Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graduation (not mine)

1) Nice relaxed morning

2) On my way over to campus I stopped at Bonjour bakery and bought a turkey and cheese croissant and an apple juice. Yum.

3) Got to campus and gota nice place on the grass in the center of the quad to lie down and watch and listen to graduation. I came in the middle of the student speeches, paid attention to the bits/people I thought worth it and just lay and read the rest of the time (especially during all those names). I did get up and go closer so I could cheer for Tiffany and Krista when they walked across the stage, but otherwise was just relaxing under a tree. Much better than sitting in a chair the whole time.

4) Oh, apparently I didn't finish the Helmet of Horror last night. I finished it now.

5) Started "The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet." I read this book back in 3rd grade I think. It's about two boys who build a rocket ship and then fly to the Earth's second (and mostly secret) satellite with the help of a very strange little man called Mr. Bass. There were 5 books in the series, but I only have 2. The last three only had one printing and we had to get them on interlibrary loan when I read them way back when. After I finish the 2nd one I may have to go searching for them again. The prices on amazon are just absurd.

6) After the ceremony there was champagne and desserts on the quad and oh so many people. I met Krista and Tiffany's families. Candace is exactly as I imagined.

7) Then I went home - it was nice to be out of the sun for a while

8) I put together this lego agents set which I had also picked up yesterday. I mostly got it for the cyborg's arm. I will explain it's awesomeness in tomorrow's wonderfuls.

9) Then I took a nap of indeterminate length

10) Then I met Paul and Stephanie at US Cellular field to watch the baseball game. Stephanie had gotten free tickets through work and while I don't follow sports, anyone can enjoy going to a baseball game. The game was low scoring and we lost, but it was fun just to sit with Paul and Stephanie for a couple hours. I got chicken fingers and sprite for dinner. The sprite came in a souvenir cup, so hey now I have a new cup.

11) AD - "Sad Sack"
Optometrist: One or two?
George Michael: Two. No, no, one.
Optometrist: Okay, two... or three?
George Michael: Three. Unless three is too much of an improvement. I’m sorry, is one... is one in the mix still?

Michael: Are you serious?
Wayne Jarvis: Almost always. I was once called the worst audience participant Cirque du Soleil ever had.
Michael: This is a big accusation.
Wayne Jarvis: Well, Michael, I did not find their buffoonery amusing

George, Sr.: Hey, you’re not going to turn me in, are you? Because I had no idea there were sanctions against, uh, I-Iraq. You know, they-they sent me over there. They said, “Go build.” I-I... Do I look like a criminal mastermind to you? How do you get this ham open? I can... I can’t get this ham open.
12) DW - "New Earth" - Possession by Cassandra makes everything funnier.

13) I put together my two bags for Dirty Buildster. Here they are:

And to illustrate how nice I was here's a shot of the pieces I received in return:

I'll give more details once I get to caught up to Brickworld.

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