Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Hunt is on

1) Sleeping in until I felt better.


3) A shower with no standing water

4) Apparently ScavHunt had started. So of course I enjoyed reading the 2008 scav list. Highlights:

Scav olympics 3. PIE FIGHT!! Bring ten cream pies and prepare to prove your superiority old-timey comedy style. 8. Life-size Battleship. We'll need six human boat pieces from you, to be divvied up and placed as you wish. You'll need a goodly supply of water balloons.

Regular List

24. Can you paint–by–numbers with all the colors of the wind? [4 points]

33. Have a potato break the sound barrier. [8 points]

53. Modern, post-modern, post-post-modern, and post-post-post-modern works of art representing the

same historical figure of your choice. [14 points]

62. A receipt from either of the now-defunct Hyde Park Co-ops along with a receipt for the same foodstuffs

from one of their successors. [3 points per dollar saved]

76. Spend a night in a major Chicago museum, a la From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. [24 points]

79. The prank call of Cthulhu. [1 point]

87. Actually, if you're keeping a Jaguar, CD-I, or 3DO, we'd like to see them too. [9 points per console, 6 bonus points for that nightmare fuel they dared call a Zelda game]

102. A giant foam capsule. Like, man-sized. Also, a basin of hot water so that a Judge can `hatch' it. [22 points]

110. A recreation of Michelangelo's Birth of Man or Picasso's Guernica. In tooth marks. On your back. [32 points]

124. A computer virus that does little to my computer's ability to function but scares the living hell out of me. [Windows 9.5 points]

130. A stained sugar-glass window. [2 points per square foot] Also, a badass action sequence, like a totally gnarly BMX move where you crash through the window, or something. . . like that. . . yeah. [10 points]

136. The Blues Brothers set future Chicagoans up for a major disappointment: since moving here, I have never once seen enormous groups of strangers moved, as if part of a flash mob, to spontaneously burst into elaborately choreographed song-and-dance numbers in iconic locations. Fix that. [28 points]

160. Sheet music to the \Ballad of the Wind Fish" for eight instruments. They'd better be the right instruments, and in the order they are meant to be found. [3 points for the sheet music, 6 points per instrument, 9 points for the performance]

163. Passed your OWLS? Breezed through your NEWTS? It's time you showed o your skills now that you're in college! Perform one or more of the following: Wingardium Leviosa, Relashio, Engorgio. If you really think you have what it takes to do them all, topping it o with a corporeal Patronus should be a piece of cake. [5 points per spell]

165. Prove to us you are not 21 yet. As a hint, we regard state-issued identi cation with great skepticism, but we all know that the tness test in Wii Sports doesn't lie. [Not quite 21 points]

174. London has Angle-Grinder Man, New York has Terri ca, and Mexico City even has Super-Barrio, but what about our fair Chicago? Assume an original alter ego and perform an unambiguously heroic service under cover of cape and cowl. Go now! The city needs you! For reals this time! [18 points, 30 bonus points if your proof comes from the front page of a major newspaper]

184. Wearing a black and white striped shirt, a black toque, and a burlap sack full of money with a big dollar sign on the front, go into that bank. And buy a savings bond. [15 to Life points]

221. Manhunt Mark II: Pac-Man? More like Stack-Man! Send Pac-Man, the Ms., and a Ghost to eX Libris Thursday night at 11pm.

229. So the clapper turns on a light when you clap you say? Well what about a blender that blends when you growl at it? Sounds like the Dobson Blendie. [18 points]

238. Bring 25 chocolate coins to Bartlett at 1:15pm Friday. Then, all of you together. . . make it chocolate rain! [Some stay dry and others get 2 points]

243. Largest paper snowflake. EVAR. [5 points]

254. A seven piece suit. [7 piece points]

266. You know that professor who hates you, or maybe just gave you a bad grade? Well, why wound his body with bullets when you can set his soul a re with a slanderous mambo? Let us listen, if we will, to your revenge. Uno, dos, tres! [Catorce points]

62 is one of those where the joke is all in the points. 87 is referencing these 3 games. 160 is referencing this game. 266 is referencing part two of the only 2 part simpsons episode.

5) Theo was going to Uncle Joes anyway and so I had him get me more or less the same snack I had on Tuesday. And I didn't even have to leave my desk.

6) Talking with Theo - he's a funny guy.

7) Made chicken chili for dinner. Minus the chilies.

8) The Office - "Job Fair" - Pam: Do you remember you specifically told me to bring one sheet of paper? You said it only takes one sheet to make a difference. I said, "Are you sure, Michael?" And you said, "Pam! Pam! Pam!" And then you sneezed in my tea and then you said, "Don't worry, it's just allergies." Do you remember that?

9) Season finale of 30 rock - Gay bomb?! - "Do these look like a wizard's nipples to you?" "Are the lightning bolts going in or out?"

10) So ScavHunt was happening and we had no plans to film any of it, but many people in Communications wanted something to put up with the web story, and "Scavengers" is not in any shape to do so, so I took some initiative. As I read through the list I picked out the things that would be visually interesting and made plans to go film them. That meant that on Thursday night shortly before 11 I was headed to the library to witness 221.

11) I was pleasantly suprised to find Claire Gilbert in exLibris. Claire graduated with me last year and was on the FE Committee with me and is really cool and I hadn't seen her in nearly a year. It was great to catch up.She was in town to help judge ScavHunt, she had been a judge the past two years.

12) I don't yet have a video link to demonstrate the craziness of Pac-Man in the Stacks but it was great. The Pac costumes ranged from people just wearing a yellow shirt to full on spheres. Here's how the game worked. So throughout three floors of the Regenstein's book stacks there were hidden 9 judges. The Pac-Men and Women were trying to find all 9 judges and get a bag of dots (m&ms) from them. To get a bag of dots they had to correctly answer a trivia question. Meanwhile there are ghost stalking the maze trying to tag the Pac people. The ghost would then take the Pac person back to the starting point to get credit for capturing them. Meanwhile I'm running around with a camera trying frantically to document this. It was very hard to get good action shots since everyone was constantly darting in and out of book stacks. This went on for about an hour before winners were announced. Oh yeah there were also tennis balls hidden throughout the library which would grant the pac person immunity from a ghost. I was not as clear on that part.

13) Getting something off for Screen Writers.

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