Friday, May 2, 2008


0) Well I fianlly caught up to the point where the awesome Crab Cake will no longer be at the top of the blog. Behold! As it slowly sinks down into obscurity. Farewell Crab Cake! I knew ye well.

1) Slept in like whoah (until 10!).

2) So Fred who works down the hall is retired (and now technically works as a consultant I think) and you may remember when I blogged about filming his retirement party. Well we made a DVD of that and would have given it to him sooner, but he was out of the country for a month. Anyway I finally gave it to him earlier this week when he returned and he watched through it and was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about it. He especially liked the DVD label (which I designed) and just could say thank you enough. It's nice to get such positive feedback on a project.

3) In fact I was getting praise all around for my hard work (someone referred to me as a rockstar). It may not be a raise, but it's still nice to know that it's appreciated.

4) Students diligently working away throughout the day (I take it for granted now).

5) Texting with Stephanie

6) Walking outside (in shorts!)

7) Screenwriter's meeting

8) There were fresh baked cookies at screenwriter's!

9) Finally figured out how to finish Anat's birthday present (her birthday was in October). And while I didn't finish it when I orginially hopedto because of Scav Hunt I should have it finished by next week.

10) Watching Arrested Development with Stephanie through the magic of the internet.

11) Played Mario Kart and finished 100c which unlocked some more karts.

12) Not having work tomorrow!

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