Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'll spare you the suspense, I get the apartment

1) Took a couple morning naps.

2) Stumbled across an awesome apartment listing on Craigslist that had just gone up that morning and called the guy about it and made an appointment to see it that afternoon. It was just within my price range and the location is perfect and it looked nice from the photos, so I was very excited.

3) On my way there I used my iPhone to read more of the novel Stephanie wrote for Nanowrimo last year - "Stealing a Goose" while I rode the CTA. This is an example of why I won't mind my new commute.

4) Then I went to the apartment viewing. I was amazed, because even though it's right off of Belmont it's on a gorgeous residential street and it's on the bottom of a very nice house with a nice garden around the entrance and backyard with a patio. The inside is great too. It's been renovated far more recently than my current place and the kitchen especially is much nicer than my current one. (Although my current is not too bad.) The apartment is much smaller than my current place, but then again I don't use a lot of the space I have now. The living room is a good size, maybe 2/3 the size of my current one, but it definitely seemed big enough for my furniture. The kitchen is maybe 1.5 times bigger than my current one (but I don't have a dining room) and has a really cool breakfast bar and a Lazy Susan cabinet which I was irrationally excited about. The bedroom is probably half the size of my current one, but I use less than half of my current one, so it should work out fine. It also has a walk-in closet, which I like much better than the sliding door kind. My bedroom also has two exits, one to the living room and one to a little space (not quite a hallway) that connects to the bathroom and the kitchen (and has some cabinets). This means that one could run (tiny) laps around my apartment, something not currently possible in this one. Probably not appealing to most people, but I know a certain nephew who enjoys this, so if he ever comes to visit he'll be pleased. My bathroom is larger and much nicer than my current one. Also there is the backyard (and a place to store my bike), which I plan to use as a dining space when it is nice out, since there is a table and chairs. Anyway, I asked questions about utilities and pest and water pressure etc. and said that I would take the apartment. The landlord informed me that I was the second person to do so, which I didn't quite understand. The deal was, they were showing it to a bunch of people today and taking applications from anyone interested and then they would decide who they wanted to offer it to and go through with the process. So I filled out an application and gave him a $25 check so they could run a credit check on me in case they chose me. He told me I would get a call tomorrow afternoon about whether they were going to go with me or not.

5) While I was filling out my application I needed the phone number of my current landlord, which ironically was one of the ones I decided not to transfer to my iPhone the previous day. However, I then remembered that the iPhone was like having the internet in my pocket and went to MAC's website and retrieved the information. God, I love the iPhone.

6) Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men IRL:

7) Then on my way back to Hyde Park I ran into Krista waiting for the 6. She and her friend Stephanie ( i think?) were on their way back from seeing The Dark Knight. Krista was very good and did not say anything about it. We actually took the 10, which is basically the 6, but it's only stop on the south side is the MSI. But that's only a few blocks from my apartment, so while not as good as being dropped off at my front door, it's still pretty awesome. Also, practically no one rides it, so it was not the crowd-a-thon the 6 often is.

8) Krista had still not seen Dr. Horrible, which was about to stop being free forever that night, and she didn't have internet in her apartment, so I said she could watch through it at my place, I wouldn't mid watching again. She remembered she had to leave (to go to church) after the first act, but I watched the rest with dinner. It's so good!

9) Got groceries

10) Talked with mom and dad

11) Spent 2 hours sorting lego. Something I forgot to mention about rearranging all the sets yesterday, was that the Indiana Jones sets were condemned to destruction. This is what my coffee table looked like at some point this weekend.

12) I talked with Stephanie to solidify our plans for seeing The Dark Knight, tell her about the apartment I saw, and talk about the parts I read in "Stealing a Goose."

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