Saturday, July 19, 2008

and update that blog

1) Slow morning

2) Brickworld day 3 blogged!

3) To get all my contacts into my iphone I had to transfer them manually. So on the bus I had both on my phones out and systematically went through. A lot of people/number didn't make the transfer. If I couldn't remember their last name, or couldn't think of a situation where I would ever regret not having their phone number they were deleted forever.

3) I made my first purchase ever at The Gap. For years I had avoided shopping there, because I thought they were too full of themselves. But I realized that they may still have something I want and that's a silly reason to not shop somewhere. So I went in a nd found a pair of shorts that I liked and bought them, because I realized most of my shorts were falling apart or otherwise unpreventable.

4) I then went into the bathroom and changed into the new shorts. The ones I was wearing were a bit too big and I hadn't work a belt and I was tired of constantly pulling them up. The new shorts fit like a dream.

5) Then I went to the Apple Store and bought a leather case for my iPhone. This way if I drop it there's something to cushion the impact. Also I felt better about putting it right in my pocket, before I was too worried about something happening to the screen. Now I feel more comfortable touching my iPhone, which is good, because it's hard to use something you're afraid of breaking.

6) Then I went to Express and bought another pair of shorts. I knew these shorts were right for me when I almost walked out of the dressing room without changing back out of them, because they already felt like my short. I also ended up getting three shirts. I wasn't planning to buy any shirts at all, but one caught my eye and I tried it on an liked it and then the other two were both on sale and one of them was a shirt I had considered getting last time but decided I didn't want to spend the money. I think I'm starting to get the hang of shopping for clothes.

7) I effectively resisted the temptation to go to the Lego store.

8) I went into Payless and got a new pair of sneakers. I like Payless, there's no pretension, just shoes.

9) I did some rearranging of the Lego displays around my apartment so I could clear off the kitchen table. This is what the area above my fridge looks like now.

This is obviously the underwater area, it's got all my Aqua Raiders sets, the Neptune Discovery Lab, Sea Snake Surprise and the Penguin and Robin's subs. All the Aqua Raiders are working together to fight the squid, but who's side is the whale on?

The upper shelves with the batman vehicles and the random town stuff. Of course all the cool minifigs from the Batman sets have been moved to the Star Destroyer where they join the epic battle.

I gave Harley Quinn a new torso and crazy purple hair to replace her hat. That way her love for the Joker still shines strongly. At the back of the Star Destoyer are some random crazy figs.

And all my Fabuland figs.

Can you find all 5 Bipedal sea creatures in this scene?

And of course there are more pictures on flickr.

10) I finally read Stephanie's favorite fan fiction of all time. It's set in the world of "Singing in the Rain" a few years after the end of the movie and describes a burgeoning (sexual) relationship between the three main characters. And while the story is very clearly leading up to a threesome it's not really about the sex, that's maybe 20% of it. The story spends a lot of time exploring the three different pairings and showing what's special about each of them and what they all provide for each of the characters. And of course the scenes with the three of them are pure magic, just like in the movie. It does a really good job of showing why a triple can be just as emotionally sound as a couple, if not more so (4 bonds are better than 1). It's also just really really well written.

11) Got all the contacts moved to the iPhone. There was one number in my old phone that absolutely puzzled me. The name was Brico. There are a couple companies with this name, but none of them seem to be one I would ever contact. Brico remains a mystery and is now the only number still stored on that phone, which is sitting in a drawer.

12) I worked out the voice (but did not record) for this 2 minute animation I'm working on. It's in the style of a movie trailer and I use two different movie narrator voices and switch between them. It's a bunch of fun. I've been planning this animation for quite some time, but earlier this week it got bumped up in priority when I came across this contest. It's an amazing opportunity and I would very much regret if I didn't enter, so "Robots vs. Skeletons" has taken priority even over NNN.

13) Met up with Krista and some of her friends from Texas and went to her place to watch "Cruel Intentions." It's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun to mock.

14) I got home just before the rain.

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