Wednesday, June 11, 2008


1) Sleeping in /coming in late (had a 10 hour day yesterday)

2) Stephanie got a new job! From all indications it's a bajillion times better than her current one. She'll have benefits and she'll be back in the loving embrace of academia so it will be challenging and interesting and hopefully the average intelligence of her co-workers will be much higher and it starts in just under 2 weeks. It's definitely cause for celebration.

The only downside is that she'll actually have work to do during the day and thus will be less available for gchatting. I guess I'll just have to move closer to her so we can spend more time together or something terrible like that. :)

3) I was excited to see the videos from ScavHunt finally go up on the website today. Considering it was basically my pet project I am obviously very partial to it. I have gotten a lot of good feedback on them which just makes me proud as a panther.

What's that? You say proud as a panther isn't a saying? Well then I say to you that you are not a fish among friends, as they say.

4) Then we had a communications-wide party with wine and beer and cheese and fruit and veggies to welcome all of the new staff members. In addition to Josh this includes the new News Director, a new writer and the new creative director at Publications and Creative Services. It was a nice little get together with tasty food.

5) Went home and collapsed into a nap.

6) Woke up and ate the last of the mashed hash browns

7) Built the clock and chairs for the Masque of the Red Death room. The clock is the only piece of furniture that Poe describes in the room, but I figured you can always use a place to sit, especially in a room that's as foreboding and oppressive as this one.

8) Of course, what's a MOC without some minifigs? Behold - Prospero and the Masque.

And now the whole finished room. I know it's hard to see anything, black legos are very hard to photograph, especially when there's so many of them.

9) Then I was getting ready to head to bed when I got a call from Ari asking if I wanted to hang out with her and Chelsea. Since they were about to graduate and then leave Chicago, this was one of my last chances to see either of them for the foreseeable future so there was really no way I could say no. I ended up staying up most of the night with them and I don't regret a minute of it. We had a great time.

10) We watched Aladdin, which I haven't seen in a long time. It was great but one thing was driving me/us crazy - explain this to me - Aladdin's first wish is to become a prince. However, throughout the rest of the movie it is implied that he is only a prince in appearance and that's as far as it goes. I mean I get that the story of the movie is that Aladdin is learning to be proud of who he is and that true love will overcome any boundaries, but that doesn't change the fact the Genie doesn't seem to really have fulfilled his wish. Add to that the fact that Aladdin doesn't even make his second wish, and his third wish is for Genie's freedom and it starts to seem like Aladdin got gypped.

11) Then we (+ Paul) played a long and hilarious game of Apples to Apples. In one round the adjective was "hostile" and someone played the card "Adolf Hitler," that should pretty much beat every other possible card right? Well it all depends on who the judge is. The judge instead picked "Rosa Parks" as the best fit. I played Rosa Parks.

12) By the time we stopped playing it was well after 3 in the morning and I was thinking of going home and trying to sleep for a little bit, but Chelsea and Ari convinced me that it would be such a small amount of sleep before I woke up that I should just stay up what few hours remained before I'd have to get up for work anyway. I'm glad I decided to stay. We chilled out for a while, watched the sun rise, I spent some quality time in a hammock, it was all very nice. Wonderful in fact.

It's always hard to say where one day ends and another begins when you don't sleep through the night. Midnight is a convenient point, but I'm going to use the moment I left Ari's apartment that morning instead.

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concretesphinx said...

Well, i have two points about the Aladdin thing.
1. Is a wish an abstract thing, or is it dependent on the mind of the wisher? If i said i wish i were a Time Lord, i'd be pretty pissed if i didn't change in the ways i expected to change. I'd want to be like 10, not like some sort of other kind of time lord, even if it were more accurate. Maybe the genie was only fulfilling the parts of the wish that Aladdin was even aware of.
2. Did Aladdin even want all the other trappings of being a prince, ie having some sort of kingly parents and subjects to rule an all that? All Aladdin wanted was to have the appearance of a prince to get the girl. Furthermore, you could argue about what exactly makes a prince anyway, and if you've read the Princess and the Pea you'll know it's less about governing and more about being snobby and having monkey-elephants.