Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moving on

1) One of my less than favorite clients has moved to another position, so I will no longer have to deal with him or her!

2) Sadly, Julia Klein, who was one of my favorite clients and who I've known since I was a student because she was the contact for the creative writing department is also leaving the University. I went to her going away party today. There were cupcakes.

3) Took some Benydryl because it was pollen o clock today. Or so my throat was telling me.

4) Went to CVS and finally picked up the right light bulbs for the light fixture in my kitchen.

5) Also picked up some chicken noodle soup which I ate because my throat was bothering me so.

6) Also picked up a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream which I also ate to soothe mt throat.

7) Arrested Development - "My Mother the Car" - "Surprise!" x 2 - the part where Lucille picks up a statue and is getting ready to hit Michael on the head with it.

8) Took a (benydryl-induced?) nap. Twas wonderful.

9) Armed with several bottles of draino I finally unclogged the drain in my shower. I also unclogged the kitchen sink which had just started acting up.

10) An empty sink!

11) Began writing Robots vs Skeletons

12) Ali sent me a link to these cool ipod speakers

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