Friday, July 25, 2008

Home at Last

1) Went to Valois for breakfast, since I had no food in the house. There was no line, which was new for me, so I fumbled my order a bit.

2) I used the CTA's Bus Tracker from my iPhone to see when a 55 was coming and caught an express bus with great ease.

3) Not surprisingly I took a nap on the bus.

4) I finished reading Stealing a Goose (again?)

5) I also napped on the plane, but I was awake for the food

6) I got to Philly a little early and went to to baggage claim and saw all the luggage that had come in last night without it's owner lined up. My bags were there, safe and sound.

7) Then I walked over to another terminal and found Dad. We hugged and then chatted while we waited for Aunt Mary Pat and Uncle Roger.

8) Then they showed up. I hadn't seen them for quite some time, I think the last time was Thanksgiving a few years back.

9) Then when we got home I saw mom. It was good to be home.

10) I went through all the lego boxes that had accumulated in the basement and picked out the few that I felt were worth keeping and broke down the rest for recycling. I went through all the instructions as well and updated my set collection on Brickset. Of course that doesn't include any of the stuff I got when I absorbed Adam's and Jeremy's collections, but it's still the best estimate of what my collection includes.

11) Then we went to Roman Delight for dinner. There were those delicious garlic knots and bruschetta and I got Eggplant Parmesan.

12) Then I took pictures of all my old Lego creations, most of which were created for a part of Lego Movie 2 I am still far from being ready to film. I made these gummy worms to fight the peep army, as a reference to a pinky and the brain joke, I didn't even fully get at the time.

Dr. Robotnik and his flying egg thing.

A "pirate ship" from Lego Moviee 2: Volume 2: Part 1

This needs no explanation.

This white cathedral is one of my favorite creations of all time. I don't know that I'll ever be able to bring myself to take it apart.

A robot built by Doc Ock

An evil castle built to opposed the white cathedral

Pom Pom!

Jetsons cars. I am alos very proud of these. I built them ages ago.

Adam actually built this, but I think it's awesome.

13) Then I showed Mom the wonders of Pandora and helped her create a radio station to play at the party. Appropriately it was named Wonder Walkers Radio.

14) Then I began sort the legos - I took apart some of the things I photographed and there were a bunch of loose legos lying around. I also at some point this evening transferred some of my lego creations into LDD. Also one of the things I did at the airport yesterday was make the pinchbots (regular, mini and grabbor) in LDD.

This is the chair that the leader of the rope bridge union sat in in LM2:V2:P1

And after it was all sorted and put away, this is what the lego collection in my parent's basement looks like. Although, this doesn't include the really big stuff, like the two castles, 4 pirate ships, an AT-AT and Jabba's sail barge. Now I just need to get it to Chicago.

Oh and just to give you a different sense of the size of it, here are all the Star Wars vehicles I had sitting in the basement when I arrived.

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