Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday- at the shoot!

1) The week is over!

2) So for the shoot today I needed to take a cab downtown. I called Yellow Cab to order one and because I've called a few times before for the same exact ride they had all my information on file and already knew my address and the address of where I wanted to go. The call was very short and efficient. I was impressed.

3) I was less impressed, when 10 minutes after the cab was supposed to show up they called to say a cab wouldn't be there for another 20 minutes. However I decided to walk a block south of my building to the GSB where I figured we could probably catch a cab. Lo and behold there was a cab ready for us.

3) For lunch I had the fresh mozzarella sandwich from U Mart. It has tomato and basil and is delicious.

4) Once I have the camera going, I usually don't have mush to do during a shoot. So I got a text Stephanie telling me about something I should look at online. So I used my ipod to do so - at the shoot!

5) After that was done the shoot was still not requiring my attention so I did some reading for Screenwriter's - at the shoot!

6) Sam's concept of American Torchwood - set in Chiacgo. Hehehe.

7) I got to Screenwriter's a little late, but enough for the read through of one script. I also got to watch the Trailer Festival that had screened earlier that day at DOC.

8) Dinner = mini toasty pitas + hummus + carrots + strawberry tomatoes

9) Played some mario kart

10) Went back to the office to make some small changes to Mr. President before sending it off to everyone involved for feedback.

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