Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too wonderful to write

I would have updated sooner, but I've been too busy having a wonderful life to blog about it. The Lego convention went swimmingly except that it was over too quickly. On Monday night I had dinner downtown with Tiffany and Seth. Last night I had a screenwriter's meeting and tonight I went to a vegetarian potluck dinner. And tomorrow I am taking the day off to hang out with Adam Dusen! He's in town for a couple days between Thailand and PA so I'm going to show him around Chicago. This weekend should be pretty calm thouhg, plenty of time to catch up on wonderfuls. Here are some pictures from this weekend to hold you over in the meantime.

This one is unfortunately backlit, but that's for the best, I played around with the colors so you could see me and the giant lego man better, only to discover I have a very weird look on my face. Best to keep it a mystery.

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