Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Hand Emerges

1) I got a postcard from Adam in Thailand. Real mail!

2) Got a tomato basil mozzarella salad from the GSB cafeteria for lunch.

3) Leaving early (why did I leave early? your guess is as good as mine.)

4) I worked on building something for NNN Episode 1. At one point there's a hand that comes out of a field and grabs a soccer ball. I built the hand and worked out a little bit how the field would sink around it as the hand formed.

5) Groceries

6) Fried rice

7) Sam linked this article that I found interesting.

8) Screenwriters Circle - Theo had a couple pieces he was going to shoot in the following two weeks that we read. One of them was Dr. Sympathy. I read the titular character and really enjoyed doing so. Theo seemed to be pleased with my performance as he later asked me to play Dr. Sympathy. More on that when it happens.

9) Screenwriters Circle - We also read through some of my stuff. In this case it was the beginning of the first NNN movie: Greenbeard's Gambit. It tells the story of how Phil and Sherry met and formed NNN. It's very rough and just beginning now. But it had been a while since I looked at it and was nice to remember what was good/funny in it. Sometimes I suprise myself.

10) When I was building the hand and figuring out the field animation I thought to myself, "Man, it would be great if there was some sort of computer program where I could map stuff out in 3d so I could figure out some of this lego animation stuff without actually having to build it." Then I remembered that LDD is exactly what I want and I remade the hand and the hole animation digitally. It was very fast.

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