Sunday, May 18, 2008

Avocado Avocation

1) Waking up at 9

2) Shopping at Express. Stephanie had recommended I try it because the clothes I had been buying were a bit big. So I got two nice and well-fitting shirts there.

3) Met up Stephanie near Division and then we walked along Division until we found somewhere to eat. We sat outside because it was such an incredibly nice day. I had a chicken sandwich with avocado and pico de gallo and a tiny bit of pesto mayo (I didn't want any at first, [because mayonnaise is one of the grossest things in existence {but only because none of these exist}] but the waitress insisted that it was good so I got it on the side an applied a small amount so that it could influence the flavor without being noticeable.) It was delicious.

4) Then we got to Stephanie's house and wasted no time in setting up the Wii so we could play Okami - we learned to double jump and braved a ghost ship.

5) Then we went out for dinner with Dana. I got a turkey & avocado sandwich. What can I say? I loves me some avocado.

6) Then we headed over to the Aloft Loft. It's a converted garage with a stage and trapezes and such hanging about. As we were waiting there Dana (who was wearing spectacularly red tights and a red shirt as well) had what Stephanie referred to as a "consumptive cough." Dana replied that that's why she was wearing red, to hide the blood when she coughed into her sleeve. "Or your knee" suggested Stephanie. Then Dana coughed into her knee. Hahahaha. Priceless.

7) Then the show started. I don't know what I would call "Dinner of our Discontent," it was part play (though there were no word), part trapezery and part dance. A meticulously choreographed, story-driven, tumbling act with body juggling of everyday objects and aerial antics? So basically there are 5 sisters whose parents have died (they sit in large trapeze picture frames during the show) and a severely under appreciated maid.

The first scene was the maid being a little crazy and body juggling a dinner plate. Then the oldest daughter came in and danced with her father's shoes. The middle child came and covered the parent's portaits up. Then the twin entered. The twins were awesome because they did everything in sync and hated each other for it. They were wearing matching ridiculous outfits of orange and purple and did this amazing dance/fight with bead necklaces. They were flipping over each other and putting their feet through the necklaces and swinging the necklaces around with their necks and probably in danger of choking several times. It was awesome.

Then the youngest child emerged from under the table and there was a dinner scene where all the daughters had bells of different sizes and were being demanding and driving the maid crazy, then she did a defiant dance on the table, swung from the chandelier a bit and they fought over her body. I might have these out of order but before or after the daughters all looked through a photo album that showed their parents falling in love. This is when the parents fianlly took advantage of the trapeze picture frames and doing crazy flips and holding themselves in absurd positions and also somehow flirting/courting each other at the same time. Some of the positions they held themselves in were just incredible. Then there was a funny slapstick-y fight over the will, that involved sliding along a table and such. (These may be out of order)

Then there were the three most impressive acts. The twins did a synchronized rope dance/act with a lot of swinging and twisting that was really cool looking. The oldest and the middle daughter got up in the chandelier trapeze and fought/did amazing things. I think these pictures are from another show but they show the object they were dangling from and give a sense of the crazy positions they were in. There was one point were the only thing keeping one of them from falling was legs holding on to a neck, which is kind of absurd. Also one of them dropped straight down only to be caught by the other's feet. Ridiculous. The last act was the youngest daughter's hanging from a chain and doing crazy stuff on it. I've seen that done with silks before, but a chain makes it all the more intense. All in all it was a pretty awesome experience and I'd recommend going to see it if it weren't already over.

8) Then we went out for gelato. I got creme brule and vanilla with chocolate chips. Dana and Stephanie had a conversation about how they wish their mom's would adopt the other's policy on care packages. Dana wants more surprises and Stephanie wants less. I, meanwhile, had nothing to add because my parents send me awesome care packages.

9) We played more Okami - we became tiny and got mist power and bloomed all the dead trees in the city.

10) Then we helped Bamboo girl find her space ship. Wait what? Why is there a space ship in ancient Japan? Then we learned of cat island and traveled their to find that it really is an island of cats. Stephanie's excitement about reaching cat island, coupled with my delirium (it was well past midnight by this point) led me to just lose it and start laughing uncontrollably.

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