Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

1) Dr. Who - "The Long Game" - the part at the beginning with Rose pretending to be all knowledgeable about the future.

2) AD - "Best man for the GOB" - Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution - George Michael trying to join the band -
Gob's Wife: Gob. I want out. I'm in love with your brother ..
Gob: What?! [turns to Michael] You did it again, you son of a bitch! [punches and knocks out Michael]
Gob's Wife: .. In-law. Tobias. Sorry. I should have finished that thought.
3) Talking with mom and dad. Mom talked about how the approach of Relay is affecting her. She went into work one day wearing 2 watches and she accidentally used conditioner instead of body wash. I told her how I had accidentally filmed the wrong thing at a conference, because I didn't read the sign closely. They also talked about a complicated wedding they attended this weekend.

4) I made congo bars and they turned out perfect. I've made them a few times over the past couple years but I've always had a problem that kept them from their true and perfect form. I mean the result was usually delicious anyway, but it wasn't quite congo bars. This time they were absolutely perfect.

5) Catching up so much on the blog (I went from being over 3 weeks behind to only just over a week behind in the space of a few days)

6) Then I took the congo bars to a barbeque at Ali, Emily, Chelsea, Ari, Robyn & Paul's place. There were a lot of people there. Even Ken Bigger. There was a ton of good food.

7) I also brought woodchuck pear cider and had 3 of them. So good.

8) Tifanny and I high fived twice for our minds being awesome and in sync. Once was on "baklava" and the other I don't remember. Tiffany?

9) I got many compliments on the (democratic republic of?) congo bars: "heaven in bar form"

10) Then Ali played her award winning podcast/BA. I recognized several parts, since I had helped edit them, but most of it was new to me and quite moving. I understand why Ali was reticent to tell the story of her mother losing the election since it's so personal and tragic etc. but you can't deny that it's compelling.

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