Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not wearing a tie*

1) Someone else covering South Asia Studies recording. I have had to cover more than half of them and I almost always fall asleep.

2) Found someone to help me out with a shoot tomorrow

3) Edited the Stack-man footage into a short clip for the Scav highlights reel.

4) Mario Kart -Shell Cup on mirror mode

5) Played this demo for the Lego Indiana Jones game. It's exactly like Lego Star Wars except slightly different.

6) Had dinner with Tiffany and Krista

7) Krista made this delicious bruschetta type thing, mashed potatoes, asparagus & stuffed chicken breast. Yum!

8) For dessert there was a strawberry shortcake-y thing, cannoli, and lemon cheesecake.

9) The Office season finale - best line goes to Oscar for "the real crime was the beard."

10) Hey, what do you know? Same-sex marriage is legal in California. Dragons of the world rejoice! Let's just hope it sticks.

11) AD - "Shock and Aww" - the part where Lindsay inadvertently flirts with George Michael is another one of those wonderfully awkward and hilarious moments this show is great for.


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