Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gender Schmender

1) This morning I implemented a new tactic. SleepyDave clearly had a hold on me, but I convinced him to at least keep resetting the alarm. So I had a series of half hour snoozes that eventually lead to waking up. It was better than the regular snooze, because that quickly annoys SleepyDave and on multiple occasions he has shut it off entirely before I was actually awake.

2) On my way to work I stopped at Bonjour Bakery and got a turkey and cheese croissant for breakfast.

3) There was a study that came out today about how girls kick ass at math just as much as boys do. While this is certainly no surprise to me, having known many kick-ass math (and science) girls from PGSS and college, it is contrary to widely held stereotypes. It just nice to have empirical proof of how blatantly flawed that idea is.

4) Spent a good about of my work day editing this Research at Chicago video. It's always nice when I get to do cool editing stuff, instead of the repetitive simplistic stuff that often occupies my time.

5) Went for a short bike ride after work.

6) Wore my sandals - socks are for suckers.

7) Leftover pizza for dinner.

8) Groceries!

9) My work webmail was all contained on only one page. It always irks me when it's on multiple pages.

10) AD - "Spring Breakout" -Lucille's chicken dance - Lucille and Oscar trying to resist being put in rehab - The last intervention they tried to throw for Lucille/one of the better Bluth family parties - The return of Kitty.

11) Don't ask don't tell hearing clip from the Daily show

12) I got these delicious Newman's Own peppermint cups in the checkout lane. They are like peppermint patties, except the shape of a Reese's peanut Butter Cup.

13) Finally uploading all those videos to my 2nd youTube account.

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