Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I don't like Tuesdays

1) Adam updated his blog

2) Being home for a little while (I had to go back to work for a few hours this evening)

3) Chicken Nuggets, carrots and grape tomatoes.

4) So the pens in the CMIG office kept disappearing, I have seen maybe a dozen pens just disappear since i started full-time and I was sick of getting new pens only to see them disappear a week later so I put a little note on the two new office pens asking that they not be stolen. Less than a week later one of them was missing. I felt utterly defeated. But then Ben told me today that he had it and he was sorry and please don't fire him because it was an accident. So you see the note worked and now the pen has returned. Huzzah!

5) Watched last week's House

6) Got the "Fire Bread" DVD. It was a collaboration between Fire Escape and some other student group, but it's a DVD of some of the best FE films (according to the current committee) and while it has some I don't care for it also has some excellent ones like Things Moving in Circles and Ducky in the Reg and I'm Sorry (imaginary friend made of scratches on film stock)

7) Took the shuttle home

8) New bit of Jack and ellis

9) Chatting with stephanie a little

10) Played more Lost Winds.

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