Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Post 200!

1) Always wonderful when Tiffany is at work

2) Not a bad Tuesday (considering Tuesday is the worst day of the week)

3) Got a big chocolate chip cookie at Uncle Joe's

4) Went over to the Fire Escape office with Renee to inspect a server rack we are going to be taking from them. Renee had never seen the office before, so everything was new to her. Jim (one of the FE Co-Chairs) was also there and we moved from the Server rack to a discussion of Fire Escape and its problems more generally. It reminded me how one of the reasons I was excited about my job was that I would be able to be an advocate for Fire Escape inside the administration. Of course my job has kept me plenty busy with other things, so I haven't had the chance to do anything about it, but someday...

5) ECNAD practice was quick and simple because I was the only one who showed up. Kelly quickly ran me through the new stuff and then I headed off.

6) I was feeling sickish so I had some soup - Progresso Minestrone to be exact. It was quite tasty.

7) Read new bits in Stephanie's murder mystery. 

8) Finally watched this video Charolette had sent me weeks ago: Pretty Big Dig it's construction vehicles dancing, what's not to like?

9) Played a little mario kart

10) I knew that the best remedy for the sick feeling was sleep so I essentially went to bed at 9 o clock which is very early for me. Technically I took a nap was up for maybe half an hour and then went back to sleep. Either way I got a lot of wonderful sleep.

11) During that brief awake period I listened to a voice mail from Veronica. I hadn't talked to her in far too long. 

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