Friday, May 9, 2008

Make your own title day

1) Filmed item 238, which was not as spectacular as I hoped, but did involve people throw choclate coins down at unsuspecting lunch patrons in Barlett. Also it is apparently a reference to this youtube video. When reading the scavlist, it's best to assume that every item is a reference to something, be it obvious or obscure.

2) So at this point I hadn't yet told Renee that I had taken the initiative to go around filming scav events. But she was happy to hear it. Also Julie Peterson and a bunch of other people in the communications group were happy to hear it. I'm glad I got such positive feedback on what was more or less a whim.

3) After work I walk with Jim, who was hosting screenwriter's and we talked about Arrested Development etc.

4) Screenwriters was good, short and sweet. Two of us had scripts for trailers and noone had much to say about my "Robot's vs. Skeletons" one. Mead said "I have nothing to say about this, it's perfect." Of course, now I just have to make it.

5) Jim showed us this amazing video of 5 voice over artists in a limo

6) Went to Tiffany's for dinner where we had make your own pizza. My pizza was half pepperoni, half with artichoke hearts (and maybe something else). It was delicious.

7) For dessert we had vanilla ice cream and fresh mango. They went very well together. It reminded me of Gelatis from Annie's Water Ice.

8) Then we talked about a dream Krista had that involved teleportation (or "lexing") and doppelgangers. Of course her dream was just the beginning, by the time she got to dinner she had already elaborated on the backstory a good deal and flesh out many of the important characters.

You see there's a problem with lexing. Sometimes when a person is lexed, they are not lexed to the intended location, but end up at some entirely different location. But it's not just any location, it's in the proxitiy of their doppelganger. So there's a recovery team that works for the lexing institute that lexes out when a lex go wrong . Their mission is to find the person before they meet their doppelganger and get them back to their appropriate location. But what happens when one of the team gets lexed to their doppelganger? You'll just have to wait until Krista publishes the graphic novel.

9) Another cool thing about hearing about her dream was learning about Krista's dream world. Apparently all of her dreams take place at the same set of locations and these locations have fixed relations to one another such that she can (and has) drawn a map of her dream world. The locations are things like the mall and the high school and the wasteland. I found it interesting because even if I have multiple dreams that happen at mall, it's never the same mall.

10) Played a little mario kart

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