Monday, July 7, 2008

Dr. Sympathy

1) Knowing myself well enough to reset the alarm so that I woke up when I needed to.

2) Waffles here and then Dunkin' Donuts' bagel from "craft services" at the shoot.

3) Theo had some problems with the film camera. That, combined with the light set-up meant that I sat around doing nothing for two hours or so. So naturally I took a nap. I can sleep anywhere.

4) Dr. Sympathy - First of all, here are all of my photos from the shoot.

"Dr. Sympathy" is a short film about a woman attending a bizarre support group. The support group is for people who have "malfunctioning emotional matrices" as Dr. Sympathy would say. Dr. Sympathy makes everyone wear a mask and refers to them by unit numbers instead of their names. The main character (unit 8 or Shelly) is having some problems with the doctor's methods. She freaks out and takes off her mask and runs away from a menacing group hug. Outside she bonds with unit 7. Here is their final exchange:
"Come back inside with me?"
"I'll be late for work."
"You could cry... and tell them that you died."
"I could tell them that you died!"
"Even better!"
So yeah, it's a strange, which is one of the reasons I agreed to do it.

I actually was glad I was wearing a mask the whole time. Otherwise I would have been too worried about what my face was doing the whole time. Most of my lines were speeches, which are easy to memorize. I just thought of it as a variation on performance poetry. Dr. Sympathy was also a very creepy character and creepy is something I know how to do. It was weird being an actor, being completely on the other side of the camera and not worrying about the set-up one bit. I might even be willing to do it again if the right part came to me, but I don't think it's something I'll be actively pursuing. It's a bit nerve wracking.

5) Some time in the afternoon we paused from filming and we all had food from Noodles (on FE's dime). I had Pad See Ew. Delicious.

6) Talking with mom and dad

7) Hey! I have leftovers!

8) Second City Torchwood Season Two - Sam wrote this massive fic that is basically what Torchwood would be like if it were made by Americans. He did it for the first season a while ago, but the second season is a great deal bigger, partly because he went into more depth and party because he also wrote what the first season of Doctor Who would be like if it was a spin-off of the American Torchwood and they had epic cross overs. It wouldn't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen a lot of both shows, heck there were parts I didn't really get because I haven't seen the real second season of Torchwood, but I knew enough to get through and revel in it's awesomeness.

9) Also interspersed throughout Second City Torchwood are bits about the (fictional) creators of American Torchwood. These bits basically constitute their own story and it's one I also really enjoyed. E&E forever!

10) This xkcd induced a meta-wikipedia spiral. That is a wikipedia spiral that consisted of articles about wikipedia and how it is run. I didn't come across any pages describing the phenomenon of wikipedia spirals, so it wasn't as meta as possible, but still.

11) For instance I came across this page detailing what wikipedia is not. My favorite 2 bits: "Dating services. Wikipedia is not an appropriate place to pursue your desire for relationships or sexual intercourse" - You've just got to wonder what necessitated the addition of that clause.
"Our purpose is to build an encyclopedia, not to test the limits of anarchism."

12) Alex sent these cool Lego slinky circle videos. I should explain the genesis of the lego slinky. Back when Alex, Stephanie and I shared an apartment we had a whole bunch of legos in the living room courtesy of FoTA. We built decorations for holidays and covered our mantle with them. We would also just play around with lego. Stephanie and Alex did things I never thought of doing with lego. One of those things was a lego slinky. Well I don't think we ever made it slink, but it was bouncy and bending and quite awesome. I think Stephanie might have been the one who came up with the design. Alex thought it would be really cool if you had a big enough slinky to make it into a big circle. So for his last birthday Stephanie got Alex enough pieces to do just that. What really amazes me is how in the second video it can invert itself , it's just not something you expect from tiny plastic rectangles. I think I might have to make a multicolored stripey one to put on my coffee table in my new apartment. (I've decided I'm not allowed to buy any new lego until I'm moved in.)

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