didn't finish it when I orginially hopedto because of Scav Hunt I should have it finished by next week.

10) Watching Arrested Development with Stephanie through the magic of the internet.

11) Played Mario Kart and finished 100c which unlocked some more karts.

12) Not having work tomorrow!

A couple updates

I know I'm woefully behind, but I'm determined to catch up without skipping any days. There are two new updates down below. I'm almost at the point where the updates will start being above The Wonderful Weekend posts. Of course now this post will take their place at the top until I've caught up to this date (which may take a while...) so I guess I should put something cool here.

What could it mean? I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


1) I thought about NNN in the shower today (as I often do) and I think I finally figured out an appropriate disaster for episode 4. I may have mentioned this before or I may have not, but in addition to each episode of NNN having a more or less self contained story, every 4 episodes will have an arc (because there are 4 days in the week). For the first week the stories that are 4 parts arcs are the war between Green and Orange and Malifios's escape and first attempt to destroy New Block City. I've known for a while that Malifios was going to try and destroy the city by setting a glacier on a collision course with the city and I also knew that Zundar's forecast was somehow going to save the city or perhaps reveal that Malifios's actions rather than jeopardizing the city had in fact saved it from certain destruction. The details had eluded me for some time but today I had an epiphany: the sun!

Clearly the war between orange and green would weaken the sky and thus allow the sun (an ancient beast of flame) to break free and wreak havoc upon Figuria. I imagine the sun much like the one in the Sprite commerical, except gigantic and silent. Anyway, the sun's escape would be the main story, and then there might be some interviews with people asking how they feel that the world is about to end, then Robert Vylan's sportcast would be the Ice Blockey opening ceremony which is sabotaged by Malifios (with help from Leggsly) and then the glacier is revealed to be on a collision course with New Block city. Zundar, who had been despondent and certain that all was doom would realize he could use this glacier to overcome the sun. He would then go to confront the Sun (perhaps with the help or ROBOphelia) and defeat it and announce that the remnants of the glacier would be of no threat to New Block City and thank Malifios for saving the world. Robery Vylan would throw a fit of course, but then Sherry would come and thank him for his hard work this week and say how glad she was to have him on the team.

2) So there's this weird statue on campus and there's a legend that on May Day at noon it casts shadows in the shape of a hammer and sickle. I've always forgotten to check the past 4 years, but Stephanie reminded me today and told me to go investigate. There was a huge crowd gathered and it was a partially cloudy day so the shadows came and went, but the consensus was sort of. The sickle is very clear, but the hammer is sort of a stretch. But then again if that's not what the statue's for it's just a very weird statue. The shadow story is the best thing it's got going for it.

3) Talking with a client. I went over to transfer some files to his computer and while they were transferring I told them about our office and why we are so overstretched and he commiserated.
4) I saw a robin and it was really red

5) Got that California wrap I love so much from UMart.

6) Played some Mario kart with Krista.

7) Had pear cider + pasta thing for dinner with Tiffany and Krista. Tiffany and I switched weeks since she was deathly sick earlier this week.

8) We watched the Office. Highlights were Dwight pressuring people into making deals and Dwight's chart of the organization of the office.

9) Then we watched 30 rock. Highlights: Johnathan singing as Jack was leaving. "Where's my sandwich?!?!" "You're gonna get me another sandwich or I'm going to cut your face up so bad you'll have a CHIN. YOU'LL ALL HAVE CHINS!" Liz wolfing down her sandwich beofre going through security.

10) For dessert we had cannolis and the chocolate moouse thing and we watched some other TV before we realized how terrible it was and turned it off.

11) Hancock trailer. Okay to be fair I watched a different trailer on this day, but this one is much more kickass. Oh man this movie is going to be awesome.

12) Played some more mario kart. Unlocked Rosalina, Dry bones and the Zip Zip bike. Also I got a star rank on one of the cups. Sweet.