Monday, June 9, 2008


1) Sleeping in. Need I say more?

2) Walking - almost to work, back from work, and then back to the office (but not work) again. My ankle was still very swollen today, but it was nice to be walking these distances agian, even if I walked them slowly and with a limp.

3) The office was an absolute mess when I came in. It makes sense, there were lots and lots of shoots this weekend and so things were left everywhere. However I worked away at it and a few hours later it was sparkling clean.

4) The Penny Arcade blog post for today revealed to me an awesome mode in the game Boom Blox. This is a game I had been considering purchasing but the knowledge that it contains a virtual version of something like Crossbows and Catapults or Weapons and Warriors has moved it from a possibility to nearly a necessity.
C&C and W&W are essentially the same game, just published in different decades. We had them both when I was a kid. You have a selection of medieval weapons and had to destroy your opponent's castle. The W&W castle had pieces that would fly off when you hit certain spots (e.g. the windows). It also used orange marbles for ammo and as a consequence we would always be finding those marbles in the strangest places around the house.

5) Went to Umart ot get some groceries (milk and feta cheese) and some snacks (naked juice + sun chips + a brownie).

6) Today was the last day before Josh (the new Senior Producer) starts work!

7) I got an awesome piece of real mail today - a birthday card from Jenny.

It contained this picture of Isaiah sitting and smiling with crayons and drawings around him.

It was promptly framed. Ever so surely the non-Isaiah pictures I have around are being pushed out of their frames to make room for Isaiah pictures. To be fair, it's hard to compete with Isaiah. The card also contained this information about Isaiah:

"Isaiah loves slides. When we are driving around town he will point in the direction of a slide & say "slide, slide, slide," even when we are a block or two away from the park. He is also getting the concept of hiding & jumping out to surprise people. He & Leo joined a play group. Isaiah is enjoying the older kids. They don't play with each other so much as grab things from each other."

8) The other piece of mail I got was a rent increase notification from Mac. My rent will be going up by $160/mo if I renew my lease (only $120 if i do so by June 27th, but that's still a lot). While this would normally be bad news, I have decided to take it as proof that it is time to leave Hyde Park. I spent some time doing some research and realized that it wouldn't be as ridiculous to live on the North Side and commute down to Hyde Park for work as I had originally thought. So that's what I'm going to do.

9) I realized that the pumpkin bread - baking soda tasted delicious it just didn't have the consistency of bread. It was more like a muffin, although it's still shaped like a loaf. Pumpkin Muffin Loaf? Why not?

10) For dinner I made the delicious "cinimin chikins" as Stephanie insists they are called. I was partial to Cinnamon Chickamons but it doesn't really matter what you call them, they are delicious either way.

11) Sam's DW fic

12) Armless Pete loses some weight because I needed the black bricks to build a room following the collaborative manion standards for BrickWorld. See Lego conventions always have a bunch of different collaborative displays and while I would have liked to participate in the Castle display or the great ball machine, I didn't have the necessary materials for either of those. However, I was able to get together enough for a small room. Those of you familiar with The Masque of the Red Death will perhaps be familiar with the room. Today all I got together was the shell. But as you can see the back wall subtly indicated the tone of the room.

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