Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Sunday

1) Slept till almost 11 - I needed it.

2) Took a shower, had my weekly non-electric shave. I admit that a regular razor gives a closer shave, but I don't have time for that during the week. This is my compromise.

3) Wore my new clothes.

4) Went and got groceries

5) Stephanie came over and we played Okami for a while. We got fire power and killed the main bad guy. But of course that was just the beginning and the real threat is somethign that was released from the main bad guy, or as Stephanie said "This is two games." Whatever, we're just glad that there's much more to do. More land to restore, more animals to feed, more trees to bloom etc.

6) It was rather nice and we walked down 56th street, which is a much nicer street than 55th. I should walk down it more often. I just normally walk along the route of the 171 so I can catch it, but now that it's starting to be so nice that I wouldn't even want to ride it I should no longer bind myself to that route.

7) We went to Krista's Confirmation at the Catholic house on campus. It was Stephanie's first time getting the full on Catholic experience and it freaked her out a little bit. To be fair, the bishop gave a crazy sermon about stigmata, which is definitely the craziest sermon I've ever heard. I didn't think anyone actually believed in stigmata.

8) We went to the Florian for dinner. I went knowing exactly what I wanted - the pesto chicken wrap. However, it was not on hte menu and I was saddened, but I asked the waitress if it still existed and she said it did. WONDERFUL! My love for the Chicken Pesto Wrap know no bounds.
9) Over dinner Stephanie had a conversation about art, primarily about 2d vs. 3d. I don't know if it's the legos or what, but sculpture just calls to me in a way that paintings don't. I didn't say this during the conversation, but I think it might also have to do with the possibility of finding new perspectives within a sculpture. With a painting there's really one way you can look at it. Changing your angle isn't going to show you anything new. Okay, yes there is the impressionist thing where if you look at is close up you only see the brush strokes and not the image, but that's pretty much it. There's almost an endless number of ways to look at a sculpture. And yes that's more true for some sculptures than others, but I think the point remains.

10) Then we went to Krista's apartment for a post-confirmation soirée. There was dessert wine and chocolate covered strawberries. Delicious.

11) Then I took Stephanie to the 6 stop outside my apartment and talked with her until the bus came.

12) Played some Mario Kart - unlocked Birdo. It's about time! Since I unlocked her I've only played as her (until I unlocked another character, but you'll have to wait and see who that is.)

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