Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alumni Weekend

1) Despite the fact that there were many shoots happening today there were no unmanagable emergencies. I only had to run across campus once.

2) The video booth arrived a few hours later than we were expecting, but it did indeed arrive.

3) I spent about an hour or so helping the video booth operator put it together. It had a lightweight frame of interlocking metal pieces, the walls were foamcore panels that fit into slots on the frame. One of the walls had a slot for the computer unit that ran the touchscreen and the camera. It was cool to help take a pile of disconnected pieces and put them together to build something solid and functional. If only there was a toy like that....

4) Took a couple tiny naps - one at home and one on the bus. Where was I headed? My first reunion dinner of course!

5) I got there and at first glance didn't see anyone I recognized, and I knew Stephanie, Paul and Morgan weren't there because I saw their name tags on the table. So I went for the buffet to give me something to do. But then after I had gotten some food I noticed Sally sitting on a sofa. Sally and I were on crew together and then not on crew together, but I hadn't seen her in a year. It was nice to see her and catch up.

6) Also the food there was tasty, there were grilled vegetables (I got zucchini and asparagus) and a bruschetta type thing and pizza.

7) Soon enough Stephanie and Morgan showed up and I parted ways with Sally and the sofa and we forged an awesome table as far from the obnoxious music as possible. Paul joined us soon thereafter. Patrick, Abe and Louis spent stints at our awesome table.

<8>) Stephanie and I had a few <8> moments throughout the night.

9) It was great to see Morgan. She's simply divine. That's why Stephanie and I made her a goddess in our religion.

10) They had these great creampuffs for dessert. They also had something else. It was not as good as the creampuff.

11) At one point a chart was created to illustrate a point.

It was a really wonderful time and a very nice way to unwind after a long week, although I still had to go to work the next day. Well except that I didn't, because I sort of sprained my ankle on the way home from the dinner. This was very unwonderful and kind of painful, but it forced me to stay home and relax all Saturday so it's not all bad.

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concretesphinx said...

I'm pretty sure we didn't eat those cream puffs so much as tear them apart like a pack of drunken wolves.