Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost a holiday

1) Making a cool opening for alumni weekend stuff

2) Because of the holiday we got to leave work at 2! Except, since I didn't get in until 11 or so I stayed until 5. But still, at least I didn't have to saty until 7!

3) Curried chicken leftovers

4) The first rehearsal for Dr. Sympathy

5) Woodchuck cider

6) Brick Journal (? Except I got this earlier this week, maybe I didn't read through it until today.)

7) Then I went to a potluck picnic at the point. There was some delicious food like banana bread.

8) A fresh mango

9) Some crackers with peanut butter w/ white chocolate

10) Then there were 4th of July Eve Fireworks. They were in the distance, but they were still pretty.

11) AD - "Out on a Limb" -
Tobias: You know, mother Lucille, there's a psychological concept known as denial that I believe you're evincing. It's when a thought is so hateful that the mind literally rejects it.
Lucille: You are a worse psychiatrist than you are a son-in-law, and you will never get work as an actor because you have no talent.
Tobias: Well if she's not going to say anything, I certainly can't help her.
12) I built a prototype of the green field monster from NNN episode 1.

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