Wednesday, May 14, 2008


1) Today is Wednesday! (not Tuesday like I was half thought it was all day)

2) Had a pretty cool shoot over at Rockefeller chapel. The organ is undergoing restoration and the restoration company is one of a very few in the country. So there were a lot of beauty shots of the organ console (they thing the organist sits at) and facade (the pipes that you see). And then we went inside the organ! There are hundred of pipes hidden behind that outer wall of pipes. Gigantic pipes, tiny pipes, wooden pipes, metal pipes. So many pipes. It was like world 7 of Super Mario Brothers 3! We also went into the basement to see the giant turbine that provides the air to go through all the pipes and went all the way to the top of the balcony in the back of Rockefeller to see the other organ console and get a gorgeous shot of the whole chapel.

3) New (Purva-centric) bit in Jack and Ellis.

4) 171 ( not that I had to, but after an longish day who wants to walk?)

5) I walked into my kitchen and realized something was off. All my magnets were on my peninsula. Why was my fridge blank? And smaller? There's a new fridge in my kitchen??

6) I've got a new fridge!! I had put in a work order on my old one because it wasn't keeping things properly cold, but I guess they thought it easier to replace than fix. Hey, I'm not complaining. I love my new fridge. It's smaller, so it looks less empty with the same amount of food. It has better shelves in the door and the top of the crisper drawers is clear so I can see what's in there and not forgot I have anything in there until it's gone bad like I used to do.

And here's a shot of the Lego display area above the fridge I mentioned a couple days ago:

7) Because I thought I still had a crappy fridge I had gotten Rajun Cajun for dinner. The fact that I had a new improved fridge did not dampen my enjoyment of the deliciousness at all. For once I didn't get the butter chicken dinner. After reading Adam's post about meat I got the vegetarian meal instead. I got potatoes & eggplant and peas & cheese. Everything was still wonderfully delicious.

8) Beat LostWinds

9) (re?)decorated my fridge.

10) Went to store - to fill up my new fridge. Honestly, this fridge made my day.

11) <8> conversation with Stephanie

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