Sunday, May 25, 2008


1) Sleeping in

2) Groceries

3) So nice out!

4) I branched out from mango slices to other dried fruit. This time I got diced papaya. They are sweet and tasty, but they'll never replace the mango.

5) Went for a short run

6) Ate pita and hummus

7) Updated this blog a whole bunch.

8) Then I met up with Ali and we made our way via CTA to the North side. We talked about her BAs and life after college.

9) Where were we headed? Why to the Green Mill for the weekly Uptown Poetry Slam. I've about this poetry slam for 3 years and I've been meaning to go ever since. I would've gone when I first heard about it, but I couldn't because I wasn't 21 yet. The other things that kept me from going before is that it's way far on the north side on Sunday nights. So I never wanted to go if I had something the next day, Well anyway I finally got there.

The night actually is comprised of 3 parts. There's an open mic from 7-8, a featured guest from 8-9 and the slam itself from 9-10. We got there at 8 and the place was pretty crowded. There were no seats to be had so we stood in the corner by the jukebox and a mop during the Weird Sisters' performance. I had assumed that the featured guests would always be poets, but apparently they occasionally have musical guests as well. So while the Weird Sisters were fine and somewhat enjoyable, it was not what I was expecting.

Then came the Slam. Thank's to Ali's quick reaction we were able to score a couple seats right up by the stage for this. It's very clear that this Slam has been going on for years. Marc Smith sang a short song to introduce the concept of the slam and then gave a little speech explaining the rules and many people from the audience were saying it along with him. There were only 5 poets performing, 2 of which were good, one who was okay and I give props to for getting up there because she was clearly nervous, 1 who got booed off the stage and 1 who didn't really perform. The audience is definitely a very important element of this slam, they snap if they think you're taking too long, then they'll start hissing at you before the full on booing begins. I'll probably go at least one more time so that I can actually slam.

10) After the competition Marc Smith performed a piece. And while it was sort of cheating because he was accompanied by the piano his piece was definitely the most powerful that was down that right. He just has an unbelievable intensity. Twas awesome

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