Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kids In The Hall

1) There was a two part shoot in the morning. First part was interviews and the second part was b-roll capturing. Caitlin and I were covering it and I realized that there was no point for us both being there to capture b-roll, so I let her do it and was able to get back to the office earlier than I expected.

2) Ben quit the full time job he had taken on about a month ago. And while it's too bad for him that it didn't work out, it means he has more time for CMIG and it's great to have him around again.

3) On the way downtown and while I was waiting for Stephanie at Chipotle I read all but the last 20 pages of Stardust.

4) While I was waiting I got Chips and Guacamole.

5) For dinner proper I got my usual chicken fajita burrito. Don't mess with success, that's my motto.

6) Seeing Stephanie during the week is a rare and wonderful treat.

7) Then we headed over to the Chicago Theater and admired the crazy ceiling.

8) Then we saw Kids in the Hall live! Here's a quick run-through of all the skits in roughly the order they happened: opening video - "rape Kevin," hateful baby, buddy's monologue -Jesus was gay, fat spigot, time machine - happy hour, guy walking down an alley, carfuckers (henry ford), kevin sings an unfinished song, kathys on meth, imaginary girlfriend, time machine - b-day, chicken lady, two gay couples, this is how we danced in __ grade, time machine - hitler, superdrunk, crushing your head guy. The show lasted about an hour and a half and while there were a couple less funny sketches, it was mostly ridiculously hilarious. It was good to laugh. They are very good at what they do and it makes me want to go and watch the TV show again. Maybe I'll get the DVDs... (or maybe I'll just read some transcripts!)

9) Finishing Stardust. It was a fun, fast ride and now I can cross it off the list of books Lila has recommended to me.

10) Talking with Stephanie over phone about the show while we were on our separate ways home.

11) Getting home just before the rain.

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