Monday, June 30, 2008

I Dream of Syzygy

1) I had a dream where someone used the word syzygy. My dream-self was trying to figure out what the word meant and came up with confluence as a synonym, which is pretty close. I was just amazed that that my subconscious pulled up such an obscure word, which I probably hadn't heard in years, and then only once or twice and was also able to come up with a relatively good synonym. Better than awake Dave could have done for sure.

2) Looking up syzygy naturally led me to this wikipedia article on english words with uncommon properties.

3) Some new photos of Isaiah from Jenny.

4) Work was fine for a Monday

5) Mango slices - I love them so

6) Walking home - nice weather, good music

7) DW - "Rise of the Cybermen" - No quote in particular, but I do like how Mickey is clearly jealous of the Doctor's affection for Rose.

8) Curried chicken for dinner

9) Also make pasta salad for future

10)These lego ambassador vignettes are totally awesome

11) Two episodes of Fabuland Housewives (11 & 12) - "How did your surveillance camera capture that flashback?"
"We don't have time for that sub-plot right now. It's on the back-burner."
"Oh this is so typical." " Typical? Getting kidnapped and used as bait for your husband is typical?" "Yes, it always happens to me. I was married to an FBI agent, after all."
"Oh, you have split personalities. Isn't that a little cliche?" "Not anymore than adultery and love triangles." "Fair enough."

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