Monday, July 28, 2008

Farewell PA, Hello Takegaki

1) In the morning I got up to find Isaiah playing with blocks with everyone in the Lego room. I tried to capture it on film, but he became more interested in a Lego train. Still, he does talk a bunch in the video, including saying his own name "Iah."

2) As we were saying out goodbyes Isaiah pointed to me and quite distinctly called me "Unc Da." He may have called me "Wha Dat" soon after, but I'm happy he got it that one time.

3) Dad made me pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

4) The previous night Max had called my number by accident, but then we talked briefly and it turned out that we were both in Doylestown. He is home in the states for a little while before heading back to China. So we met up for lunch at Cafe America. We had mojitos and I had a chicken quesadilla. We caught up on various things and then he "talked articulately" about China for a while and I rambled on about my thoughts on the nature of language. So all in all it was pretty standard for one of our lunches.

5) I had decided that now that I had an iPhone and therefore 3 different iPods, that maybe I should get rid of my Nano. I was going to see if J-P wanted it until mom and dad decided to get him a much better iPod. So I decided to offer it to my mom instead. She has gotten proficient with iTunes, she's bought music from the store and has even burned a CD, so I figured she was probably ready for the next step. So this afternoon I helped her set it up, loaded it up with her music and taught her the basics of how to use it. She has since told me that she is using it, so i consider it a success.

6) We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Philly - Dmitri's. I got the tilapia, it's so delicious. Mom and Dad have been taking Tai Chi classes for a while and at one point during dinner they made their "Tai Chi faces" and it was very funny.

7) There were very few people in the airport. I guess that's the advantage of traveling on a Monday night.

8) Since the security line was entirely non-existent, i had lots of time to kill in the terminal, so I plugged in my laptop and spent it speed blogging.

9) The flight was also very empty.

10) I didn't do the corssword, but I did do this cool logic puzzle that's reminds me of minesweeper, except you never have to guess and thus risk dying. You have to draw a single continuous fence so that all the boxes with numbers are surrounded on the specified number of sides. You can play it online. The upper right one looked like a monster to me, so I colored it in to enhance the resemblance.

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