Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lots of Fabuland Drama

1) 2 more FH - "I'm not freaking out, you're freaking out!" "I'm clearly not." "You're clearly not!"

2) AD - "Queen for a Day"
Buster: Mom is becoming a little controlling.
Michael: What tipped you off? When she locked you out on the balcony again?
Buster: That was half my fault. I thought I saw a graham cracker out there.
Michael: [to Lucille] You baited the balcony?
Lucille: Prove it.
Tobias: All right, fellas, look, I know you know nothing but a life on the street. But I’d like to offer you something that the Queen Mary gave me. The joy of the stage. So, maybe you could, uh, start jeté-ing, and stop... je-terrorizing me.

3) Took a tiny nap

4) 2 more FH episodes - "It's very important for you to recover that you shut up!"
"I have to leave too." "Why?" "Plot contrivance."
Then there was a part that made me nearly fall over laughing, where a bunch of people take apart the building where a scene is taking place to build an alternate model with those pieces. It was built up perfectly.

5) I did the dishes with a new sponge. I cleaned the stove top and counter tops with the old old sponge before throwing it away.

6) 2 more FH - "Aha! It looks like this is a case of the whore calling the harlot a slut."
"I'm the mayor. I can murder who I damn well please."

7) Pita+Hummus +Carrots

8) Talking with Mom and Dad

9) Green Beans Amandine

10) FF - "The Message"
[River unsuccessfully tries to eat a spherical treat that bobs from a string.]
River: My food is problematic.
Jayne: Girl's a mind-readin' genius, can't even figure out how to eat an ice planet.
The closing shot in this episode is very beautiful, with the snow and the music. It's more meaningful after watching the special features.

11) Stephanie showing me the way to Firefly fanfiction. I secretly hoped that she would get into Firefly just so she could find good fan fiction an send it my way. As much as I'm willing to read fan fiction, I didn't know how to go out there looking for it. Stephanie, on the other hand, has many years of experience in the matter and gave me some useful links. I haven't done a full-on search for Mal/Simon fics yet, but I made some preliminary probings.

12) AD - "Burning Love"
Lindsay: Oh, hi, Mom. I have the afternoon free.
Lucille: Really? Did “nothing” cancel?

George Michael: Hey, I thought I heard something earlier. Like a wolf drowning.

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