Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Curse: Part 42

1) Ben handling this one project so well I don't even think about it

2) So every now and then our office has to order new things. Often it's more tapes, batteries, CD/DVD labels or office supplies. Sometimes it's a new piece of equipment or a replacement part. Since I am the one who oversees the day to day maintenance of the office, I know better than anyone else what needs to be ordered. However, because we work at a University everything has to be ordered through a special system and only Renee had access to it. So I would tell her what needed to be ordered and then she would order it. However, some times she would forget or not order stuff in time. She has plenty of other things to worry about, so it's not her fault, but clearly it wasn't working. Today I was finally granted access to the BuySite system. Or, as I said"The power of BuySite is mine!" (maniacal laughter)

I don't actually have the power to order things, but I can put together orders and send them to Renee for approval so all she has to do is look at the order and click a button to approve it. I was so excited I made 5 orders.

3) Took the 171 home - speed and avoiding the rain

4) The 6 appeared immediately when I went to wait for it.

5) The Lego Party was the next day and I was going to have more people in my apartment than ever before and they were going to be thirsty. This is what the relevant cabinet looked like this afternoon.

A bit lacking. So I stopped by Crate and Barrel on my way to meet the Nixons and picked up 8 new glasses and 2 new cups. Ta-Da!

Stephanie's experience with glasses taught me to expect a 90% casualty rate. So the majority of the glasses were these cheap ones that I wouldn't miss if they were carelessly broken by my clumsy friends.

But two of them are these cool glasses with little bubbles inside them. The picture does not do them justice.

And then these cups are for people who want water, but not the enormous amount the yellow or orange cup would give them. Also some of those people like the color green.

They were all packed into a sturdy cardboard box with a convenient plastic handle. The handle was really cool because the guy added it on to the box. It was like a ninja move.

6) Then I met up with the Nixon family. For those of you who don't know, the Nixon's are family friends who live in the same neighborhood as my parents. They have two daughters, Jessie who is my age and Dana, who is a year or two younger. I met Jessie in the third grade when they moved to PA from Michigan. We were often seated next to each other, because our last names were so close together. However, even when seats were randomly assigned we seemed to end up together. After this had happened a couple times, our student teacher, Ms. Miranda, was pulling the names out of a hat for a new seating assignment and she pulled one of our names (let's say mine). Then she said "If I pull Jessie's name out next, I swear, you two are getting married." Then of course she did pull Jessie's name out and we both expressed our dismay.

Anyway, since we lived in the same neighborhood, we would ride the bus together every day, and so even though we were in different classes after 3rd grade we still say each other a lot. We began to refer to our penchant for ending up together as "The Curse." And each time we were paired together we referred to it as "The Curse: Part #" All of third grade was considered Part 1, but we still got up to some ridiculous number like 41 before we stopped keeping track.

In middle school we would still sit together on the bus and since it was so unusual for a boy and girl to just be friends one day someone else on the bus asked us if we were brother and sister. One of us said yes and the other said no. Then the person asked if we were cousins. The other said yes and the other other said no. However, we then decided that we might as well be cousins and so we started telling people that we were cousins. Even people who had known us for years. And they believed us. Well, I mean we didn't claim to be closely related, we said that our mothers had just recently realized that they were (distantly) related and we were like 4th cousins and that's why we had never mentioned it before.

Jessie and I also invented a couple games, like bus chess and trampoline ping-pong. She's also the one who introduced me to Harry Potter. And we were in marching band together etc. So yeah, we go way back. Jessie lives in London now, but her family was in Chicago for the wedding of one of her actual cousins and so I met them for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was cool to catch up with Jessie and find out all about her job and her life overseas. Also the rest of the Nixon's are fun/funny too, so it was a really enjoyable meal.

7) I've never been to a Cheesecake Factory before. I don't know if they are all like the one under the Hancock Tower, but the inside was decorated in an absurd way. It was very decadent. Which is fitting I suppose.

The portions were also gigantic. I don't think I even touched my fries, and there were enough for an entire meal. I got a chicken avocado sandwich of some sort. We got some Godiva Chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It was incredibly rich. Very very good.

8) It was raining on the way back and thus I was worried about the handle on my box breaking. However, it didn't until I was almost home (across the street) and since I was worried about it I was carrying it in a way that it was okay that it broke.

9) I haven't talked about Mega Man 9, but it might be the video game that's coming out this fall/winter I'm most excited about. The basic idea is that instead of trying to make a crazy 3D version or even a super shiny 2d version they are going back to the roots and making a brand new Mega Man game that looks like it was made for the original Nintendo. Today they released this cool trailer. And since it's a wiiware game, it's only going to cost $10.

10) Lego cyber-troll

11) Prepared apartment for party

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