Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is a blog post with a delayed delivery date and an extra wonderful

1) So like I said yesterday, there was a big 4 hour presentation today about the upcoming launch of the University's iTunesU page. The audience was every University employee who has a communication related job. Before the presentation started there was a wonderful breakfast buffet set up. It had nice fruit and pastry plates and eggs and bacon and sausage and hash browns and various carafes of juice. It was glorious, probably the best free breakfast I've had on campus.

2) Then there was the presentation. Renee gave about half of it. Josh gave maybe an eight and various people from NSIT gave another quarter and then a guy from Research Channel did the last eighth. I partially answered one question during the Q & A but otherwise I just sat and looked pretty and advanced the slides when necessary. My most important role in the presentation was actually one we had done ahead of time.

3) Josh had filmed me sitting at a desk in a variety of ways - with good lighting, with bad lighting, with a good microphone, with the built-in camera microphone, with a tripod, without a tripod. I sat and would say "This is an example using ____ lighting, a _____ microphone and a ____ set" a couple times. It was a very effective demonstration and also people found it funny. I was pretty pumped that I had the one part that made people laughed. And to make it even better Julie Peterson came up to me after the presentation and said it was the best part of the whole presentation.

4) We got a delivery of lots of shiny new things to the office. Renee got a Macbook Air, Josh got a new Macbook Pro and the whole office got some new software.

5) I finally got Leopard working on this one computer which had been out of commission for a couple days. Little did I know that would not solve the problem.

6) Oh yeah and I got a laptop. Renee cleared off her "old" MacBook Pro (she got it last summer) and gave it to me as my new work laptop. This is incredibly cool. I've been wanting to get a mac computer for a while, but now I have one in my house to use as I see fit. I mean, obviously I will also be using it for work. And sometimes maybe working from home. But the mere fact that I can edit videos without leaving my apartment is exciting beyond measure. Also I now have a computer that can run LDD well.

7) Dinner of leftovers.

8) DW - School Reunion -

The Doctor: Correctamundo! A word I've never used before, and hopefully never will again.
Sarah: I saw things you wouldn't believe!
Rose: Try me.
Sarah: Mummies.
Rose: I've met ghosts.
Sarah: Robots. Lots of robots.
Rose: Slitheen. In Downing Street.
Sarah: Daleks!
Rose: [smugly] Met the Emperor.
Sarah: Anti-matter monsters!
Rose: Gas-mask zombies!
Sarah: Real living dinosaurs!
Rose: Real living werewolf!
Sarah: The. Loch Ness. Monster!
Rose: [stunned] Seriously?

Rose: With you, did he do that thing where he'd explain something at, like, ninety miles per hour, and you'd go "What?" and he'd look at you like you'd just dribbled on your shirt?
Sarah: All the time! Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?
Rose: Yeah! Yeah, he does! I'm like, "Do you two wanna be alone?"
[Both laugh as the Doctor enters]
The Doctor: How's it going?
[Rose and Sarah laugh hysterically]
The Doctor: What? Listen, I need to find out what's programmed inside these-
[Rose and Sarah are still laughing]
The Doctor: What?
[Rose and Sarah are falling over laughing]
The Doctor: Stop it!
Also CreepyGiles is very creepy.

9) Naps? Apparently. It was one of those times where I wake up in my bed and don't recall getting in.

10) There was a nice full moon as I walked back to work.

11) But don't worry! I wasn't actually doing work. I was installing Final Cut and other awesome software on my new laptop while updating this blog.

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