Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Fake Birthdays!

1) Sleeping in -and since I was on vacation I do mean sleeping in - like until noon.

2) When I got up Jenn and Leo and Isaiah had already arrived. In fact, it was the sound of Isaiah running around upstairs that finally roused me from my slumber. The last time I saw him, he was just beginning to walk and now he runs around all the time. One of his favorite games is "None Shall Pass" where in he runs around the house in a circle and people stand in doorways and say "None Shall Pass!" and close their knees to block his way. However, he often finds a way through at which point the person blocking him will declare "Unbelievable!" Isaiah will often join in , saying "Unbeebee!" and then he's off running again.

He's also much more talkative then last time. He has a very good grasp on the basics - "mom" " dad" "car" and "up" although his phrase of the weekend was "whadat?" He would point to objects (or more commonly, people) and demand to know what they were called. He is also very good at saying "papa" - everytime he says it, he sort of whispers it, like it's a wonderful secret. It's very adorable and it definitely makes Dad very happy. He also can say "nan" for nana. Once or twice he seemed to called me "unc da," but it was hard to tell, because it sounds similar to "wha da?"

3) Even though everyone else was having lunch, Dad made me pancakes and bacon. There are no pancakes in the world like my dad's pancakes. They are perfect.

4) Spent most of the afternoon helping get things ready for the party. I make Cocoa Throwdowns, helped Dad move the grill onto their new porch (I should mention it's amazing) and went to the hardware store to get a new gas tank etc. I also went to Gamestop to pick up a Wii golf game Jenny and J-P and I had decided to get for dad and I picked up Lego Indiana Jones for my brother.

5) I should also say it was great (as always) to see Jenny. She has been thinking about turning her newsletter "The Procrastinator" into a blog, since that would be easier to update. I wholeheartedly support that idea. The newsletter is nice, because it's always nice to get mail, but with a blog you get far more frequent updates.

6) Then I went and picked up J-P from the train station. We spent a good portion of the ride back talking about how things are going with his space war. By that, I mean I made a joking comment about it because of the shirt he was wearing, but then we both just kept going with it. Our senses of humor are well aligned in that way, that we can riff off each other so easily.

7) Then we had a delicious dinner with grilled salmon and those amazing grilled potatoes and corn on the cob.

8) After dinner I spent some time playing around with "Photobooth" with J-P, Jenny and Leo

J-P asked, "does yours not do video?" because he had a friend with a macbook and had recorded video this way. We discovered that it did in fact record video and did so.

9) Then we had a party for J-P and Dad's birthdays, even though they aren't until November. There were cocoa throwdowns and ice cream pie. Mom got Dad a Wii -which was supposed to be a surprise, but apparenlty he saw the e-mail where she told us. So she did not get as great a reaction as she did out of J-P and Jenny last Christmas, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad. There were Wii gifts all around and mom and dad are getting J-P an iPod.

10) Then I went to Talya;s house and hung out with her for a couple hours. Her mother's family was having a get-together and were sitting and singing around a bonfire in the back yard. Talya's younger cousins were all not too happy about me monopolizing her time as they wanted her to go swimming with them. She managed to convince them, to go without her, but that she would gladly swim with them tomorrow.

Talya and I sat by the bonfire and caught up on various things, sang a bit and just generally enjoyed each other's company. Talya will be starting grad school for American studies at Yale imminently and is the usual mixture of excitement and anxiety. After a while all the kids and grown-ups had gone to bed and we sat by the pool (I dangled my legs in) and reminisced about old times. It was very good to see Talya.

11) I came home and found J-P playing Lego Indiana Jones. I hopped in as player 2 and we made our way through a couple levels. We spent a far amount of time beating each other up and I very much enjoyed cracking my whip at his character so he would hurry up with whatever he was doing. One time this resulted it me whipping Marion to Indy and then they kissed passionately. It's a great little touch. We did encounter a bug in one level which prevented us from progressing at which point we stopped, but otherwise is was all good fun.

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