Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great Catchup of July 2008 Begins

Because I want to get caught up, I'm going to make these pretty bare bones, unless I actually have a story for a wonderful I probably won't even make it a full sentence.

1) Sleeping in 

2) Slow day at work

3) Got a message from Jessie Nixon. I hadn't heard from her in ages.

4) Umart for lunch

5) Renee was more than happy to let me take Thursday off even though I had just taken a couple days off.

6) I took advantage of the fact that I still had a car for a couple days and drove to Target. I got socks and a pack of white t-shirts and a rug for my living room.

7) Then I also went to Trader Joe's, where I bought, no joke, 6 packs of mango slices. 3 of the sweetened kind and 3 of the fruit leathery kind.

8) I met up with Tiffany and Seth downtown and we went to the Rock Bottom Brewery for a late dinner. 

9) I had chips and fish and Chicago Gold (beer).

10) Being out of hyde park on a week night

11) Sam's torchwood fic

12) I put the new carpet in to place. I think it looks really nice. I don't have any pictures on this laptop (I'm typing this in PA). But you can see it in the picture I posted before the lego party. It's colorful, but still relatively demure. 

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