Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Schmursday

1) Life cereal. I had forgotten how great it was. It's always nice to rediscover wonderful things.

2)Bowser's minions video

3) Listened to this episode of This American Life after Tiffany sent the link to me. Some of the stories were better suited to the theme than others, but they were all entertaining. I think my favorite was the one about "Goose Xing"

4) Since I'm going to be commuting a lot more once I move up north I'm going to be getting a monthly bus pass and I'm going to be paying for it with pre-tax dollars. I set up the stuff for that today so come September 1st it should be ready to go.

5) Stephanie reminded me of this Monty Python Argument sketch which I'd seen before, but not in a while and the version I saw before was shorter. The self-aware part at the end makes me unreasonably happy. Especially right at the end when two more police officer arms show up and you can just imagine an infinite chain of them.

6) I got a gigantic paycheck today. It included my big bonus as well as being the first month my raise takes effect, so it was by far the largest check I'd ever gotten. Hopefully it will also be the last check I get here as I finally submitted the paperwork for direct deposit last month, so that should kick in for the next one.

7) Went for a bike ride

8) Tried a new recipe for dinner. It's one I got from Jenny it's called Panzanella. It's really simple, just cut up tomatoes and basil and day old Italian bread and toss them together with some vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Very tasty. I also had bought a block of mozzerella cheese and I ate some of that along with it as well.

9) DW- "Love and Monsters" - The best part fro me was the Scooby-Doo style door chase.

10) Taking apart some lego sets and sorted the pieces.

Behold! Videos!

Yes, I know this is just going to push the new content further down, but it didn't want to wait. I finally updated my second youtube account with all the videos I took off my main youtube account a few months ago. So now you can watch "Peanut Butter / Man" and "This is a Movie" and a few Isaiah videos again. I apologize they were gone for so long. I also added a couple videos Alex shot of the crazy lego slinky circle that he and Stephanie conceived back when we were living together. I'll be explaining them more and linking directly to them in a post I'll finish tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gender Schmender

1) This morning I implemented a new tactic. SleepyDave clearly had a hold on me, but I convinced him to at least keep resetting the alarm. So I had a series of half hour snoozes that eventually lead to waking up. It was better than the regular snooze, because that quickly annoys SleepyDave and on multiple occasions he has shut it off entirely before I was actually awake.

2) On my way to work I stopped at Bonjour Bakery and got a turkey and cheese croissant for breakfast.

3) There was a study that came out today about how girls kick ass at math just as much as boys do. While this is certainly no surprise to me, having known many kick-ass math (and science) girls from PGSS and college, it is contrary to widely held stereotypes. It just nice to have empirical proof of how blatantly flawed that idea is.

4) Spent a good about of my work day editing this Research at Chicago video. It's always nice when I get to do cool editing stuff, instead of the repetitive simplistic stuff that often occupies my time.

5) Went for a short bike ride after work.

6) Wore my sandals - socks are for suckers.

7) Leftover pizza for dinner.

8) Groceries!

9) My work webmail was all contained on only one page. It always irks me when it's on multiple pages.

10) AD - "Spring Breakout" -Lucille's chicken dance - Lucille and Oscar trying to resist being put in rehab - The last intervention they tried to throw for Lucille/one of the better Bluth family parties - The return of Kitty.

11) Don't ask don't tell hearing clip from the Daily show

12) I got these delicious Newman's Own peppermint cups in the checkout lane. They are like peppermint patties, except the shape of a Reese's peanut Butter Cup.

13) Finally uploading all those videos to my 2nd youTube account.

Pictures Galore

So I just went back and added pictures everywhere I said I would in that bunch of updates I did while I was in PA. Because of the way this blog updates the newest content (other than this post) is actually down below and on the second page so you may have to go back to catch up. Here's a bonus photo.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's theme seems to be Lego Universe

1) There was a shoot in the morning that I had forgotten to get someone to help out with ahead of time, so I had to call that morning and see who could make it. Joe was nice enough to skip breakfast and come straight to the office to help out.

2) Renee gave me a newspaper article about a guy from Chicago who won a job as a model builder for Lego recently. She said something along the lines "See? There are jobs out there that utilize all your skills."

3) Coincidentally, today I also finally got an e-mail response from Jim Foulds.
" I looked into you question about the Digital Designer position. They
have your resume, but as of right now the position is on hold. They are
still accepting applications and reviewing the submissions, but no
decision will be made in the near future until the new team design is

As for a new portfolio, I would definitely submit anything that you
think would give you a better shot at the position.

So it's nice to know that the fact that I never heard back about the position still wasn't my fault. They haven't gotten back to anyone. I do plan to submit an updated portfolio, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy like I did making it the first time. I'll do it on my own time and submit it when it's ready. I'm not even going to think about it until I've moved and submitted my entries to the Nicktoons Animation contest, those are clearly higher priorities.

4) I talked with Alex for a bit. I asked him if he would like a motorized Lego AT-AT as a Birthday 2007/2008/Christmas 2007/2008 present, but asking was merely a formality. How could he say no? He said we could put it together when we (hypothetically) go out to visit him in November.

5) Sorted the legos I brought back from PA.

6) Did not go grocery shopping, seemed like to much effort.

7) Frozen pizza for dinner.

8) Dr. Horrible was put back on Hulu today. I originally heard it was only supposed to be for a single day, but it's still up now. Which means if you haven't watched it yet, you have no excuse. Go watch it now! Until you do, you won't be able to read the rest of my blog.

::Engage shield of invisibility-to-those-who-haven't-watched-Dr.-Horrible::

9) Then I went to my [The people who were on strike when Dr. Horrible was written] meeting

10) This article and video about Lego Universe. [Okay so making this inaccessible to people who haven't seen Dr. Horrible was not as easy as I first imagined. Maybe I can just make it regular invisible.]

Monday, July 28, 2008

Farewell PA, Hello Takegaki

1) In the morning I got up to find Isaiah playing with blocks with everyone in the Lego room. I tried to capture it on film, but he became more interested in a Lego train. Still, he does talk a bunch in the video, including saying his own name "Iah."

2) As we were saying out goodbyes Isaiah pointed to me and quite distinctly called me "Unc Da." He may have called me "Wha Dat" soon after, but I'm happy he got it that one time.

3) Dad made me pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

4) The previous night Max had called my number by accident, but then we talked briefly and it turned out that we were both in Doylestown. He is home in the states for a little while before heading back to China. So we met up for lunch at Cafe America. We had mojitos and I had a chicken quesadilla. We caught up on various things and then he "talked articulately" about China for a while and I rambled on about my thoughts on the nature of language. So all in all it was pretty standard for one of our lunches.

5) I had decided that now that I had an iPhone and therefore 3 different iPods, that maybe I should get rid of my Nano. I was going to see if J-P wanted it until mom and dad decided to get him a much better iPod. So I decided to offer it to my mom instead. She has gotten proficient with iTunes, she's bought music from the store and has even burned a CD, so I figured she was probably ready for the next step. So this afternoon I helped her set it up, loaded it up with her music and taught her the basics of how to use it. She has since told me that she is using it, so i consider it a success.

6) We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Philly - Dmitri's. I got the tilapia, it's so delicious. Mom and Dad have been taking Tai Chi classes for a while and at one point during dinner they made their "Tai Chi faces" and it was very funny.

7) There were very few people in the airport. I guess that's the advantage of traveling on a Monday night.

8) Since the security line was entirely non-existent, i had lots of time to kill in the terminal, so I plugged in my laptop and spent it speed blogging.

9) The flight was also very empty.

10) I didn't do the corssword, but I did do this cool logic puzzle that's reminds me of minesweeper, except you never have to guess and thus risk dying. You have to draw a single continuous fence so that all the boxes with numbers are surrounded on the specified number of sides. You can play it online. The upper right one looked like a monster to me, so I colored it in to enhance the resemblance.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Didn't go outside today

1) Bot up, took a shower, had breakfast, took a nap.

2) There was a pretty intense thunderstorm. I spent a while watching it out the glass doors on the basement.

3) Aunt Evie and Pat came down for the afternoon. Most of it was spent sitting in the living room and watching Isaiah play, which is not a bad way to pass an afternoon.

4) Dinner was left overs. Delicious delicious left overs.

5) After dinner Isaiah was not interested in sitting around while the adults talked, so once he was free of his high chair he ran off to the family room where his toys were. I followed him to make sure his didn't try to play with anything pointy, also because I wanted to play with him. He had gotten a new toy from Pat and Aunt Evie that made sounds when you hit it and we spent a good amount of time exploring its various functions. Eventually however, he went back to his cars. And eventually he wanted his mom. Still I enjoyed our little time together.

6) Then we had a big game of "None Shall Pass." Where we experimented with a variety of obstructions for Isaiah to over come. One time I laid down and was a roadblock, another time I was arched into a tunnel he had to go through, Jenny and I made a variety of gates with our feet and arms for him to push his way through. Leo had ticlke gates and upside down tickle gates and other gates of that nature.

7) Then we had blueberry (and apple) pie and ice cream for desert. It was very tasty.

8) After Aunt Evie and Pat left, Jenny, Leo and Mom and I watched the first three episodes of 30 rock season 2 on demand. So much to love: Mystic Pizza, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, Liz's crying voice insulting Seinfeld, inscrutable vanity license plate, Kenneth attempting to flirt and Tracy's subsequent dream sequence, Devon Banks, etc. Oh 30 Rock, I don't know how you do it, but please don't stop.

9) Later I finished off the ice cream pie upon Dad's insistence. I wasn't going to argue.

10) Spent the night doing some speed blogging in an attempt to begin to catch up. I think I did 3 or 4 entries.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's not my party, but i'll nap if I want to

1) After breakfast I introduced Isaiah to the joys of Photobooth:

He did not enjoy the rollercoaster

The clouds, however, were a big hit.

as always, more on flickr

2) Drove around with J-P to get stuff for the party - fruit and vegetable trays and a cake, baked ziti, beer and balloons.

3) Stephanie called me so I could use the internet and get her some information to fill out an application for an apartment. And the best part is, it's close to mine! Not very close, but much much much closer than we are now. Close enough that we will be doing dinners every week (based around the television schedule). I'm very excited. I can't wait until September.

4) Left over salmon for lunch

5) Playing with Isaiah. This generally involved putting together the lego primo blocks I bought at the lego convention so he could knock them down, or building towers out of the big cardboard blocks so he could knock them down.

6) Jenny and Mom made SanGria for the party. It was tasty.

7) There was so much delicious food for the party, the aforementioned catered food, but also brisket (if i was like Stephanie and gave up beef, this would be the one thing that tempted me) and mesquite chicken and hotdogs and various salads.

8) The party was fun, J-P and I spent like half an hour filling water balloons and talking about The Dark Knight. Later we held the water ballon slingshot while kids slung them off into the distance. The water balloons went fast (as they are wont to do). I talked with the Nixons and the Ashtons and bit and didn't know most of the other people there.

9) So I took a nap. It got me through from the first bit of the party until dad had started grilling the meats. It was a nice, partially heat, partially alcohol induced nap.

10) At night, after all the partygoers had gone I enjoyed the evening sitting out on the new porch in the new chairs. Much better than the old porch and chairs.

11) gChatting with Stephanie

Happy Fake Birthdays!

1) Sleeping in -and since I was on vacation I do mean sleeping in - like until noon.

2) When I got up Jenn and Leo and Isaiah had already arrived. In fact, it was the sound of Isaiah running around upstairs that finally roused me from my slumber. The last time I saw him, he was just beginning to walk and now he runs around all the time. One of his favorite games is "None Shall Pass" where in he runs around the house in a circle and people stand in doorways and say "None Shall Pass!" and close their knees to block his way. However, he often finds a way through at which point the person blocking him will declare "Unbelievable!" Isaiah will often join in , saying "Unbeebee!" and then he's off running again.

He's also much more talkative then last time. He has a very good grasp on the basics - "mom" " dad" "car" and "up" although his phrase of the weekend was "whadat?" He would point to objects (or more commonly, people) and demand to know what they were called. He is also very good at saying "papa" - everytime he says it, he sort of whispers it, like it's a wonderful secret. It's very adorable and it definitely makes Dad very happy. He also can say "nan" for nana. Once or twice he seemed to called me "unc da," but it was hard to tell, because it sounds similar to "wha da?"

3) Even though everyone else was having lunch, Dad made me pancakes and bacon. There are no pancakes in the world like my dad's pancakes. They are perfect.

4) Spent most of the afternoon helping get things ready for the party. I make Cocoa Throwdowns, helped Dad move the grill onto their new porch (I should mention it's amazing) and went to the hardware store to get a new gas tank etc. I also went to Gamestop to pick up a Wii golf game Jenny and J-P and I had decided to get for dad and I picked up Lego Indiana Jones for my brother.

5) I should also say it was great (as always) to see Jenny. She has been thinking about turning her newsletter "The Procrastinator" into a blog, since that would be easier to update. I wholeheartedly support that idea. The newsletter is nice, because it's always nice to get mail, but with a blog you get far more frequent updates.

6) Then I went and picked up J-P from the train station. We spent a good portion of the ride back talking about how things are going with his space war. By that, I mean I made a joking comment about it because of the shirt he was wearing, but then we both just kept going with it. Our senses of humor are well aligned in that way, that we can riff off each other so easily.

7) Then we had a delicious dinner with grilled salmon and those amazing grilled potatoes and corn on the cob.

8) After dinner I spent some time playing around with "Photobooth" with J-P, Jenny and Leo

J-P asked, "does yours not do video?" because he had a friend with a macbook and had recorded video this way. We discovered that it did in fact record video and did so.

9) Then we had a party for J-P and Dad's birthdays, even though they aren't until November. There were cocoa throwdowns and ice cream pie. Mom got Dad a Wii -which was supposed to be a surprise, but apparenlty he saw the e-mail where she told us. So she did not get as great a reaction as she did out of J-P and Jenny last Christmas, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad. There were Wii gifts all around and mom and dad are getting J-P an iPod.

10) Then I went to Talya;s house and hung out with her for a couple hours. Her mother's family was having a get-together and were sitting and singing around a bonfire in the back yard. Talya's younger cousins were all not too happy about me monopolizing her time as they wanted her to go swimming with them. She managed to convince them, to go without her, but that she would gladly swim with them tomorrow.

Talya and I sat by the bonfire and caught up on various things, sang a bit and just generally enjoyed each other's company. Talya will be starting grad school for American studies at Yale imminently and is the usual mixture of excitement and anxiety. After a while all the kids and grown-ups had gone to bed and we sat by the pool (I dangled my legs in) and reminisced about old times. It was very good to see Talya.

11) I came home and found J-P playing Lego Indiana Jones. I hopped in as player 2 and we made our way through a couple levels. We spent a far amount of time beating each other up and I very much enjoyed cracking my whip at his character so he would hurry up with whatever he was doing. One time this resulted it me whipping Marion to Indy and then they kissed passionately. It's a great little touch. We did encounter a bug in one level which prevented us from progressing at which point we stopped, but otherwise is was all good fun.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Home at Last

1) Went to Valois for breakfast, since I had no food in the house. There was no line, which was new for me, so I fumbled my order a bit.

2) I used the CTA's Bus Tracker from my iPhone to see when a 55 was coming and caught an express bus with great ease.

3) Not surprisingly I took a nap on the bus.

4) I finished reading Stealing a Goose (again?)

5) I also napped on the plane, but I was awake for the food

6) I got to Philly a little early and went to to baggage claim and saw all the luggage that had come in last night without it's owner lined up. My bags were there, safe and sound.

7) Then I walked over to another terminal and found Dad. We hugged and then chatted while we waited for Aunt Mary Pat and Uncle Roger.

8) Then they showed up. I hadn't seen them for quite some time, I think the last time was Thanksgiving a few years back.

9) Then when we got home I saw mom. It was good to be home.

10) I went through all the lego boxes that had accumulated in the basement and picked out the few that I felt were worth keeping and broke down the rest for recycling. I went through all the instructions as well and updated my set collection on Brickset. Of course that doesn't include any of the stuff I got when I absorbed Adam's and Jeremy's collections, but it's still the best estimate of what my collection includes.

11) Then we went to Roman Delight for dinner. There were those delicious garlic knots and bruschetta and I got Eggplant Parmesan.

12) Then I took pictures of all my old Lego creations, most of which were created for a part of Lego Movie 2 I am still far from being ready to film. I made these gummy worms to fight the peep army, as a reference to a pinky and the brain joke, I didn't even fully get at the time.

Dr. Robotnik and his flying egg thing.

A "pirate ship" from Lego Moviee 2: Volume 2: Part 1

This needs no explanation.

This white cathedral is one of my favorite creations of all time. I don't know that I'll ever be able to bring myself to take it apart.

A robot built by Doc Ock

An evil castle built to opposed the white cathedral

Pom Pom!

Jetsons cars. I am alos very proud of these. I built them ages ago.

Adam actually built this, but I think it's awesome.

13) Then I showed Mom the wonders of Pandora and helped her create a radio station to play at the party. Appropriately it was named Wonder Walkers Radio.

14) Then I began sort the legos - I took apart some of the things I photographed and there were a bunch of loose legos lying around. I also at some point this evening transferred some of my lego creations into LDD. Also one of the things I did at the airport yesterday was make the pinchbots (regular, mini and grabbor) in LDD.

This is the chair that the leader of the rope bridge union sat in in LM2:V2:P1

And after it was all sorted and put away, this is what the lego collection in my parent's basement looks like. Although, this doesn't include the really big stuff, like the two castles, 4 pirate ships, an AT-AT and Jabba's sail barge. Now I just need to get it to Chicago.

Oh and just to give you a different sense of the size of it, here are all the Star Wars vehicles I had sitting in the basement when I arrived.

7/23 wednesday

1) Had an interview in the morning with Paul Sereno. Everything went well.

2) UMart lunch

3) Teaching Josh how to fill in the timecards so he could submit them while I was on vacation.

4) This incredible Lego Battlecruiser

5) I didn't want to deal with the hassle of taking all my luggage on the 55 so I ordered a taxi. It was waiting for me outside when I finished work. I got in, said "Midway Airport" and then proceed to take a nap. It was wonderful.

6) Got Potbellies for dinner.

-1) Then I went to my gate and sat down and was about to start eating when Dad called me and asked if I had looked at the departure time for my flight. It was delayed 3 hours. Gross. I tried to switch to an earlier flight, but that one kept being delayed longer and longer. There was a huge storm in Philly and so no one could land there. (Good thing I took a taxi eh?)

7) To pass the time I got a cocktail from the airport bar. Then I had another one.

8) I also finished reading Stealing a Goose.

9) Then I got ice cream

10) Then I talked to Stephanie for a while on the phone and she suggested I switch to a flight the next day and go home. Considering I would be getting into Philly around 1 AM even if my flight wasn't delayed any further, I had to admit she had a good point.

11) So I called my Dad and asked what time Aunt Mary was getting in the next day, so I could find a flight around that time and save him a trip to the airport. There was a flight that got in at exactly the same time, so I went to the service counter and switched to that flight. It was very easy.

12) So I got on the 55 and was home before my flight had even boarded.

13) Then I played around using the "Photobooth" program on my macbook and took a bunch of self-portraits. They range from creepy to sexy to other. Here are a few.

Does this remind you of any pigeons?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why so serious?

1) Snoozing just once

2) I discovered today that youTube recently released a tracking tool so you can see how many views your videos got on different days with breakdowns by age and gender and country (and state in the US). It's not particularly useful information (to me at least), but it is nice to know that January 29th, 2008 was my most popular day on youTube, where I had over 4000 views. Most of them were for Mario in Legoland. My largest demographic (no surprise) is 17 and under. Also I was pretty popular in Asia when I first started my account, but since then it waned significantly.

3) Then I went on the biggest shoot I've ever done. Well it had the most cameras. 3. Ben, Josh and I were operating while Renee oversaw. We were taping an interview of two important art collectors in their penthouse apartment in the Gold Coast. Expensive artwork abounded. With set-up and b-roll and break down we were there for a few hours, but everything went very smoothly, which is all I care about during a shoot. The footage also looks great, which is a nice bonus.

There was a lot of equipment to bring down after ward and Josh and I brought down the first batch and then Josh took off and I sat waiting for Ben and Renee to finish up and come down. While I did I was texting furiously with Stephanie, who was already at the theater waiting for me. Then when they did come down, I had to wait another 15 minutes while they went and got Ben's van to load up the equipment. This picture I made on Scribble expresses how I felt during that time:

4) Once we loaded up and were on our way, Ben very kindly dropped me off at River East.

5) I met Stephanie in the theater where she had reserved 3 prime seats. I then told her that if she wished, instead of taking a photo of her she could use Scribble to draw a picture to represent her on my iPhone. This is the result.

6) Then we saw The Dark Knight. Oh my goodness. I don't want to spoil any of it, but it was incredible. Heath Ledger stole every scene he was in, the Joker was done absolutely perfectly, he was psychotic and funny and such a pure distillation of evil genius. About 2/3 of the way through the movie I thought it was almost over, but then it just got better and more awesome. I can't wait to own it. I really wonder what they'll do for the next one. Catwoman done properly could be fantastic, but I think there'd probably need to be another villain thrown-in just to have some action scenes early on.

7) For dinner we went to Fox & Obel, or Pasa Nobel as we will always refer to it due to my mishearing Dana once. We talked about the movie and how awesome it was. I don't even remember what I ate. Turkey sandwich?

8) Caught the 6, and I do mean caught. I had to run a little bit, but I got it.

9) Break A Leg Episode 12 - I liked the ghosts. Or as Chase said "g-g-g-g-g-g-ghosts?" - "Love. Chair. Tulip. Tune in at green." - "This is going to be huge on the Inter-Gore" "Internet" "Inter-Gore-Net." "Just internet." "No, I don't think so." - Larry shooting that guy.

10) Remembering to print out my ticket - although this would prove less important that it initially seemed.

11) Packing didn't take too long, so it was not terribly late when I got to sleep.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too wonderful to wait

I signed a lease for an apartment starting in September! I love it. It's just a block away from the Belmont CTA station, so it'll be super convenient for my commute. However, despite being right near the commercial mecha of Belmont Street, it is on a quiet residential street. My new address will be 3127 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

View Larger Map
Here's a picture on the front of the building:

And here's a picture of my entrance.

Yes, it's a garden apartment, but I think it's a nice garden, so I don't mind. In fact I'm as pleased as punch.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'll spare you the suspense, I get the apartment

1) Took a couple morning naps.

2) Stumbled across an awesome apartment listing on Craigslist that had just gone up that morning and called the guy about it and made an appointment to see it that afternoon. It was just within my price range and the location is perfect and it looked nice from the photos, so I was very excited.

3) On my way there I used my iPhone to read more of the novel Stephanie wrote for Nanowrimo last year - "Stealing a Goose" while I rode the CTA. This is an example of why I won't mind my new commute.

4) Then I went to the apartment viewing. I was amazed, because even though it's right off of Belmont it's on a gorgeous residential street and it's on the bottom of a very nice house with a nice garden around the entrance and backyard with a patio. The inside is great too. It's been renovated far more recently than my current place and the kitchen especially is much nicer than my current one. (Although my current is not too bad.) The apartment is much smaller than my current place, but then again I don't use a lot of the space I have now. The living room is a good size, maybe 2/3 the size of my current one, but it definitely seemed big enough for my furniture. The kitchen is maybe 1.5 times bigger than my current one (but I don't have a dining room) and has a really cool breakfast bar and a Lazy Susan cabinet which I was irrationally excited about. The bedroom is probably half the size of my current one, but I use less than half of my current one, so it should work out fine. It also has a walk-in closet, which I like much better than the sliding door kind. My bedroom also has two exits, one to the living room and one to a little space (not quite a hallway) that connects to the bathroom and the kitchen (and has some cabinets). This means that one could run (tiny) laps around my apartment, something not currently possible in this one. Probably not appealing to most people, but I know a certain nephew who enjoys this, so if he ever comes to visit he'll be pleased. My bathroom is larger and much nicer than my current one. Also there is the backyard (and a place to store my bike), which I plan to use as a dining space when it is nice out, since there is a table and chairs. Anyway, I asked questions about utilities and pest and water pressure etc. and said that I would take the apartment. The landlord informed me that I was the second person to do so, which I didn't quite understand. The deal was, they were showing it to a bunch of people today and taking applications from anyone interested and then they would decide who they wanted to offer it to and go through with the process. So I filled out an application and gave him a $25 check so they could run a credit check on me in case they chose me. He told me I would get a call tomorrow afternoon about whether they were going to go with me or not.

5) While I was filling out my application I needed the phone number of my current landlord, which ironically was one of the ones I decided not to transfer to my iPhone the previous day. However, I then remembered that the iPhone was like having the internet in my pocket and went to MAC's website and retrieved the information. God, I love the iPhone.

6) Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men IRL:

7) Then on my way back to Hyde Park I ran into Krista waiting for the 6. She and her friend Stephanie ( i think?) were on their way back from seeing The Dark Knight. Krista was very good and did not say anything about it. We actually took the 10, which is basically the 6, but it's only stop on the south side is the MSI. But that's only a few blocks from my apartment, so while not as good as being dropped off at my front door, it's still pretty awesome. Also, practically no one rides it, so it was not the crowd-a-thon the 6 often is.

8) Krista had still not seen Dr. Horrible, which was about to stop being free forever that night, and she didn't have internet in her apartment, so I said she could watch through it at my place, I wouldn't mid watching again. She remembered she had to leave (to go to church) after the first act, but I watched the rest with dinner. It's so good!

9) Got groceries

10) Talked with mom and dad

11) Spent 2 hours sorting lego. Something I forgot to mention about rearranging all the sets yesterday, was that the Indiana Jones sets were condemned to destruction. This is what my coffee table looked like at some point this weekend.

12) I talked with Stephanie to solidify our plans for seeing The Dark Knight, tell her about the apartment I saw, and talk about the parts I read in "Stealing a Goose."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

and update that blog

1) Slow morning

2) Brickworld day 3 blogged!

3) To get all my contacts into my iphone I had to transfer them manually. So on the bus I had both on my phones out and systematically went through. A lot of people/number didn't make the transfer. If I couldn't remember their last name, or couldn't think of a situation where I would ever regret not having their phone number they were deleted forever.

3) I made my first purchase ever at The Gap. For years I had avoided shopping there, because I thought they were too full of themselves. But I realized that they may still have something I want and that's a silly reason to not shop somewhere. So I went in a nd found a pair of shorts that I liked and bought them, because I realized most of my shorts were falling apart or otherwise unpreventable.

4) I then went into the bathroom and changed into the new shorts. The ones I was wearing were a bit too big and I hadn't work a belt and I was tired of constantly pulling them up. The new shorts fit like a dream.

5) Then I went to the Apple Store and bought a leather case for my iPhone. This way if I drop it there's something to cushion the impact. Also I felt better about putting it right in my pocket, before I was too worried about something happening to the screen. Now I feel more comfortable touching my iPhone, which is good, because it's hard to use something you're afraid of breaking.

6) Then I went to Express and bought another pair of shorts. I knew these shorts were right for me when I almost walked out of the dressing room without changing back out of them, because they already felt like my short. I also ended up getting three shirts. I wasn't planning to buy any shirts at all, but one caught my eye and I tried it on an liked it and then the other two were both on sale and one of them was a shirt I had considered getting last time but decided I didn't want to spend the money. I think I'm starting to get the hang of shopping for clothes.

7) I effectively resisted the temptation to go to the Lego store.

8) I went into Payless and got a new pair of sneakers. I like Payless, there's no pretension, just shoes.

9) I did some rearranging of the Lego displays around my apartment so I could clear off the kitchen table. This is what the area above my fridge looks like now.

This is obviously the underwater area, it's got all my Aqua Raiders sets, the Neptune Discovery Lab, Sea Snake Surprise and the Penguin and Robin's subs. All the Aqua Raiders are working together to fight the squid, but who's side is the whale on?

The upper shelves with the batman vehicles and the random town stuff. Of course all the cool minifigs from the Batman sets have been moved to the Star Destroyer where they join the epic battle.

I gave Harley Quinn a new torso and crazy purple hair to replace her hat. That way her love for the Joker still shines strongly. At the back of the Star Destoyer are some random crazy figs.

And all my Fabuland figs.

Can you find all 5 Bipedal sea creatures in this scene?

And of course there are more pictures on flickr.

10) I finally read Stephanie's favorite fan fiction of all time. It's set in the world of "Singing in the Rain" a few years after the end of the movie and describes a burgeoning (sexual) relationship between the three main characters. And while the story is very clearly leading up to a threesome it's not really about the sex, that's maybe 20% of it. The story spends a lot of time exploring the three different pairings and showing what's special about each of them and what they all provide for each of the characters. And of course the scenes with the three of them are pure magic, just like in the movie. It does a really good job of showing why a triple can be just as emotionally sound as a couple, if not more so (4 bonds are better than 1). It's also just really really well written.

11) Got all the contacts moved to the iPhone. There was one number in my old phone that absolutely puzzled me. The name was Brico. There are a couple companies with this name, but none of them seem to be one I would ever contact. Brico remains a mystery and is now the only number still stored on that phone, which is sitting in a drawer.

12) I worked out the voice (but did not record) for this 2 minute animation I'm working on. It's in the style of a movie trailer and I use two different movie narrator voices and switch between them. It's a bunch of fun. I've been planning this animation for quite some time, but earlier this week it got bumped up in priority when I came across this contest. It's an amazing opportunity and I would very much regret if I didn't enter, so "Robots vs. Skeletons" has taken priority even over NNN.

13) Met up with Krista and some of her friends from Texas and went to her place to watch "Cruel Intentions." It's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun to mock.

14) I got home just before the rain.

Friday, July 18, 2008

So they say - this title's pretty okay

1) Calm day at work

2) My iPhone arrived! I then spent a couple hours playing around with it and figuring out how it works. In the process I inadvertently dialed Stephanie's number like 5 times. I was constantly terrified I was going to drop it or break the screen or something. However, it does have a good weight to it.

3) Leftovers

4) Nap

5) Then I had to go back to campus to record a shoot that none of the students wanted to do. Well I mean who would want to spend their Friday night at work? I didn't mind. I got there and I was using a new pair of headphones we had just got in that afternoon (from my BuySite binge) and for a several minutes I was convinced they were broken, because I could hear anything from the camera. Then I remembered about that there is a volume control on the camera. This is a feature I've used twice ever and so I always forgot it exists, because usually no one messes with it. But occasionally someone does and then the next person to use the camera gets confused and thinks the headphones are broken. So I was very happy that the brand new headphone were not broken.

6) The thing I was video taping was the culminating program for a summer language/culture program to teach high school students Arabic. The teachers talked a bit and then there was live music and food and then the students had some demonstrations and so it was relatively entertaining compared to our usual recordings.

7) Afterwards there was still a lot of food left over, and the client basically forced me to take some home, so I had a bunch of falafel, some chicken shwarma, rice, and vegetables.

8) AD -"Immaculate Election"
Michael: So then, he’s more popular than George Michael?
Maeby: Well, that’s like comparing apples and some fruit nobody’s ever heard of.

Narrator: But the robot was busy elsewhere...
'(Cut to Lucille catching Buster in bed with the robot vaccuum)
Buster: What do you expect mother? (shaking hook) I'm half machine. I'M A MONSTER!!! (screams and destroys pillow
Steve Holt! The forgotten Bluth.

9) AD - "Sword of Destiny"

Tobias: Although, if I may, let me take off my assistant’s skirt and put on my Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides ass-masking therapist pantsuit.
Michael: What?
Buster: Hey! I'm finally being treated like a real person. Not some deformed..
Gob: Ah! Hook. I forgot about that there, elephant man. We'll have to find something to do so that people can look at you without wanting to kill themselves.
Gob: Michael, if I make this comeback, I’ll buy you a hundred George Michaels that you can teach to drive!
Michael: You're losing blood aren't you.
Gob: Probably, my socks are wet.
GOB and Buster's magic act - Tony Wonder

10) Then Stephanie and I noticed that it was almost 11 PM, which would mean midnight on the east coast which might mean that Act 3 or Dr. Horrible was up. And so it was!

"It's a good day to be homelss." "It certainly is."
"Next up. Who's gay?"
Crazy Hammerfan chorus
Captain Hammer: This is so nice,
I just might sleep with the same girl twice.
They say it’s better the second time,
They say you get to do the weird stuff.
Fan Club: We do the weird stuff!

Creepy Fan Girl: This is his dry cleaning bill,
Fan Club: Four sweater vests!
"Justice has a name. And the name that is has, besides Justice, is Captain Hammer."
"There’s the deltoids of compassion,
There’s the abs of being kind,"
Dr. Horrible's evil laugh
Everthing about the song "Slipping" is perfect - the creepy lighting - the tilty camera - the way Dr. Horrible takes the time to walk dance around a bit before getting out the death ray - the spin he does right as the song changes - his face on "and social change"
"You give my regards to St. Peter. Or whoever has his job, but in Hell."
The last song is very powerful - sort of overwhelming actually. The first time I was basically sobbing through that whole part, but even now "And I am fine" can bring a tear to my eye.
Moist repeatedly dropping the cash bag
Dr. Horrible's new get-up at the end
The Evil League of Evil! They got a real horse! I really want to know more about Fake Thomas Jefferson. What does he do, other than impersonate Thomas Jefferson? How is he evil? The costuming for that last ten seconds or so is phenomenal.

11) More sorting of legos. Using that technique I used on the Jesterbot I tried to make a mannequin so the wooden mannequin coul have a little lego friend. I didn't have a lot of the pieces or enough of any one color, but here's at least the beginning:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a brand new day and I've got no - new Dr. Horrible content sadly

1) Getting up on time - as much as I enjoy sleeping, I also like leaving work at 5.

2) Eastern Cultrue lego creations - Japanese tea house & Chinese lion

3) Getting to work at 8:45. Riding my bike get me there so fast!

4) Nice day at work - I don't remember what happened though.

5) I found out that effective on my next paycheck I'll be getting a 5% raise!

6) And I got a call saying my iPhone would be delivered tomorrow morning!

7) After work I went for a bike ride along the lake front. Listening to the song "Bring me to Life" I realized how perfect it was for The Eye of Eyes. I also realized that the perfect time to introduce her is in Episode 3.

8) Made mashed hash browns for dinner

9) DW -"The Satan Pit" -
The Doctor: [about to let go of the cable and fall into the Pit, probably never to return] If you get back in touch... if you talk to Rose... just tell her... tell her I... [pauses] Oh, she knows... [lets go]

Rose: Go to Hell. [she shoots through a window, sending Toby tumbling into the black hole.]
Rose is just so perfectly kick ass in this episode. First she gets everyone doing what needs to be done and then she kills someone by shooting out the windshield of the space ship she is in so that he gets sucked into a black hole.

10) I was reading a EB topic and came across a reference to this rEdiculously awesome technique. Here are some examples of it's potential - sea turtle pumpkin jack samurai

11) I then put this technique to use and created this Juggling Jesterbot.

I apologize to Harley Quinn, who was robbed of her hat and torso in the process, but such is life. At some point this week I also made this Cowboybot for Episode 2 of NNN.