Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day with Adam Dusen

1) Waking up lateish

2) I got downtown to Millennium Park a little before the time Adam and I had agreed to meet.

So I went to the nearby corner bakery cafe and used my gift card. I got a pumpkin muffin and a cinnamon crumb muffin (2 for 1) and orange juice.

3) While I waited for Adam to show up I did some sketching/storyboarding for NNN episode 1.

4) Then Adam arrived! I hadn't seen him in well over a year. It was great to see him again and hear about China and Thailand and show him around Chicago.

5) We walked around Chicago a little bit. First we went to see the big shiny bean.
Then we walked up Michigan Avenue and I spouted out all my knowledge of Chicago architecture and such within a few blocks. That's all right, we soon reached the thing I know the most about in Chicago.

6) The Lego store! I didn't buy anything for once, but I showed Adam all the cool sculptures and he appreciated them. Adam and I played with legos together for years. It was in fact our main mode of interaction for quite some time.

7) Then we had lunch at mambo grill. There were chips (way too many) and salsa and guacamole. I think I got quesadillas.

8) Adam wanted to see my apartment so we hopped on the 6 back to Hyde Park. I showed him my gigantic apartment. His favorite part was (predictably) the Star Destroyer.

9) Then we got down to the reason that Adam really wanted to come to my apartment, so we could play the new Smash Brothers. For once I beat Adam at Smash Brothers. Sure he was unfamiliar with the characters and levels and the new items and such, but it still felt nice. Then we played some wii sports. Including one tennis match of Dave and Adam vs. Adam and Dave. Then we were about to turn off the wii and I mentioned there was also a new Mario Kart out, so we took that for a spin. It was a nice hour or two of video games.

10) Then we went for a brief walk to the point. It was pretty nice out and the point is nice and naturey.

11) I checked my e-mail and just looked at the huge amount of work e-mail I didn't have to deal with and grinned.

12) Then we went downtown to Elephant and Castle to meet Stephanie for dinner. We had cider and I got steak tips and it was a good time. Now that Stephanie has finally met Adam, maybe she won't get him confused with Jeremy any more. (Although to be fair, many her old friends blend together in my head.)

13) After dinner, I walked Adam to the train station. We just missed the train and so had an hour to kill. We found The Onion nearby and read that and laughed together for a while. And then it was time for him to go. It was a nice day, but it went kind of fast. Luckily Adam will be in Chicago again in September, and he'll be able to stay around for a bit longer.

14) Getting home.

15) As I was getting ready for bed I got a call from Adam's sister saying he hadn't shown up at the train station when he was supposed to. I didn't know what to say, since I had made sure he got on the right train. It didn't help that he didn't have a cell phone that worked in this country. Later I got a text message from Adam (on his sister's cell) saying that he had gotten off at the wrong station, which is what we suspected had happened. It was nice to know that he wasn't lost forever though.

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