Thursday, May 1, 2008


1) I thought about NNN in the shower today (as I often do) and I think I finally figured out an appropriate disaster for episode 4. I may have mentioned this before or I may have not, but in addition to each episode of NNN having a more or less self contained story, every 4 episodes will have an arc (because there are 4 days in the week). For the first week the stories that are 4 parts arcs are the war between Green and Orange and Malifios's escape and first attempt to destroy New Block City. I've known for a while that Malifios was going to try and destroy the city by setting a glacier on a collision course with the city and I also knew that Zundar's forecast was somehow going to save the city or perhaps reveal that Malifios's actions rather than jeopardizing the city had in fact saved it from certain destruction. The details had eluded me for some time but today I had an epiphany: the sun!

Clearly the war between orange and green would weaken the sky and thus allow the sun (an ancient beast of flame) to break free and wreak havoc upon Figuria. I imagine the sun much like the one in the Sprite commerical, except gigantic and silent. Anyway, the sun's escape would be the main story, and then there might be some interviews with people asking how they feel that the world is about to end, then Robert Vylan's sportcast would be the Ice Blockey opening ceremony which is sabotaged by Malifios (with help from Leggsly) and then the glacier is revealed to be on a collision course with New Block city. Zundar, who had been despondent and certain that all was doom would realize he could use this glacier to overcome the sun. He would then go to confront the Sun (perhaps with the help or ROBOphelia) and defeat it and announce that the remnants of the glacier would be of no threat to New Block City and thank Malifios for saving the world. Robery Vylan would throw a fit of course, but then Sherry would come and thank him for his hard work this week and say how glad she was to have him on the team.

2) So there's this weird statue on campus and there's a legend that on May Day at noon it casts shadows in the shape of a hammer and sickle. I've always forgotten to check the past 4 years, but Stephanie reminded me today and told me to go investigate. There was a huge crowd gathered and it was a partially cloudy day so the shadows came and went, but the consensus was sort of. The sickle is very clear, but the hammer is sort of a stretch. But then again if that's not what the statue's for it's just a very weird statue. The shadow story is the best thing it's got going for it.

3) Talking with a client. I went over to transfer some files to his computer and while they were transferring I told them about our office and why we are so overstretched and he commiserated.
4) I saw a robin and it was really red

5) Got that California wrap I love so much from UMart.

6) Played some Mario kart with Krista.

7) Had pear cider + pasta thing for dinner with Tiffany and Krista. Tiffany and I switched weeks since she was deathly sick earlier this week.

8) We watched the Office. Highlights were Dwight pressuring people into making deals and Dwight's chart of the organization of the office.

9) Then we watched 30 rock. Highlights: Johnathan singing as Jack was leaving. "Where's my sandwich?!?!" "You're gonna get me another sandwich or I'm going to cut your face up so bad you'll have a CHIN. YOU'LL ALL HAVE CHINS!" Liz wolfing down her sandwich beofre going through security.

10) For dessert we had cannolis and the chocolate moouse thing and we watched some other TV before we realized how terrible it was and turned it off.

11) Hancock trailer. Okay to be fair I watched a different trailer on this day, but this one is much more kickass. Oh man this movie is going to be awesome.

12) Played some more mario kart. Unlocked Rosalina, Dry bones and the Zip Zip bike. Also I got a star rank on one of the cups. Sweet.

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