Thursday, June 5, 2008


1) This lego Dalek is very cool.

2) Had an early morning shoot, but was able to surf the internet during it thanks to my iPod. I responded to a post about the Franky Job on the Brickfilms forums. The conversation there is a bit more substantial than the one in the youTube comments.

3) Ben was on the shoot with me so we had some nice conversation as he drove us there and back and he solved one of my problems. So I knew I wanted to attend all of BrickWorld, but figuring out how to get there four days in a row was tricky because it's not really accessible by public transportation. I had considered a number of options but none of them really worked. I was talking about it to Ben and he reminded me of a solution I had briefly considered but forgotten -renting a car!

4) So as soon as I was back in contact with the internet I figured out all the logistics of attending Brickworld. Got the days off, found a pretty good deal on a rental car, etc.

5) Dr. Who -"Boom Town" - The "Into time! And SPACE!" bit may be my favorite moment of the season so far.
Mickey: [to Rose, in reference to Jack and the Doctor, respectively] So what are you doing in Cardiff, and who the hell's Jumpin' Jack Flash? I mean, I don't mind you hanging out with Big Ears up here-
The Doctor: Oi!
Mickey: [to the Doctor] Look in a mirror. [continues] But this guy, I dunno, he's kinda...
Captain Jack Harkness: [grins].... Handsome?
Mickey: More like cheesy.
Jack: Early 21st century slang, is "cheesy" good or bad?
Mickey: It's bad.
Jack: But bad means good, isn't that right?
[the four have just exited the TARDIS]
Mickey: That old lady's staring.
Jack : [Suggestively to Doctor] Probably wondering what four people were doing in a small box.
Mickey: [Disdainful look at Jack] What are you captain of? The Innuendo Squad?
6) Took a nap

7) Woke up and watched this video from Stephanie. The world is awesome.

8) Then I went to dinner at Tiffany's. I was a bit SleepyDave on the way there and even for a while sitting at the table, but I don't think they noticed. There were chips and salsa, guacamole, and chicken quesadillas, and then strawberries. And Goose Island. Delicious. We also discovered that strawberries dipped in guacamole taste "very fresh" if not exactly good.

9) Then we went to see Jurassic Park on the big screen at DOC. We were all the way in the back where the heat from all those bodies had risen and thus it was a sauna. We convinced ourselves that it helped us get in the mood for the movie. There was an brief orchestra performance and then Paul Sereno talked for a while before they showed the movie. I felt kind of bad for him, because the audience was very hostile since they all just wanted to see the movie already, but his talk was also very rambly and hard to follow and didn't seem to have a thesis, so I only feel so bad for him. The movie was awesome. It was nice to see it gigantic, and with the big surround sound speakers.

10) Fresh air after that we got out of that sauna of a theater

11) Went back to Tiffany's and had a little ice cream. Cookies and Cream.

12) Even though I had to wake up early the next day I stayed for a little bit after that just chilling with Tiffany, Krista, Jan and Seth (who joined us after the movie). I had originally planned to skip the movie and just go home after dinner, but I had a really good night, so I'm glad I didn't.

13) These new pictures of future sets in the lego Agents theme. The first 6 sets were just released in the past couple weeks and while I've seen pictures I still haven't gotten my hands on any. It's a really cool theme - secret agents vs. evil genius and his cyborg flunkies. The six sets that are currently out are nice, but they are mostly vehicles, it wasn't until I saw the upcoming Volcano Base that I appreciated the supreme coolness of the theme. The giant death ray is totally awesome.


Anonymous said...

Brick World sounds like a large quilt show. It starts on Thursday has classes and has a general show for the public. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

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