Saturday, June 14, 2008

I like Friday

1) I got lots of sleep.

2) Being relaxed. The school year officially ended and even though there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done, I am determined not to let myself get too worked up. The summer is going to be a calm, peaceful time, I have decided.

3) We forgot to freeze the necessary component for the frozen yogurt machine to run, but Renee went and got a whole bunch of unusual gelato flavors from UMart, so we had a gelato party instead of a fro-yo friday. One flavor that was very good was key lime with graham cracker crumbles. I think blackberry cabernet was another one of the flavors.

4) End of work week

5) Got an article in the mail from mom about colleges with video game design programs, with a note saying "who would have thought video games would be respectable?" It made me smile. For the record, I am glad I didn't go to college for video game design. It's a very competitive industry.

6) Then I hopped on the 6 and made a quick trip to the Lego store to pick up some supplies for Brickworld. I grabbed these two sets for Dirty Brickster. I grabbed this set for pieces for Dirty Buildster because it was 50% and thus the best parts/price ratio I could find. I also filled up a small pick a brick cup for some standard bricks to go with.

7) On the way there and back I read "The Helmet of Horror" I finished it either on the way back or shortly after I returned home. The ending was confusing and not very satisfying, but like I said, it's such a fast read anyway I don't mind terribly. It had some interesting images, but I think it thought it was more profound than it actually is.

8) Left overs (though you're guess is as good as mine as to what they were - saltine chicken? or was that a different week?)

9) FF - Jaynestown - This episode is hilarious. Now that Stephanie is watching through Firefly I don't want to give spoil any of the funny bits, but rest assured there is hilarity throughout.
[Companion Inara leaves for an appointment.]
Kaylee: Bye now. Have good sex.
10) Put together the set I got just for the pieces just because it seems wrong to take the pieces without ever putting it together. Here it is posed with the mannequin:

11) Then I went over to a party Kelly was throwing to celebrate the graduating seniors. For a little while it was just the two of us, which was fine because it meant no competition for the brownies and I got the secret good beer. Then other people showed up and she brought out a delicious cheese and bean dip. There were also jello shots, which were much better than the only other jello shots I've ever had (those were vile). Krista came and gave me tickets for graduation the next day and stayed around for a while and she walked home with me. Oh yeah this was back when my ankle was still hurting. I remember limping that block from Kelly's place to mine with Krista. Probably iced it as soon as I got upstairs.

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