Friday, July 25, 2008

7/23 wednesday

1) Had an interview in the morning with Paul Sereno. Everything went well.

2) UMart lunch

3) Teaching Josh how to fill in the timecards so he could submit them while I was on vacation.

4) This incredible Lego Battlecruiser

5) I didn't want to deal with the hassle of taking all my luggage on the 55 so I ordered a taxi. It was waiting for me outside when I finished work. I got in, said "Midway Airport" and then proceed to take a nap. It was wonderful.

6) Got Potbellies for dinner.

-1) Then I went to my gate and sat down and was about to start eating when Dad called me and asked if I had looked at the departure time for my flight. It was delayed 3 hours. Gross. I tried to switch to an earlier flight, but that one kept being delayed longer and longer. There was a huge storm in Philly and so no one could land there. (Good thing I took a taxi eh?)

7) To pass the time I got a cocktail from the airport bar. Then I had another one.

8) I also finished reading Stealing a Goose.

9) Then I got ice cream

10) Then I talked to Stephanie for a while on the phone and she suggested I switch to a flight the next day and go home. Considering I would be getting into Philly around 1 AM even if my flight wasn't delayed any further, I had to admit she had a good point.

11) So I called my Dad and asked what time Aunt Mary was getting in the next day, so I could find a flight around that time and save him a trip to the airport. There was a flight that got in at exactly the same time, so I went to the service counter and switched to that flight. It was very easy.

12) So I got on the 55 and was home before my flight had even boarded.

13) Then I played around using the "Photobooth" program on my macbook and took a bunch of self-portraits. They range from creepy to sexy to other. Here are a few.

Does this remind you of any pigeons?

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