Sunday, May 18, 2008

A perfect plan

1) For breakfast Stephanie introduced me to the wonders of Fruit in Jell-O. I'd always been suspicious of Jell-o with fruit in it, because it looks weird and it was portrayed negatively on television, but actually it was quite tasty. It was peaches in strawberry Jell-O I think.

2) Then we played more Okami. We scaled Cat Tower, learned a new attack that involves peeing on enemies (we're a wolf remember), we improved our warping skills, learned to conjure whirlwinds, and went on an under sea excursion into a dragon's stomach.

2.5) There are a few things we did yesterday in Okami I forgot to mention. We acquired what may be the strayest stray bead ever. This had made Stephanie to finding all 99. I think we had a third or so. We also improved our digging abilities. This allowed us to re-fight some bosses for sun fragments and it also allowed us to discover... monkey paradise. What's monkey paradise? Why it's an underground cavern with waterfalls and (thanks to us) beautiful blooming trees and clovers and a doxen or so monkeys live there (happily, now that we've feed them). We have since discovered similar paradises for bunnies and boars. We also learned a new brush technique that involves drawing an infinity symbol to unleash an inferno. It's very powerful and has replaced bombs as our favorite way to harm enemies.

3) For lunch we feasted on Dino Chickens.

4) Then we watched a great movie which Stephanie recently discovered: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." It is, as you might expect from the title, a murder mystery movie.

5) On my way back from Stephanie's house I more or less have to pass by the Lego store, and it just seems criminal not to go inside, when it's right there. I used to dream about a store dedicated to legos and while the store doesn't have everything I could ever want, I still can't help myself. I ended up buying this set, which I've been eying for a while. However, despite having it for over a week I have not even begun to put it together.

That's because I devised a genius system. So I can't keep myself from buying Lego, but I've figured out a way to put my addiction to good use. As you can see from the picture, this set is a 3 floor townhouse/grocery building. I have created 3 goals (things I've been meaning to do anyway, but keep putting off for one reason or another), every time I complete a goal, I can build a floor. I will also build the floors from the lamest (2nd) to the best (1st) so hopefully the partial completion will only spur me to complete the goals even faster.

We'll see. One of the goals is to get caught up to the present with the blog. No wonder I spent all weekend updating. :)

6) Carrots and pita and hummus

7) Talking to mom and dad

8) Yogurt and soft pretzel

9) E-mail from Jenny with two videos of Isaiah. Sometimes he's almost too adorable. Almost.

10) Finally folded the last of the laundry and washed the dishes.

11) You have to see this video. It's animation done by painting walls. muto. Thanks to Clare (Krista's roommate) for giving me the link.

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